Dream of Being Homeless – Meaning and Symbolism

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All kind of unusual dreams could lure you into strange realms of your own soul and mind.

Some of them are quite exciting and fantastic, as if you are the main actor in some adventurous or fantasy movie. Many of dreams are often simply reflections of our daily life and we could easily get a connection.

For example, you are obsessed with a project you are working on; it is very likely you will dream about it.

Many dreams are oddly realistic in terms of what we physically and emotionally feel in them, while some are realistic in terms of the very ‘setting’, even if we have nothing to do with particular situation in reality. In that case, a dream probably translates your actual thoughts and emotions into a scenario that is fitting in a dramatic sense.

Those are dreams about perfectly normal activities and circumstances, but ones that are not part of your waking life. When we say normal, we mean nothing supernatural occurs in such dreams.

For example, a person dreams about having a vacation in an exotic country, while, in reality, there were not even plans or conscious desires or any means to make it happen.

Such dreams are often far from trip around the world enjoyable scenario. People dream about things that scare them and make them fee worried.

Dreams about being homeless are definitely amongst these unpleasantly realistic ones.

A person who does not have an actual risk of becoming homeless in reality would likely dream such a thing out of completely different reasons.

Dreams about being homeless

Dreams about being homeless and, in a wider perspective, dreams in which a dreamer is lost and wandering around streets, not finding his or hers back home, all have certain similarities. Add details and the dream gets even deeper meaning.

For example, people often dream about being very cold out on the street and even wandering around the city naked and lost.

All these dreams have strong emotional effect on a dreamer and definitely reflect strong emotions from his or hers waking life.

Being homeless is an idea that has universal message of not belonging and having no roots.

Additionally, it represents instability, uncertainty, discomfort, struggle, survival and hardship in general.

Dreams about being homeless reflect especially tense state of mind, fear and sorrow.

People who have indeed lost something in life, which does not have to be of material vales, would dream about being homeless very likely.

Those who struggle on a material and financial level could dream about it out of fear of losing. Let us see what particular ‘being homeless’ dream scenarios suggest.

Dreams about being homeless in your own city

Dreams about being homeless in your own town, city or any type of settlement you actually live in, reflect strong feeling of not belonging, in the first place.

This dream indicates that, no matter what you do, you always feel as if you do not belong here.

It could only be your inner impression; it does not have to do with actually negative circumstances in your waking life environment.

You are like a foreigner in your own place, a wanderer who cannot connect with his or hers own roots.

This dream could be disturbing and make you nervous, but it could also make you wonder about what to do next. Maybe it is indeed time to move somewhere else or to travel far.

It often happens that when a person changes the environment actually realizes that the home they have felt distanced from is their true place of belonging.

This dream could also reflect your real frustration about your hometown. You are not surrounded by people whose company you enjoy; maybe the society really reject you from any reason, so you feel homeless in your heart.

On the other hand, maybe you just got very tired from the same routine or you were emotionally estranged from your dear ones, friends and the community.

Dreaming about being homeless in your own city indicates you do not feel loved and accepted by the community. You have always felt like a black ship, no matter how hard you tried to fit in.

The dream could have meaning that is more down to earth and reflect real worry and fear about losing financial stability and material security.

If you are dealing with financial issues in your waking life, thinking even about selling your house and buying a more modest one, due to expenses problem, it could happen you dream about being homeless.

Any situation that has something to do with losing income could turn into a ‘being homeless’ dream, such as losing your job.

Dreams about being homeless in your hometown reflect the feeling of being estranged from your family.

They seem to fit well together and to understand each other, having really good time, but you feel as no one understands you. They love you, but their point of view is very different from yours.

It could be the other way around; maybe they are really cold and reserved towards you, so you feel not belonging.

Dreams about being homeless in a foreign city

Dreams about being homeless in another city often reflect the feeling of being completely lost in life. You have no idea where you are heading and what the life has to offer.

This dream often occurs in people who have failed to succeed multiple times, in whatever they wanted to. This is commonly closely related with losing financial stability.

Being homeless in a foreign city reflect the emotional state of running away from problems, but not finding any comfort in other places.

This dream indicates you want to leave your problems behind, you want to forget about them, but it never turns out very good. You want to find a place to belong to, but you cannot find it.

This dream could have similar purpose with one aspect of the above dream. Dreaming about being homeless in the city you do not know possibly has the purpose to remind you of the value of your own place, your own town, family, environment in general.

People often have to experience something that would open their eyes and make them realize that the truly precious thing is just in front of them.

It is very likely that you would wake up from such an unpleasant dream loving your home much more than before. You will realize how cozy and warm it is.

Dreams about being homeless in a foreign city could, however, have different and optimistic meaning. This dream indicates your desire to explore opportunities and your daring spirit.

You are willing to risk everything you have, for the sake of an adventure that could change your life. You are ready to leave everything behind and to start from zero resources.

Dreaming about being homeless in a foreign city represents fresh start, literally from the bottom.

The dream should make you reconsider your current plans and see if you are actually ready to make such a bold step.

Dreams about seeing homeless people

Dreams about seeing homeless people often serve us as a reminder to value our own life much more than we actually do.

Maybe you do not have a fancy Malibu resort or a fairytale Scottish mansion, but you have your roof over your head, a warm bed, food to eat.

We all tend to take things we have for granted, which is completely normal, but we should never stop value it.

Seeing homeless people should awaken our empathy and remind us that there are people who live much harder life than we do.

There is no scale for determining how unfortunate people are, but we all react to similar things.

If you dream a homeless person asks you for money or food or whatever else, the dream interpretation depends on your reaction.

If you have helped a person, maybe even taken him or her to your home or elsewhere where they could live, it could simply be a reflection of your kind and compassionate personality and your willingness to help people in need.

On the other hand, it could have a hidden meaning of your inner need to do something right, in order to redeem yourself.

However, if you refuse to help him or her or just ignore the homeless beggar, the dream most likely reflects your inability currently to involve in anything that requires emotional giving in.

You feel too mentally and emotionally exhausted that you want to save your energy. You protect yourself from negative energy by keeping aside.

This does not mean you are an insensitive, cold and cruel personality, but that you just do not have enough emotional capacity for sharing.

On the simpler level, it means you are unwilling to help someone in your waking life materially, either because you do not have enough to share or simply because you do not want to, for any reason.