Dream About Underwear – Meaning and Symbolism

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A sexual connotation of dreams is very often, if not one of the most common in general. It can go in two different directions – you can dream of something that does not have to do with anything sexual, and it can be related to something sexual in your life; or in the other direction, you can have a sex dream, and it does not have to do with anything to do with your sexual life.

In a dream world, seemingly unrelated things, aspects, and ideas are combined in various ways, often very bizarre.

There is a third part in this story – a motive in a dream can be underwear, partially is sexual, and part is not.

For people, underwear can be something sexual, but at the same time, it can be something so common that you use it every day, not thinking about it. It can be simple and white, and it can be sexy and red, etc.

It can be expensive, it can be cheap, and it can be comfortable and strangely uncomfortable; some people do not like to wear it at all.

Experts say that underwear in a dream world can represent a person’s sexual identity, desires, and body image; it can speak of it in a good way, confirming that a person is happy with herself or himself, or it can speak of all those things a person lacks in this area.

At times, dreams about the underwear mean that you, as the person who has such a dream, did recognize all inner needs, and at that moment, you feel open about yourself to those close to you – this can be the most common meaning, but depending on other aspects in a dream, it can take a different meaning that is completely different.

Meaning and Symbolism

In a general sense, a dream about underwear, for example, as a motive where you did not do anything with it, it is just there, shows that you are ready to open up a part of yourself that has never been shown to your spouse and close friends.

It is the part that you have been hiding, allowing shyness to be more potent than anything else. Your dream represents the emotions of love, desire, lust, and fiery passion. It is necessary to pay notice to small features and not neglect some things.

The dream of bloody underwear signals magic. You may need to see a doctor and seek advice.

In a version of a dream, where you have seen yourself wearing underwear, preferably in the bed, such a dream suggests that you will perform/act/speak for a small group of audiences in an intimate environment. You cannot wait this moment to come, so this dream comes as your preparation for such an event, feeling excited and scared at the same time.

Also, if you do not feel comfortable in a dream, such a dream comes into your life because you do not want to disappoint other people’s expectations.

If you feel great while in a dream in underwear, you feel strong and potent; in that case, you have gone to bed with the idea that you firmly believe, know that you will do amazingly well when that event comes.

If some else woman in your dream is wearing underwear, and you are looking at her, such a dream indicates that someone will attract you and draw your awareness to something.

However, if you cannot tell if a woman is wearing underwear, because, in a dream, this is not the main motive, in that case, a dream shows that you must be more careful about potential seducers who could lead to an affair or cheating.

In a version of a dream where you are the one who is wearing underwear, but you are not in a bedroom, but in public, in that case, such a dream suggest that you are a person who is so relaxed and confident in the direction you interact with the outside world that is remarkable.

It is seen in every aspect of your life, and you have charisma. But if in this dream, you see yourself and you are crying, or you feel so uncomfortable and unhappy, then such a dream about underway suggests that regarding the aspects of your sexuality or hidden desires, you feel truly and constantly ashamed. It is the aspect to work be worked on because it is making your life a complete misery.

In a case where you are somewhere, and you are trying some underwear, it does not have to be a store, and it can be some unexpected place; such a dream shows that you are the person who is constantly attempting to meet his or her sexual and emotional demands. You may want to improve your image or position so that you are managed in a different way.

If you are giving a person underwear as a present, in that case, this dream suggests your attempts to achieve a closer relationship with another soul. You make up for the lack of affection and want to bring a fresh sparkle into your love story.

And one more version of this dream is common – if you are finding a lot of insects in your underwear. Such a dream is a symbol of lost energy and confidence. You must be more open and straightforward with your emotions. Watch out for the opportunities you take.

Decoding Dream about Underwear

Experts say that also one of the ways on how you can decode this dream about underwear is knowing that such dreams speak of security, love, comfort, support. It is plausible that you lack them, or that you are comfortable and that you have a lot of them.

In some cases, for example in the version where you are purchasing a new set of underwear shows a number of negative feelings, comments, angry words, and cold thoughts forwarded or directed toward you.

These are unsuccessful features of you and your character that can be frustrated. You must get rid of the negativity that survives in your life.

If the underwear is new in your dream, in that case, such a dream speaks of the constraints and lack of freedom or lack of imagination.

If the underwear in your dream is so ugly that you cannot believe what you are buying, such a dream shows your self-image, your confidence, both regarding the body and the soul.

Perhaps this dream comes to you in times when you feel that you are not attractive as you would want to feel. You may feel unattractive and feel that there is nothing you can do. You may be afraid that people will judge what you look like.

At times, this dream could suggest that your partner and spouse may betray you similarly as in a dream related to the trace of lipstick, and it is similar in the case of the dream where you are fitting underwear that does not fit you.

In that case, such a dream is a bad signal that there will be problems in your family and love life (anyone who is emotionally connected to you). The alternate version is the one where you feel that you cannot meet your partner’s expectations.

The dream of tearing underwear is a new approach to the problem that you were not able to solve until now. You feel that you are not able to take care of yourself, and you are struggling to find the answers.

The dream of wearing only white underwear is a sign of ideas and habits that are no longer useful and that can be buried. Maybe you are trying to hurry some things that cannot be hurried.

If the underwear is black, in that case, it shows that you are missing an emotional connection. There is a situation where you are seeking approval or permission.

The message behind this dream

Some claim that dreams about underwear are dreams that are showing all the ways your persona is shaping and developing and the ways you should work on it because your mind is preparing you to fail.

This dream expresses the death of an old situation before the rebirth of a new one. You cannot give up the burden. Your dream indicates the loss of love and broken friendships.

You may be changing your ways and trying to reconsider your attitudes.

The dream of underwear s a message for some mistake you made and which will be charged to you. You need to expand your thinking and use your imagination and creativity.

Something emerges from your subconscious. This is about cycles, the passage of time, or special events in your life. You are expressing health concerns.

Such a dream also suggests your ability to create and manipulate the outside world. You lead an active life, and you are always on the move.

Expand your horizons and views, do not neglect the needs that you are having for a long time that is burning you from the inside. Your emotions can no longer be suppressed.

The dream about the underwear can indicate a loss of faith, ability, and trust in yourself or others, depending on who is wearing it. You may be overly aware of your appearance and beauty.

In some cases, this dream can be the signal of memories and lessons from the past and insights you can still get from it. You have a huge amount of stress in your life, and the advice is to pay more attention to something or listen to someone more carefully, but you refuse to face a problem – neglecting it, or not looking at it, it does not take you anywhere.

You should look at this dream as a precautionary tale – it may come to you as the clue to your relationship.

Such a dream, when translated to the real world, show a logical and objective side of the story. It can also s that you are so afraid of approaching a relationship or situation.

If the underwear in your dreams has some stains on it, maybe blood even, such a dream is a symbol of your relationship with someone.

There is something wrong with your life. You feel it has come you separately.