Leo in 6th House – Meaning and Info

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The easiest place to find a Leo? On a stage and in front of audiences where there is at least one person.

It is the egocentric sign par excellence and thanks to its positive and sunny nature it attracts others and has the spotlight on it.

Leo – Meaning and Info

He loves to expose himself but be careful to criticize him, he could pull out his claws! Strong, willing and proud, he does not stop at nothing for his goals (often material) and when the going gets tough, he even dusts off his beloved philosophy.

However, the sense of justice and a heart of gold are often not enough to shelter him from the disappointments of reality (life is a jungle for him too!).

A symbol of vital power and solar sovereignty, Leo is esteemed. It is admired.

On the other hand, for him what is not admirable is not worthy of interest. With him there are no half measures.

Deeply magnanimous and generous, he is tender and even tenderness is expressed with grandeur.

As demanding with others as with himself, he perceives life as a perpetual competition.

Neither envious nor submissive, he will want to measure up in all circumstances, and hardly accepts failures.

Respectful of the laws, Leo loves harmony and hates meanness and hypocrisy. Passionate and enthusiastic, he will easily arouse the amazement of others.

Equipped with a great work capacity, he will be a real boss. His generosity will be unlimited to all who will not oppose his beliefs. Leo is the king of beasts, let’s not forget that!

In love, his sensuality is powerful. His aspirations are very high and therefore his ideals are difficult to satisfy. The partner must have class, artistic skills, noble feelings, in short, he must be perfect like him!

As a typical Fire sign, it burns with desire and every season is the right one for hunting.

But what is love for Leo if not a slew of admirers willing to do anything to win his big (and vain) heart? Better if to do it is a person of noble soul but equally of pockets.

In turn, Leo will repay him with unconditional love and generous attention. If enamored and respected, he will be among the most loyal companions … and jealous.

Where there are positions to climb, there is a Leo ready to reach the top. Managers, politicians, organizers but also artistic and media roles, as long as the stage lights are all for him.

The Leo woman is a purebred woman, with a gazelle charm, beautiful legs, and triangular face with cat eyes, beautiful thick hair that she likes to keep long. She has a visceral need for a court of admirers and is always fighting for the lead role. But she is a loyal, generous and reliable woman.

The Leo woman loves power and action. You have numerous talents and will be found in the most diverse sectors.

Teaching, research or medicine, law or economics … but also dance, writing, music, painting. You may have a hard time understanding her true calling, but once she finds it, she will commit to it with all of her being.

Whatever she does with her, it is difficult to leave indifferent: either you love her or you hate her. She will create many envies and jealousies, which she will not even notice, all taken as she is by herself and protected by her naivety of her!

6th House – Meaning and Info

The sixth is similar to the meaning of Virgo in the affairs of human existence and represents the second practical sector of life.

In this area of ​​the personal sky you can see reflected our tendencies towards body care and health, how we take care of ourselves and the propensity to certain physical or mental ailments that can mean a tie or attention.

Also, the regimes or diets.

On the other hand it represents what is at our service, employees, servants, subordinates as well as domestic animals, type of animal, treatment and care of them and the plants that are in our care.

In the 6th house there is also unskilled labor. This is the work that is done to feed ourselves. This is not a vocational job. And most often, this is work in a subordinate position.

Astrological practice has long included a stable expression – “ruler 10 in 6 – a career (work) in a subordinate position. Never will a Native be a boss of the first level, or his own boss”.

My practice proves the incorrectness of this statement – most often, to describe cards with a similar position of the significate of the 10th house, the expression is suitable – a career built thanks to one’s own labor.

In this case, successful social realization completely depends on the labor investments that the Native is ready to make (just like Exercise 2 in 1 – “how much they drowned, they burst as much”).

On the whole (that is, by direct signification), this is a house of work not by vocation, work that does not give social growth and social recognition.

Once upon a time in traditional astrology, the 6th house was called the house of servants and slaves.

Now, for the most part, it has become more difficult with servants, but nevertheless, if you have au pair, nanny, housekeeper, and even just act as a boss for someone, then all the people who are directly subordinate to you and, roughly speaking, perform your duties for you – they go to the 6th house for you.

Leo in 6th House – Meaning and Info

Speaking about the themes of the 6th and 12th houses, we will naturally pay special attention to the topic of health.

In this regard, I would like to note right away that, as usual, I will tell you about the main signification of 6 and 12 houses, but consider 12

A house separately according to Signs, as we do for each of the houses, we will not.

Because all of its indicators can be interpreted simply by shifting onto it the explanations that I will give in the framework of a detailed examination of the 6th house.

In the water lecture, as usual, I will tell you about the direct signification of the houses taken for consideration.

The sixth house is traditionally associated with issues of disease.

Moreover, interestingly, traditional Western astrology calls the 6th house the house of diseases, but modern neo-classics – the house of health.

Despite the seeming “unimportance” of the differences in these concepts (it’s just as if we are looking from the “other side”).

They denote completely different states, and moreover, there really are indicators of HEALTH in the chart – and this, say, the Sun is the general level of vitality or 2nd house – immunity, or 1st strength of the Native constitution.

And the 6th house indicates precisely the disease and preventive measures to prevent it.

The 6th house best defines the manifestation of the disease. He points to the organ that reacts one of the first to a violation of the general state of the body. We will talk in detail about the diseases characteristic of each Sign in the following lectures.

The 6th house is responsible for the work and all daily duties of the Native.

This work in general as a whole, in the broadest sense of the word.

All our affairs, which we do on a regular, daily basis, by virtue of our natural occupation or status, go through the 6th house.

6th house describes our home responsibilities, or homework for students.

For workers, these are the work duties that they perform every day.

More precisely, this is a type of self-organization (or lack thereof), and an attitude towards the need to be disciplined.


In addition, the 6th house describes the working conditions in which the native will be most productive, those that are required for him in order for him to start doing something at all, and even more so, to do it with dedication and pleasure (if such is provided by the horoscope at all).