Dreams About Dolphins – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dolphins are magnificent and fascinating living creatures, one of those animals that almost unanimously provoke only positive feelings. There is probably no such person who could say dolphins are evil or negative.

It is so relaxing and soothing to see them elegantly jump over the waves, sliding through seawaters and playing.

Dolphins have been worshiped and adored in various cultures, all over the world, since far past up to modern days; even in societies that have no touch with dolphins in their living environment, these beautiful animals are considered blissful and fortunate.

Since historical times, dolphins have been believed to posses really extraordinary properties, which is, in fact, a real natural and scientific truth. In symbolical sense, these animals have always been associated with concepts of purity and innocence, high qualities, benevolence, wisdom and goodness.

Dolphins are believed and proven to be quite intelligent specie. They are considered good-spirited, gracious, elegant and gentle, but also powerful creatures. In some societies, dolphin is depicted as the ruler of sea creatures and fish, although biologically it does not belong to fish family.

Dolphins are water mammals, animals with amazing biological features. Symbolically, they are identified with concepts of royalty, kingship and leadership, but they are never considered and believed to be cruel and merciless rulers.

Other common ideas associated with dolphins include those of generosity, tranquility, harmony, mercy and gratitude. These intelligent sea creatures express joyful and playful nature; they seem so relaxed and happy, almost all the time. That is why they also symbolize peace, carelessness, joy and safety.

These fascinating animals are also committed to their family and group, so, for people, they symbolize loyalty, kindness, friendship, honor, trustworthiness and reliability. They also represent protectiveness, guardianship, guidance and protection.

All over the world, dolphins are believed to be creatures of pure and innocent nature, unstained by earthly sins. They are also believed to be resistant to this world’s evils and negativities; dolphins are never seen as tricksters and corrupted characters in peoples’ stories and legends.

Dolphins are commonly associated with symbolism of the Sun and the Moon. They are also believed to possess divine powers and they commonly accompany important deities in some cultures.

For example, in Ancient Greek mythology, dolphins are always depicted as miraculous, magical, positive and divine creatures. Their mythological role is to guide souls of the deceased to the Island of Blessed, to their harmonious afterlife. In Ancient Greece, dolphins were believed to be loyal companions of beautiful deities Apollo and Aphrodite.

Dreams about dolphins

Dolphins are universally a positive symbol; there is no negative omens you could ever associate with these gracious beings.

Dreams about dolphins are, thus, mostly positive, depending on what is happening to a dolphin/dolphins in particular dream and what are other factors.

Since a dolphin represents concepts such as grace, harmony, peace, joy, steady power and strength, dreams about a dolphin are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Dreams about these sea creatures are often very inspirational, guiding and encouraging.

In dreams, a dolphin could represent concepts and ideas such as spirituality, spiritual journey, inner depths, searching for guidance and purpose, gaining knowledge and wisdom, experience and confidence.

Dreams about dolphin often inspire and encourage a dreamer to work on developing his or hers talents, to realize what qualities he or she possesses, to pursue their dreams and live their fantasies.

Such dreams bring great motivation, calmness and teach us of the importance of patience, devotion and positive thinking.

In many spiritual approaches and dream interpreting paths, dolphins are believed to be messengers from hidden, divine realms. They represent connections between our mortal souls and realms of the divine.

Moreover, both psychologically and spiritually, dolphin motifs in dreams are considered links between our conscious mind and our sub consciousness.

They inspire us to grow and develop personally, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Dolphins in dreams help us discover our true selves.

Dreams about seeing a dolphin

Dreams about seeing dolphins swimming and sliding through seawaters symbolize a dreamer’s personal development and journey. Such dreams represent growth and progress at any level of our own being.

Seeing dolphins in dreams means you are on a path of your personal growth, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. Such dreams indicate you are ready to discover new horizons and reflect your self-confidence, determination and willingness to do so.

If you are a bit insecure in reality, such dreams come as a blessing and an encouragement.

Seeing dolphins in dreams, if dolphins are presented positively (meaning, they are not hurt or such), is always lucky. Dolphins are a positive omen for your future and/or reflection of your current positive situation.

They symbolize optimism and a positive view on life. Even if things are bad in reality, such dreams come to you to remind you there are always new and fortunate opportunities and help you be patient and endure difficult times.

If you see a dying dolphin, it could be a way for your own soul to channel sorrow and sadness you feel in reality.

It could be a reflection of grief over loss of something or someone in waking life, but more likely, it symbolizes a dreamer’s own self-pity, discontent, restlessness and despair, no matter what reasons lie behind and produce such feelings.

Since dolphins are a positive symbol in general, such dreams should eventually bring relief and help you let go of your sadness.

Dreams about swimming with dolphins

If you dream about swimming with dolphins, it means you are already taken some steps towards brighter future. You are determined to change things in your life for better, so your sub conscious mind translates that inner revelation into a dolphin related dream.

Maybe you are still insecure in waking life, but your dream indicates you will very soon get enough courage to bravely step into something new. If you dream about swimming along with dolphins and the experience is particularly pleasant and joyful, it means things will get better definitely very soon.

If you swim towards a dolphin or dolphins, it means new and positive opportunities will come all of a sudden and surprise you. You will be confused, even frightened, although these opportunities are genuinely positive and you are aware of that.

Maybe you should take a risk and try something new, even if consequences are quite uncertain. Sometimes good things literally fall from sky and we get lost in opportunities we do not know what to do with.

Relax, a dolphin related dream could only be a positive sign, so do not be afraid to head towards new, unthreaded paths.

Dreams about riding a dolphin

Dreams about riding a dolphin are particularly amazing and inspiring.

Such dreams reflect a dreamer’s adventurous spirit and nature; they come to encourage pursue your dreams and goals. Such dreams reflect a dreamer’s need to progress, advance, develop their skills and talents and work on their goals.

These are related to any aspect of your life and personality, including your mental, emotional, physical, material, professional development and more. Such dreams represent your friendliness and sociability, openness towards people and towards new situations.

These dreams often come to people who are romantic dreamers, who have a positive and open approach to life, who are able to see and imagine things others fail to notice.

These dreams are also a channel of expressing someone’s imagination and creativity.

Dreams about riding a dolphin are fortune bringing, meaning that things that you so will bring you satisfaction, peace and harmony. Dreams about riding a dolphin also symbolize a dreamer’s eagerness to share his or hers experience with others.

Dreams about catching dolphin

Dreams about catching a dolphin are a bit different in nature. These dreams could suggest a dreamer lacks fun, joy and moments of pleasure in life. He or she wants to enjoy life, but they cannot, for any reason.

Catching a dolphin reflects your need to take pleasures by force or to enjoy things you believe you are supposed to, but still unable. A dolphin that is caught in a dream symbolizes friends, joys, pleasures, fun, harmony and so on; something you wish for, but for some reasons cannot have at the moment.

Dreams about catching a dolphin occur to make you rethink your current emotional state, in the first place.

What is it that prevents you from relaxing and enjoying life? Are there some unresolved conflicts or situations that frustrate you?

These things could be deeply hidden within your heart and mind and it could take time to discover them.

Dreams about catching a dolphin are guiding signs that would lead you towards revelation and help you resolve things that disturb your balance.