Dreams About Dragons – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dragons are probably a class of some of the most popular mythological creatures, in a large number of cultures and traditions.

Depending on particular society, historical era and system of belief, dragons are depicted in various ways.

In certain traditions, such as in cultures of the Far East, dragons are portrayed rather as a positive type of mythical creatures, while in Western traditions, they are more commonly associated with negative concepts.

For example, in Asia, dragons are often depicted lucky, auspicious fantastic animals and fortune bringers. Traditional art of Ancient China features dragon motifs almost everywhere. If you take a look into one of the most breathtaking historical royal building complexes in the world, The Forbidden city in Chinese capital Beijing, you will see dragons all around the place.

In Chinese tradition, dragons are one of the most powerful spirit animals. Eastern traditions generally associate dragons with wisdom, longevity, life, vitality, wealth, fortune and abundance.

In Japan, they are believed to inhabit secret ponds and lakes; these fantastical creatures are closely related to waters. Water gives us life, so you got the idea.

In Hindu tradition, dragons are also seen as spirits of divine powers, life energy and forces of the Universe. In European and in Westerners’ traditions, in general, dragons are commonly seen as evil mythical creatures. They are associated with darkness, threat and danger.

Dragons are present in Christian tradition, in Biblical texts, often portrayed as evil and scary.

However, in Celtic lore, dragons are wise, royal and fortunate spirits. While throughout Europe dragons are often negatively portrayed, they are also considered a strong symbol of power, royalty and victory.

Dreams about dragons

What does it mean to have a dream about dragons or a dragon? It must be an incredible experience, as if you are inside an epic fantasy book or a move, right?

Dragons are fantastical beings, however, many people still like to believe somewhere, maybe in another real, they do exist. Modern day conceptions of dragons are all mixed up and ambivalent.

Today, dragon symbolism is an incredibly complex and rich set of various interesting meanings.

Dreams about dragons are definitely impressive, regardless of their nature being positive or negative. Such dreams are not as common as dreams about, say, cats or birds or something like that.

The very idea of such a majestic and powerful creature inspires incredible ideas, symbolic meanings and stories.

If you had a dream about a dragon, you will surely remember it. However, in order to interpret it, try to focus not only on a dragon, but also on other details. Dreams about dragons are associated with incredibly intense emotions of a dreamer.

Dragons in dreams could embody certain overwhelming emotions, great events or abstract ideas, people in your life or even yourself.

Think about how the dragon looked like and what was it doing. What thoughts were in your mind when seeing the dragon? Were you scared or curious about it?

All these questions should help you reveal the true meaning of your dream.

Dreams about seeing a dragon tell a lot about your current emotional state and your personality. Sometimes dreams help us to get in touch with our true selves; many people are not aware of their capabilities, until they have had an enlightening dream.

We assure you you will definitely know if your dragon related dream was like that, there is no mistake in a dreamer’s personal perception about such dreams. In such dreams, a dragon represents yourself.

Other types of dragon related dreams are more focused on factors around you in your life.

Dragons represent a possible threat to your position in society or troubles that bother you in reality and haunt you in dreams. The greater the problem you have, the more powerful and scary its dream incarnation will be. A mighty, dreadful dragon is a common metaphor for such ideas.

A dragon could also be a powerful channel for letting go off negative thoughts and emotions, also as a metaphor.

Dreams about being attacked by a dragon

Dreams about dragons that are scary are the most common type of dragon related dreams.

Usually, a person dreams about being chased or being attacked by a dragon. This dream is of a dual meaning; it could be relieving and very intense, both at the same time.

If you dream about a dragon chasing you and, perhaps, trying to kill you or eat you, it means you have many troublesome things on your mind or actual problems you do not know how to deal with.

Most of the time, you are trying to avoid them, but they only pile up. Now, you have no escape and you are still trying to run away.

The dragon represents all of those worries, troubles, challenges and problems you are trying to escape.

Since you are aware the dragon is much stronger, perhaps even invincible, the dream tries to tell you troubles are an inevitable part of life. You will have to face them, sooner or letter.

The dream is also a sign of warning; it is like a window to possibly negative future. It suggests you should face and try to solve problems before they grow so big literally to eat you up.

Dreams about a dragon spitting fire

Dreams about a raging dragon are usually a clever way of your mind to translate your negative emotions into a powerful, dream realm vent.

Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your life or particular area of life and you feel extremely angry, disappointed and frustrated.

However, you are either still unaware of what is troubling you or you simply do not want others to see how unhappy you are. Such intense emotions have to be released. If not in reality, they find their way in dreams.

A raging dragon spitting fire represents all those suppressed emotions. Usually, it is a dream about anger. Perhaps you are mad at someone, but you do not want them to know how much their behavior or actions affect your mental and emotional state.

This dream could be very positive if you have experienced a great loss and you are still trying to cope with it.

Dreams are many times the first step to recovery, to letting all the sadness go away.

Dreams about a sleeping dragon

If you dream about a sleeping dragon, it means you are a very calculated person, satisfied with who you are.

You know how to take care of yourself and you feel very confident ad self-reliant. You are the one others respect and do not want to make angry.

The dream reflects your current state of mind, your calmness and the ability to take rest and relaxed.

If the dragon sleeps on a pile of gold, which is one of the common things these imaginary creatures do, in novels and folktales, it means you are well aware of what you have and how important it is. It does not have to do with materiality, at all.

Such a dream suggests you value everything you have in your life or reminds you to do so.

If you feel uncomfortable about seeing a sleeping dragon in your dream, then, perhaps, the dragon does not represent yourself, but your enemy or something that bothers you. This dream means you should be careful about who are you getting in argument with.

It also suggests there are some things that should stay the way they are. Sometimes people do things about of pure curiosity, without thinking, and they literally awake the beast.

Think about if there is anything in your life you are intrigued with, but do not have a single argument why would you deal with it, in the first place. Stay out of it and do not awake the dormant dragon.

Sometimes it is better to stay in your place and save your curiosity for some less risky actions.

Dreams about a flying dragon

Dreams about flying dragons are dreams about freedom of emotions and freedom of thoughts.

This is a positive dream, meaning you are finally open for new horizons and new experiences. This dream could mean you will soon start a journey of your lifetime, in a metaphorical sense.

You have been feeling lost for long and now you are about to discover what is it that you want from your life.

Moreover, you will feel capable, optimistic and courageous. Suddenly, you will get a fantastic inspiration!

Dreams about riding a dragon

Dream about riding a dragon means you are in control over your emotions, your thoughts and your life in general. It took a lot of time to tame all those feelings; you have been through many challenges, constantly trying to improve your skills and everything.

Finally, it pays off.

You are in charge of everything and there is no one and nothing to stop you.

The most important thing is that you have been able to conquer your own fears and negative emotions. Dreams about riding a dragon are rare and truly inspiring. Such dreams also suggest you are about to discover many impressive things about yourself.

Maybe you will face a challenge that could seem impossible to overcome; however, the dream suggests you should believe in yourself. In dreams, everything is possible, even riding a dragon.

In reality, it is the same, only we have power to turn it into metaphors.