Dreams About Babies – Meaning and Interpretation

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Just as in real life, a baby in dreams symbolizes something gentle and beautiful, pure, innocent and adorable.

Babies symbolize new beginnings, fulfillment of dreams and desires, rejuvenation, life itself, hope and prosperity.

Dreams about babies rarely have negative meaning, but there are certain exceptions, of course.

Babies always represent something good, both in dreams and waking life; only if the dream itself leaves you in negative emotions, stressed and disturbed, it has a negative meaning.

That applies to dreams in which something bad has happened to a baby, a baby is behaving in particularly negative manner or anything similar. Interpretations of babies’ related dreams vary depending on circumstances in the dream and other factors.

Your current life stage matters a lot. For example, if you are a newbie in the world of parenthood, it is very common to dream about your own baby or babies in general. If you are planning to have a baby, you must be anxious and overwhelmed with ideas about babies.

Being a parent or planning a family always makes people anxious, either in a positive or a negative way, or both.

Dreams about babies meaning

Dreams about babies could carry strong messages, especially if you do not have baby and you are not even thinking about starting a family. In that case, a baby is a strong symbol of something important.

It could reflect your emotions and your sense of self. A baby in a dream could be like a mirror for you and your personality.

In general, dreams about babies often reflect your own sense about relations with people around.

Dreaming about a baby is especially important to female dreamers. That is, of course, because they are to be mothers, if they decide so. Only women know the true joys of giving life to a new human being, from the first hand.

Therefore, dreams about babies in women are greatly influenced by their maternal instincts, a desire to get pregnant and so on. If a woman is pregnant, dreams about babies are a natural phenomenon.

In many cases, dreams about babies are a sort of mental, physical and even spiritual preparation for becoming a parent. Parenthood brings numerous challenges along; from the realization that a woman is pregnant and giving birth, to growing and nurturing a child.

Thoughts about these aspect of life are strong, both conscious and subconscious. Both future parents can have babies’ related dreams, induced by such thoughts.

Dreams about babies interpretation

However, dreams about babies, as we have mentioned, are not always related to parenthood. These dreams could actually give you insight into your own desires, goals and the sense of yourself.

Dreaming about a baby could reflect your sense of being neglected, your need to be protected, your calmness and happiness and many, many more.

In following paragraphs, we will present and interpret some of the most common dreams about babies.

Dreams about seeing a baby

Generally speaking, dreams in which you are seeing a baby, regardless of whose baby it is, reflect any of ideas mentioned above. Think about your current life situation.

If you are expecting a baby, this dream is most probably only a reflection of anticipation of a baby’s birth. If you are a pregnant woman, this dream is something quite normal; it reflects both your worries and joys about giving birth and becoming a mother.

Dreams in which you are seeing a baby are common in future parents, both of them, especially if they are becoming parents for the first time in life. You head is full of questions about having a baby, so you naturally dream about babies.

If you are a new parent, the interpretation is exactly the same. If you are not a parent and you do not think about parenthood, this dream means something different.

A baby in a dream could be interpreted as a lucky sign and symbol of hope for your future. It is a confirmation of positive things you are doing in life and a fortunate sign for future.

A baby could represent your projects and plans, something that you are working on and something you are really careful about. A baby in a dream symbolizes something that is precious and of a great importance to you.

Dreams about seeing a baby are good omens and they could mean something good will soon happen to you.

It could happen in any area of your life; for example, you could get more material stability, won something, meet someone special, accomplish a goal or so. This dream could give you a hint that something will surprise you in the most positive way.

Dreams about your own baby

Dreaming about your own baby are common in parents, especially those who are totally new in the world of parenthood.

What to do with a baby, how to take care about a baby, is what you are doing good for your baby and so on are just some of millions of questions you have about your precious little one.

You want to do all the best, so you are overwhelmed with these ideas and it reflects on your dreams.

Dreaming about your own baby could be related to yourself, actually, not to your child. This dream means the moment has come to dedicate more time to yourself. Perhaps you have decided to change something in your life and pamper yourself.

You have probably forgotten what your true desires are, because you were dedicated to other responsibilities in your life (e.g. job and raising a child, of course).

This dream could also mean that you worry about someone close to you or that you find it hard to let him or her go. It commonly occurs in parents whose children are grown up and are planning to start an independent life.

Many parents experience hard times about this kind of natural separation, so they could have dreams about times when they were the ones taking full care about their angels.

Dreams about another person’s baby

If you have a dream about someone else’s baby, it symbolizes happiness in your home. It means you will soon hear some good news, about someone close to you. This dream also indicates you have realized that family bonds really matter.

Seeing someone else’s baby and feeling happy about it is especially a good dream. It is a lucky sign for your family life.

Dreams about another person’s baby could be negative, as well. If you are feeling uncomfortable about this dream, sad or greedy and envious, it means you lack certain things in reality.

Maybe you want to have a family of your own, but you are still not married. Maybe you want to reach a career goal, but there are things preventing you.

This dream could reflect your suppressed jealousy. Someone from your close surroundings has something you dream about. It could be something who is actually dear to you and a person that wishes you only good.

This makes you feel very confused and annoyed. Seeing someone else’s baby in a dream, especially if that is someone you know, commonly reflect such emotions and thoughts and the sense of guilty coming because of those thoughts.

Dreams about taking care of a baby

If you dream about nurturing and caring about a baby, it means you are aware of compromises you have made or that you will definitely get aware in reality.

This dream could mean that you are actually not satisfied with your current emotional, social or material status.

You are making compromises you are actually unwilling to make, because you have hard times deciding what are your priorities in life. You would like to advance in career, but you still want time for your love life.

This dream is a kind of a warning sign. It comes to shake you up and awake you from your constant doubting of everything you have said or done. You really need some time to rethink about your priorities and, once you decide something, to stick to your decision.

This dream could also be closely related to decisions about having a baby.

In that case, you are aware that having a child is a great responsibility. However, you do not know how it would fit into your professional life, for example. You know you have to choose something and to make compromises, so you can still do your job or another and take good care of your future child.

This interpretation applies to any case of having big choices and making decisions about great changes in life.

Dreams about feeding a baby

Dreams about feeding a baby could mean different things. If you are currently motivated and you have a great inspiration and generally feel positive about a project you are working on, this dream is a positive sign.

It is a metaphor of you feeding your own dreams, desires and fantasies. You work on your plans carefully, tactfully and with full dedication and love.  This dream means your work will definitely pay off.

This dream could also mean you care a lot about someone dear and you want to make that person feel safe, loved and good. It could be your partner, your parents, a brother or sister, a good friend or any other close person. This dream reflects your feelings towards that person.

It could also mean that you are afraid of separation from someone, so you want to do everything to make him or her stay by your side.

Dreams about feeding a baby could have a bit negative meaning, if you are feeling negative about the dream. It could occur to you if you are currently having a conflict with someone. It means someone is feeding you with lies and you are aware of that and very angry.

This dream means you want to make that person tell you the truth, but you still do not know how to make it happen. This dream is a reminder that you should not trust everybody.

Dreams about losing a baby

Dreaming about losing anything and especially about losing something as precious as another human being does, specifically a little, innocent one, such as a baby, is usually interpreted as related to our real responsibilities.

If you had a dream in which you have lost a baby, meaning you cannot find it and you are supposed to care about it, it means that you are afraid or unwilling to take some serious responsibilities.

Dreams about losing a baby mean you are unwilling to grow up, you do not want to act as an adult and be responsible for big questions in life. Every one of us feels that way occasionally.

However, this dream indicates you have problem with avoiding responsibilities.

You have so many dream and plans, but each time you face and obstacle, you retreat. You are afraid of making mistakes and being responsible for consequences.

You are constantly trying to persuade yourself that you are not capable of doing something, because it is the easiest way to avoid disappointment a priori. You also always surround yourself with people who agree with that.

To lose a baby in your dream also mean to lose control over your life or over things that matter to you. You try to persuade yourself that nothing is important.

Dreams about a baby is crying

If you dream about a baby that is crying, it means you are feeling abandoned, lost and helpless. You have to rely on yourself, because no one else is there for you.

You could also have a false sense you are neglected and left on your own, simply because other people who care for you have their own worries on mind. They love you and care for you, but you should stop being selfish and seeking attention constantly.

This dream could also mean you seek for protection and support that you are used to, but no one responds to your call. It usually means that people who care about you leave you on your own deliberately; they actually want to make you build your own courage, self-reliance, confidence and strength.

They wish only good to you, so you should think about it and not be angry with them.

Dreams about an unusual baby

This dream could be very strange and disturbing, but it usually does not mean anything negative. These dreams include dreams about babies that look different from an average baby; for example, have very big years or eyes, are of an unusual color etc.

If this unusual baby is acting as if it was happy and satisfied, this dream is most likely an indication of a good and a bit unusual surprise.

It means you will experience something totally new or see something that will fascinate you deeply and give you great inspiration. It could also mean you will meet an eccentric and a bit odd person from whom you will learn many important things about life.

Overall, dreams about a strange baby are. Well, strange, but generally of a positive connotation.

Dreams about a dead baby

Dreaming about a dead baby leaves no one feel good. This dream is particularly scary and distressing. If you are currently facing difficulties in life, this dream reflect your despair, depression and struggle, it reflects your sense of losing hope.

You see everything dark and fall deeper and deeper into despair. This dream is a reminder, as well. It comes to you to remind you all things have an end, meaning you should use the best of your life, not to give yourself into despair.

Dream about a dead baby could reflect your real life loss, but it also serves as a mirror. You see yourself as miserable, so your life is miserable.

Try to see good things in life, to realize life is not only sad moments; remember the good ones, because they exist as well.

Although this dream appears particularly bad, it is a good reminder of the idea of finality and a waking call to make you live for the moment.