Dream About Sister – Meaning and Interpretation

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Science, according to numerous research studies proves that there are many benefits for a child to have a sister during life.

Mabe this can sound to you as not so true, if you are for example an only child, or if you do not have a good relationship with your sibling, although here we want to pay more attention to the “sister” part of the sibling’s story.

Some of you may even think that all the fights you had during growing up with your sister over your favorite wardrobe or toys, maybe in the grown-up stage about some bigger issues, could not be a sign of something good, but you are most definitely wrong about it.

Having a sister means that you are truly blessed, if you had one then she will help you develop social skills, such as communication, compromise, and negotiation.

Even conflict between siblings can encourage healthy development.

Do you have a sister, and what does she mean to you?

Did your relationship go through different stages in life, some of them good and some of them bad?

What is your relationship right now?

These are the questions that deserve to be answered and are even so important for the matter of dreams because a sister is one very common motive in dreams, and you could more accurately know what such a dream means when you know the answer to all of these question above.

So, the sister in a dream, just like in real life is very important.

Dream About Siblings in General

First of all, we must see what it means when you have a dream about a sibling, in the most general way.

It is said that a sibling, seen in a dream comes as a symbol of exceptionally obvious preferences in your character.

Those dreams and this is the case, even if the person who has such dreams does not have any siblings, predict the requirement to incorporate specific attributes that the person who has a dream does not have, or does not have enough of.

Those qualities are needed for correctly being a part of society, primarily family, and then even further.

Therefore, dreaming of siblings, in the most general way, is the symbol of the inner need of the person who has such a dream, to discover somebody to convey life with.

On top of all of this, things we do not like about ourselves, we tend to dream that our siblings have.

It is called the projection, and it is completely normal if you learn to detect it at the moment and correct it, not allowing the ego to take over.

And, a dream that has the central motive of a sibling may come as a representation that you have discovered a direction to carry you to your most in-depth being.

Having those dreams is healthy because you learn from them, and you are being able to resolve any issue that is troubling you in some way.

Now, more concretely dreaming about a sister, specifically, is a dream that is very much common.

This is more so if you are blessed to have a sister in real life, regardless of your relation to her, the good or the bad, or turbulent maybe.

These dreams can have both good and bad symbolism, depending on the situation in which you see the sister in a dream, as well as on other components of the dream itself.

Some say, and this is one of the most general interpretations of this dream that if you had such a dream, it can come as an indication of a quarrel that will occur in your family shortly.

It seems that you will be the one who is a part of the center of the argument, and most likely the one who has the power to end or prolong that quarrel.

All of us could dream of a sister – and it is very common to dream that we dream of a deceased sister, as it is believed that it carries a lot of meaning.

Dream About Sister 

Primarily, we must say that a dream where you just see a sister in a dream, could come, and most usually it does, a contemplation of strong feelings that are on the surface.

Such a dream very commonly is the symbol of the hidden qualities of the person who has such a dream.

This revelation could come as a good starting point to learn more about your personality, and therefore you can start using those qualities to better your life.

Other interpretations say that dreaming about a sister can also be a warning for you to change some aspect of your life or your behavior.

It does not mean that you are not doing things well, it is more the matter that you are over one stage of your life, or that a certain behavior that does not serve you in any way.

Like not being able to move on because you like to be in a comfort zone – alone this is not something that we will call bad, but it is not useful.

In a version of a dream where you have seen a sister, such a dream could be a symbol that soon you will receive something as a gift shortly.

It does not have to be anything material, but very likely it is possible that you will hear the news that will make you so happy.

It is very likely also that someone dear will give you something that you have wanted for a long time and you will be very happy about it.

If in a dream you see your true sister from real life, such a dream comes as an indication of a type of relationship with her.

Alternatively, such a dream could depict a certain aspect of the sisterly relationship.

Of course, it could be the depiction of a true feeling of protection or rivalry that exists since childhood, etc.

Such a dream could go even further – it could signify that there is someone who is close to you and who exhibits similar characteristics to your sister that you may not like.

If in a dream you can see a sister that is a bit older than you (or the one sister that is, in reality, older than you), then such a dream has a spiritual aspect to itself.

It shows a spiritual connection that you have with your sister or a person from your close environment who you see as an important figure and indicates some spiritual problems that are bothering you.

And those problems could be solved just by talking to that older sister who is very wise and mature; she knows the answer.

In this way, you truly receive a gift and important advice for your future life, so if you had such a dream, recall the words that came out of your sister’s mouth.

When you are speaking to your sister in a dream, it suggests that you are in a state of mind where you need advice, and there is no one better than your sister to give it to you.

You are likely in a situation that confuses you for a long time and you no longer know how to react.

However, be careful who you ask for advice as everyone will most likely have a different opinion.

Use someone who you trust completely.

In a version of a dream where you see a sister from your relative, like an aunt or uncle; in that case, this dream is the symbol of qualities that that sister has, and you like them.

You have been wanting to have those qualities and to implement them in your life, you want to find them yourself.

Arguing with the sister that you have from a relative, then such a dream could mean that you do not want to accept the qualities that your sister has.

It is “that” sister you do not like, never had a common language, you two are different, and every step she made you do not approve.

But, the mind wants you to be more acceptive of other people’s flaws, and this could be especially hard when there is a family member.

People often dream that they are fighting with their sister, it is a fiery argument.

This dream means that you have problems with people you live with, most likely those you spend a lot of time with.

You may argue with some of your family members and your relationship will change after that.

But, this change carries a lot of good in it, because it can be the change on good, that change could alter things in a good direction; something that did not work is now ended.

If in a dream you see yourself attacking her, trying to hit her, or that you are hitting her, then that dream is, in reality, a sure signal that you will repent of doing something.

It does not have to do with the sister relationship but it is something meaningful to you.

Most probably, you will do something bad to someone who did not deserve it from you.

Maybe you will accuse that person of some things that he did not do and you will not want to hear his opinion.

However, later on, you will realize that you were wrong and you will regret very much what you did.

Asking that person to forgive you, may not be enough – just asking to be forgiven is not enough.

It will be too late, and it is true that your relationship will deteriorate, to the point where you cannot recognize it, and it will never be back to the same level.

It seems that this dream brings precognition that you will lose someone who was your great friend and who always protected you.

Accordingly, if you had such a dream, it can serve as a forewarning to watch what you say and what you do in the future, so that you do not lose the person you love.

On the contrary, in a version of a dream where your sister is attacking you, then such a dream speaks of rejection.

In reality, it may be that you have been rejected by your family in some way, or that you feel that way, just like you are a black sheep of the family (it is your feeling, and it has been like that for a long time).

But this dream reveals so much – it can be the cause why you do not have enough self-confidence and feel very insecure when you’re in a company.

That’s why you often pretend to be cold and not interested in anything because that coldness serves as a defense mechanism.

Feelings of hate which you have in a dream toward your sister, such a dream comes as an indication of material problems.

There are some financial problems that you will experience soon, and will have a problem finding the solution for them. This is just one meaning.

Furthermore, this dream depicts feelings of hate toward a sister, cold signifies that you will most likely end a relationship with someone very close to you.

It could be your partner, a friend, or some other who is very dear to you.

A version, and it is a very common one when you see a deceased sister, means that, in reality, you may not hold a straightforward answer to the issue you are encountering or even know what the trouble is.

But it is something that is tormenting you so much.

It is also feasible, particularly if the sister has recently died, that the existence of a sister in a dream world is a representation of the painful emotions you undergo, particularly your worry for other family members like parents or children.

Some say that seeing a sister (who is well and alive in reality) who is dead in a dream, brings good meaning.

It is a good sign. This dream announces some joy and happiness in your family.

Most likely, someone close to you will want to celebrate their success and you will help them organize the celebration.

All in all, there are a lot of beautiful moments and joy ahead of you.

If in a dream you see your sister from real life, as a younger version of herself, then it suggests possible problems you may have with your sister regarding inheritance.

This dream can serve as a reminder to be wise and fight for your rights.

Dreaming of a sister that you do not have in reality, is also one of the very common motives in dreams.

And if you had such a dream it most likely means some feminine qualities that you would like to have, but you feel like you do not have.

You think that you would be a better human being, and such a dream indicates that you are attempting to recognize your being.

If you had such a dream, it is important to analyze what you felt in that dream and how your sister behaved in the dream.

If in a dream you are someone’s sister, then such a dream could suggest that you will be given something soon, and it would be something really valuable, that you could use to make life a better place.

If you see your sister in a dream and she is sick and it seems like she is going to die, then you are invited to dedicate your time to her.

Maybe you need her, maybe she does not have a disease, but something is tormenting her, and she needs you.

In that case, it would be best to call your sister because it is possible that she is not well and has some health problems.

We advise you to call her and visit her because she probably needs your help and support.

Alternatively, a dream about a sick sister may mean that soon you will have some problem that will torment and sadden you.

As you can see, the symbolism of a dream about a suffering sister is almost always very bad, but it could be just a wake-up call to dedicate your time to her.

In a version of a dream where someone is killing your sister in front of your own eyes, such a dream could be very traumatic, and such a dream has bad symbolism.

But this also could mean that you could learn something from it. We can learn from all negativity, and pain also.

It is said that it indicates losses and misfortune that may befall you shortly, so you are advised to be careful.

In a version of a dream about the sister when you were crying for her, then it is a sign that you have real friends that you can always rely on.

You are a lucky person because there are people around you who are ready to stand behind you at any moment and provide you with their help and support.

Advice for those who had such a dream

Although we all know that siblings may fight often, having one is truly precious.

All those who have them will tell you that.

This is shown by various studies and research, based on which it is concluded that sisters are the pillars of healthy and harmonious families.

Growing up with at least one sister or brother does not matter if he or she is younger or older, most certainly it removes feelings of loneliness, guilt, and fear, and increases self-confidence.

Each new member of the family, especially a sister, has the effect of increasing generosity and reducing the risk of depression.

Such an important part of our lives, and in the same way, such an important part of the dream world, a potent symbol with numerous valuable lessons.

Advice is to recall as many details as you can.

As you could have seen, the exact symbolism of the dream about a sister depends on all the details and circumstances that you saw in the dream.

And more importantly, what kind of your true relationship with the sister in real life, or do you have a sister, to begin with?

The symbolism of the dream where the sister is the central motive depends on whether you just saw your sister, whether you dreamed of your sister or a sister from your uncle or aunt, whether you talked to your sister in a dream or argued with her, or whether you attacked your sister, whether you may have dreamed that your sister died or that she was murdered, etc.

There are many more situations in which you can dream of a sister, and their meanings could vary from being warning signs, that you must change something in your actions and behavior, or that you will participate in some quarrel with the family.

In some cases, such a dream, especially when it is connected to the older sister, you get to hear important advice for your life.

Through such a dream, you can get some very important advice regarding your future.

All in all, you should not ignore such dreams, but you should analyze them in detail and see what message they convey to you.

Some say that dreams that have a sister as a central motive are, in fact, a dream with a good symbolical value that announces a new beginning related to you or a loved one.

It is conceivable that you or someone close to you will get married soon, and leave the home.

In addition, it is very likely that you will go to live abroad or that someone close to you will move there.

All in all, you will be pushed to get accustomed to new circumstances and to be separated from the person you love; but this is a life, and a normal part of it, just need to be wise enough to accept those changes as a necessary part of the life.

On rare occasions, these dreams suggest that you may face some problems on the business front.

Most likely, your career will find itself in crisis and you will experience a big business failure. It is advisable to be extra careful.

As you could have seen a sister is s powerful symbol and in the majority of cases a good sign.

Rarely does it announce some monetary gains that you can expect in the coming period, but it can speak of gifts that you can receive, in a form of a nice word, or advice.