Dream of Being Killed – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of killing is more frequent than you think. When it happens, it brings with it a sense of deep disturbance upon awakening.

Ultimately, it is a strong and disorienting experience, even if, usually, it is completely beyond one’s own being that one would never think of reaching such an act of violence.

For this dream, as for many others, there are different meanings, therefore, as always, it is necessary to analyze the context and the person (sometimes even an animal) who kills himself.

Dream of Being Killed – Meaning

In general, dreaming of killing indicates that there is something or a part of yourself that you want to eliminate from your life permanently.

Such an extreme act could also indicate a need to be protected by someone or something that makes us feel a sense of impending danger.

If the dream becomes recurrent and obsessive, it would be advisable to contact a specialist (psychologist or analyst) who can help in more detail to understand the reasons.

In fact, if it is true that this kind of dreams can represent a new aspect of one’s life, at the same time it also denotes a good dose of repressed violence that should be conveyed differently.

Surely in this dream there are strong emotions, usually repressed instincts and anger that find their outlet only in the dream.

It indicates that there is something in life that destabilizes and oppresses but that is endured and kept under control despite bringing pain.

In dreaming of killing there is an inherent desire to return to the primordial and uncivilized instincts in which the desire for survival prevails and leads to the murder of that very component that brings us suffering.

As previously said, every dream must be analyzed and contextualized, for example dreaming of killing a known person indicates the feeling of oppression that this person causes in the dreamer.

Usually the victim is an authoritarian person from whom one wants to distance or rebel.

On the contrary, dreaming of killing an unknown person could indicate the need to move away from a part of oneself that does not like, a side of one’s personality that comes into conflict with the dreamer himself.

Dreaming of killing an animal represents the victory of rationality over instinct, or rather wanting to control one’s instinctive part at all costs and bring one’s being back to a more rational and conformist level.

Often this dream is associated with the desire to align or conform to society or to the rules it imposes.

Sometimes it also happens to dream of killing children. In this case, the dream takes on the meaning of giving up something as important as one’s dreams or goals.

Usually, with this dream, it emerges that you have given up something to dedicate yourself to something else or to others out of duty and not out of wanting. If you dream of killing a newborn, then it is an indication of fear and rejection of changes.

One of the worst dreams in this area is dreaming of killing your own child. The most probable meaning linked to this dream is the fear of being pushed aside, of getting old, of repressing one’s most irrational feelings.

This indicates the urgent need to dedicate oneself to oneself and surround oneself with mature people with whom to create fulfilling relationships. It also symbolizes the desire to renew the relationship with the partner and revive the life of the couple by leaving the role of parent.

Dreaming of killing one’s parents is an indication of freedom, independence and growth. It usually happens to those people who are too burdened by family relationships, by the oppressive relationships of authoritarian and oppressive parents. In this case we are looking for new experiences and the desire to believe in oneself.

If the father is killed in the dream, it is equivalent to wanting to eradicate the too rigid values ​​of the family, the authority itself or even the desire to get rid of an inner conflict between responsibility and the desire for adventure.

In the case in which in the dream the mother is killed is equivalent to wanting to eliminate that too apprehensive, too sacrificing part that oppresses the dreamer, making him condescending to any external request. Basically it is the desire to learn to say “no” to every request that is made.

Often one can dream of killing a monster. This represents the fear of the different, of everything that is hostile. Killing a monster means wanting to free yourself from your fears and win over the most irrational part of yourself.

Countless action movies, series like CSI or even investigative and suspense books collect thousands of crime stories, which can make us dream of murder.

Although it is true that our environment influences our dreams, in some cases the presence of murder in them can be special. It is in these cases when knowing their interpretation becomes essential.

The mind sometimes plays tricks on us and copies elements of the environment that are both positive and negative. Murder is one of them and although it may seem difficult to understand, in some cases it is messages that the subconscious sends us.

These messages or notices may serve to help us learn about our personality traits or to anticipate events in the near future.

For all those dreams in which there is a message, it is important to read all the interpretations, in order to know the different associations of the murder and look for all the points in common with your own dream.

Once this is done, you will have an idea about the meaning of your dream, although you will have to think very well what the interpretation can refer to and try to act as it suits you.

Dreaming about murders can have many meanings, although the most widespread, in general terms, refers to the loss or absence of something very precious. You may have recently lost a family member or friend and are sad about it.

Anyway, it is best to go on to see the different types of dreams about murders, since the role of the dreamer is key to knowing a much more precise and complete meaning.

Dream of Being Killed – Symbolism

Dreaming that oneself is murdered is usually precisely when you feel an emptiness inside you.

There is something that is not right and it can be due to many different aspects such as the loss we mentioned before of a loved one or something that you really wanted.

In other cases, it may be a friendship that has distanced itself until it disappears or even a job with which you do not feel fulfilled. The possibilities are so wide that it is you who must find the reason for this void and try to solve it.

If you have dreamed that you were murdered and persecuted, especially this second part, it is very likely that you feel insecure. You are always living on the edge and you never have complete peace of mind.

The best thing you can do is rethink your situation and look for options to take the appropriate measures and be able to save some money.

It is always good to have financial support and that fatigue will never end if you do nothing about it. These dreams are very overwhelming and in fact usually cause a sudden awakening just when the dreamer is killed.

If you dream of your murder and you don’t put up much resistance or you knew it was going to happen, it is because you feel guilty, it is because you have done something recently that makes you uneasy. You do not know very well what consequences your actions may have or you may know the possible consequences and for this you punish yourself.

You cannot rest and even in dreams you continue to worry. In order to calm your restlessness, you can only start taking measures, in case the results are ultimately negative.

Seeing in a dream that the murderer is someone you know is because that person has not earned your respect. You do not like him and you have always been suspicious, so it is not surprising that he appears in your dreams with such a negative image.

It is true that usually serious problems have occurred between the dreamer and that person, although it does not have to be that way. There are people who by affinity never quite fit in and what’s more, they repel each other.

If in dreams you have seen how a murder was committed but you have escaped by being in hiding, you know that you have acted badly and you have pangs of conscience.

Somehow, there is a possibility that you could have saved that person, and in your real life you know that you could have done better.

You do not have the internal tranquility that you would like, because the worst of all is that someone can be harmed by your actions. Try to fix it before it’s too late and apologize being totally honest.

When murder is committed in public and it seems to be of no importance to the rest of the people around, many injustices are being committed because of you.

In reality, they may not be injustices or problems created directly by you, although the truth is that by shutting up and allowing it to happen, you become just as guilty.

Open your eyes or stop ignoring reality and defend people’s rights, because even if a couple benefit from it, someone has to stop this situation.

A dream like a thriller: a murder has happened – and you have recognized the murderer in your dream very well! Or was it even you yourself? Don’t worry: dreams in which we see ourselves as murderers, sometimes even psychopathic serial killers or politically motivated mass murderers, are not that rare!

But even then, if you “only” see another person in the dreamed murderer, your feelings are going crazy – after all, this experience also causes fear and confusion. It goes without saying that you are wondering what might be behind a killer dream.

One thing first: dreams about one or more murderers must always be interpreted in the larger context. As in a crime thriller, not only the murderer is to be considered: The circumstances of the crime and the victim killed are also inseparable from the dream story.

For the traditional dream interpretation, it is very important to take a close look at all aspects of the dream. The victim is to be viewed like the murderer in his entire network of relationships – the relationship with the murderer himself is of course particularly decisive.

In your dream you yourself are the murderer: Risk of accident – general grief and problems threaten; also: someone shamelessly exploits you in a predicament

You are murdered in a dream: someone is secretly forging intrigues against you; Beware of false friends You dream that you are helping a murderer in his act: A development is emerging that will turn out positively for you, but cause harm to others

You will witness a murder: An intrigue in your environment could harm you, even though you are completely uninvolved in it

The psychological interpretation of the dream symbol murderer concentrates completely on suppressed psychological aspects, which at some point break out almost explosively with murderous force.

Repressed feelings or previously missed opportunities can make their way through a sudden outburst of feelings because we have not consciously dealt with them for too long.

According to findings from dream research, the dream image of the murderer tends to occur more frequently in dreamers with a tendency to aggressive behavior. This mostly affects personalities who suppress or keep quiet about their needs and desires for a very long time until this condition becomes unbearable – after all, like a volcano, it comes to a spontaneous, uncontrolled eruption.

Not infrequently, dreams in which we see a murderer or become a murderer ourselves draw our attention to a violent end or a major change in our life.

Like a murderer, we brutally eliminate our problem – it can be uncomfortable situations, old thought patterns, bad habits or relationships.

If you yourself are murdered in a dream, your life is out of balance: You see yourself in a predicament from which you absolutely want to free yourself.

Perhaps you feel anger directed against yourself or you have the vague feeling that you are no good.


In some cases, the killer dream is based on a solid depression; However, the dream image often also appears in the case of fear of failure, fear of failure, fear of low reputation, lack of self-esteem, auto-aggressive or depressive disorders.

In your dream you become a murderer yourself? You could soon change your life radically – because apparently it made a CLICK, and you are wildly determined. It could be, for example, that you never want to repeat a mistake you have made and do everything to prevent it.

It is also possible that you are so jealous or angry with your dreamed victim in the awake life that you would like to see this person dead on the ground.