Dream About a Lion Chasing Me – Meaning and Symbolism

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A dream about lions is associated with nobility, strength, leadership and pride. You have a lot of influence over others. His success depends on his ability to cope with the opposition, on knowing how to be diplomatic so as not to overwhelm others. You will find a valuable friendship.

Dreaming of a lion means that a great inner force, which he possesses, drives his life.

If you dream of a meek lion, you announce the meeting with a new friend, who will be loyal and a friend forever.

Dream about a Lion Chasing Me – Meaning

If you dream that a lion attacks you, you announce couple of fights and fights with someone very authoritarian, who will want to impose his ideas on you at all costs.

It also means that you will encounter obstacles in your life that you will have to deal with.

Another interpretation would be that his excess strength or his mismanaged strength could lead to self-destruction. It must be controlled.

To dream that you subdue a lion, means that he will be victorious in any alliance that he makes, both in love and in business or work.

If you dream that a lion dominates you, it means that he is weak and others can feel that weakness, so he will be attacked countless times.

Dreaming of caged lions means that your success will depend on your ability to interact with your opponents.

If you see in a dream a man who dominates a caged lion or out of his cage, it means that he will enjoy great mental power and will be successful in business. Also to be very attractive to women.

To dream that you see some lion cubs, means that you will have new projects, which will require a lot of his attention, but with which you will be successful. If a girl dreams of lion cubs, it means that she will have fascinating boyfriends.

If a woman dreams of a known lion tamer, it means that she will have a very great personal magnetism and will be able to attract the most desired men, above all for her. She will be able to see her greatest wish fulfilled in her love life.

To dream that you see a lion heading towards you, showing you its teeth between growls and growls, means that you are afraid in your climb to power.

To dream that you see lion skins means his ascent towards happiness and fortune.

To dream that you are riding a lion signifies his courage and persistence in facing and overcoming difficulties and problems.

To dream that you are defending her children from the attack of a lion, armed with a knife, means that you have enemies who will try to sink her, so that she does not succeed, deceiving her so that she fails in her work projects or in her obligations.

After the tiger, the lion is the second largest cat species on earth. Today he still lives in parts of Africa and India; the proud animal can also be admired in many nature parks, zoos and in many a circus. Unlike other cats, lions live in packs; the adult male adorns a magnificent mane.

The prey animals mostly include ungulates such as gazelles and antelopes, wildebeest, buffalo, zebras and warthogs.

The roar of a lion is loud and imposing, no wonder that the saying has found its way into the vocabulary of many peoples: “Roar like a lion” is done by someone who appears dominant and wants to intimidate others.

In Greek mythology, the chimera consisted of body parts of a lion, a goat, a snake or a dragon. The hybrid creature often has two or three heads in old depictions, one of which was a lion’s head with a large mane and a terrifying, open mouth. He represented the aggressive part of the mythical creature. Parts of a lion can also be found in a sphinx.

A lion is also often used as a heraldic animal. Think, for example, of the Gryffindor house from the Harry Potter novels.

In connection with a dream experience, the dreaming is often confronted with his own courage when he meets a lion in his sleep.

Such dreams often take place in the zoo, in the circus or on a safari in Africa.

So that you can better understand and interpret your dream of Leo, we have compiled the most common dream situations that are related to Leo in the dream in the following sections.

If one dreams of being bitten by a lion, this dream symbol is to be understood as a warning signal: The lion bite admonishes the dreamer not to get involved with people who are physically superior to him, because this could prove to be disadvantageous for him. After all, such an animal bite can also have a deadly effect.

“Help, a lion is hunting and chasing me!” This is what you might be shouting out in your mind when you dream that lions are hunting you. The attack of an aggressive animal like a lioness is always the expression of a certain dangerous situation that could possibly threaten. In particular, beware of inconsiderate people.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer observes how another person a lion attacks, a good friend could soon need his help. The sleeper should then support him as much as possible.

Stroking a lion or a tiger requires a certain amount of courage and fearlessness. The corresponding dream symbol stands for the dreamer’s confrontation with his everyday problems, which he may have avoided so far.

Stroking the lion signals to him, that he is now ready to face his fears, so that he can then dare to start again unencumbered.

The killing of a lion in a dream can be a very disturbing dream experience that can occupy the dreaming long after waking up. It is important to know that this is not about killing itself, but about dealing with negative feelings and sensations, which may have been a burden for the dreaming person for a long time.

By killing the predator, she tries to get rid of these thoughts.

Dream About a Lion Chasing Me – Symbolism

The nights when animals populate your dreams are usually hectic and hectic nights, but it is worth it because you can learn a lot from their interpretation.

This is the case of dreaming that two lions are chasing you, a dream from which you will want to wake up to discover what your fears are.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that two lions are chasing you.

If you stop to analyze the symbolism of lions and the role they play in natural life, surely you can better understand the meaning of this dream in which you are chased by two lions.

The lion represents strength, power, not in vain is the king of the jungle, and also wisdom and nobility.

Understanding this, it would be desirable that you dream that you have become an animal like the one the lion and not that you are persecuted.

However, you cannot always choose what you dream of and that is why you find yourself in a complicated situation in which problems are sensed.

The question you should ask yourself is: who are you afraid of? Because those two lions chasing you represent two powerful or important people in your life that you are escaping from. We speak clearly of toxic people who can harm you.

Although the dream seems like a nightmare to you, it is your subconscious way of alerting you to danger.

It may be a problem with coworkers with whom you are competing and you see them stronger than you, it may be a family conflict with your parents or your partner and their family may inspire you with a certain insecurity.

What is clear is that you feel inferior to someone and you fear being harmed. Is your perception real or is it a self-esteem problem that makes you see others greater than they are?

Whatever it is, take the dream as a warning and do not doubt for a second that when you wake up you will be able to escape from the lions.

Anyone who dreams of seeing a lion and a tiger together can probably fully rely on their life forces and energies.

At the same time, however, the dreamer must also learn to control his instincts so that he maintains control over himself.

In addition, the lion and tiger in the dream can also stand for the reconciliation of apparent opposites.

If you see lion cubs or lion cubs in a dream, the maternal-caring sides of the dreamer’s personality are addressed.

Perhaps the dreaming person also wants children himself or she is looking after the children of a friend.

It is also possible that the dreaming deals with the own childlike aspects of his character.

Of course, one cannot only dream of the lion, but also of its female counterpart: the lioness.

To see a lioness in a dream is an extremely positive dream symbol. It indicates that the dreaming person will likely face a happy phase of life in the family area.

A trusting dog often licks his master off. When predators behave like this, it seems rather strange. Who is licked off by the lion in a dream, but can be sure that he can control his emotions and urges and that these do not determine his life.

Rather, the dreaming person knows when they can specifically use their emotional side for themselves.

Lions are the kings of the desert. The lion is the second largest cat and the largest land predator in Africa. Only the tiger can surpass it in size. The majestic animals measure well over two meters and weigh around 200 kilograms.

In its natural environment, in the steppes of Africa, the lion is at the top of the food chain with its impressive size and shape. With its razor-sharp teeth and elegant speed, even dangerous crocodiles or giant elephants are defenseless against the big cats.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising if the lion in a dream stands for qualities such as courage, strength, power, pride, energy and drive. In addition, there is a certain degree of aggression, instinctually and threat.

The dream context in which the animal is embedded and the feelings that one felt during the dream are important.

Dreams of lions are interpreted positively if you tame, stroke or kill the animal in the dream. Taming a wild animal in dreams always portends power, prestige and success in a certain matter. A proud lion, which roams through the savannah, symbolizes the self-confident, upright and straight side of the dreaming.

A trapped lion can indicate that one is protected and safe from an opponent in the guard world.

Sometimes the animal even appears as a pet in this context. A lion accompanied by a young lion or lion cubs is a consistently positive symbol that indicates great success and influence. A lioness represents happiness in the home.


However, the lion in a dream can also be an expression of creativity and strength.

The dreaming, so that he can advance on his way, should develop these properties further.

If someone dreams of a lion as a sublime mythological desert king, nothing can be so easily fooled this person. He walks straight ahead without looking left or right. He succeeds a lot, but he is often contemptuous of other people, so that living with him is not easy. This type of person is an instinctual personality.

Sometimes the dream symbol of the lion can also mean indolence and aggression.

If the lion starts to jump on the dreaming himself, he experiences a threat from a self-assured personality as described above.