Dream of Being Watched – Meaning and Symbolism

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In dreams the eyes and their meaning is often interpreted by taking a cue from the “common” symbolism to most of us. Eyes have a variety of very interesting meanings.

As always, when we dream of something, however, we must pay attention to the circumstances, because the meaning can always vary depending on small details.

What does it mean to dream of the eyes? The eye is one of the main organs of man. It is what allows us to see, not only in a physical sense, but also in a metaphysical sense.

Not only does it receive and emits light, but it allows us to understand what the soul means: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” and this common saying must not be underestimated, as it can have negative or positive values ​​in the ‘dreams interpretation.

In many cultures, “the blind” or rather, the blind, are seen (forgive the pun) as great sages, those who have an extraordinary power, because they possess the so-called third eye, which has the ability to see beyond this world.

It becomes a form of superior knowledge to no longer have the possibility of being aware of what surrounds us and of what is tangible as this bodily negation allows us to elevate ourselves by relying on our senses.

Dream of Being Watched – Meaning

Dreaming to be observed in general has a negative interpretation, the dreamer feels under pressure in real life for some reason, and this pressure is becoming unmanageable, obviously the attitude of the dreamer during the dream must also be taken into account, this could provide other information on the final interpretation, perhaps adding at least some positive details.

It should be noted that I was on the sofa sleeping in the afternoon, and I really dreamed that I was sleeping in the exact same position in which I really slept, only that in the dream or nightmare at some point someone enters I don’t know who I believe a man but I don’t see him yes square behind me I feel his presence.

I hear the sound of his pants rustling, it doesn’t matter. in the dream I have the impression that he is there to look at me, I feel scared but at the same time it is as if I am aware that he will not do anything to me. then I wake up

Hello, as mentioned above, dreaming of being observed often and willingly has a negative meaning, the dreamer feels under pressure for something he is doing in real life and this pressure is becoming a problem, in your version of the dream, however, there is a particular that gives us hope, you tell us that despite you are scared.

you have the impression that that man is just watching you and that he has no intention of hurting you, this means that even if you are feeling this pressure you think you are still capable to organize yourself and be able to find a solution without serious consequences, total panic still does not occur and you can imagine some solutions to the problem.

Dreaming of being blind does not only have a negative meaning, as one might believe at first.

Suffice it to say that in ancient times he had a lot of respect for those affected by blindness; it was believed that blind people, precisely because of the deprivation of physical sight, develop a sort of ‘third eye’, that is, a knowledge of a higher, more spiritual type, able to see beyond matter.

The blind was therefore considered wiser than others, and they were turned to for advice and instructions on what to do.

It may indicate that you have superior vision, a kind of ‘third eye’, for which physical vision takes a back seat; this gives you spiritual vision, wisdom, clairvoyance, intuition. You may need to withdraw a little from the world and the materiality of things to develop this gift of yours even more.

It can represent a ‘dream blindness’: that is, you cannot see something that concerns you; there are parts of you that you do not allow to enter consciousness even in dreams, which are the door that opens towards the unconscious.

Blindness is a way for you to protect yourself from painful memories, from problems you prefer not to see, not to face.

You feel vulnerable and fear intimacy (you don’t want to look inside yourself and you don’t want others to).

This is a typical dream of people who are in psychological therapy; it indicates precisely the lack of vision of one’s own interiority and the need to re-establish it as soon as possible.

Dreaming of not seeing in one eye, of having a blind eye, blindfolded, or even of having only one eye can mean that you have a one-sided view of things: you are a little reluctant to accept the points of view of others.

Eyes closed, blindfolded Dreaming of having your eyes closed and not being able to open them, having the feeling that they are like sewn or glued, and having a lot of effort trying to see: this dream indicates that you cannot have a clear vision of things because you are not still quite aware and conscious.

You must evolve towards greater maturity and completeness; for now, you are not yet able to do what you would like. It is a typical dream of those who are still young and inexperienced, or perhaps a little naive.

Some animals, such as cats, have their eyes closed when they are born; they open after a certain period of time.

Many happen to dream of not seeing well while driving: they dream of driving with their eyes closed, of not being able to open them, or they dream of driving in the dark: this denotes insecurity in proceeding on the path of life.

Dreaming of seeing blurred, of having blurred vision denotes insecurity, the inability to ‘focus’, to concentrate on things; this can lead you to easy mistakes.

Dreaming of finding yourself in the dark in dreams can always indicate insecurity, but it can also mean that there are parts of the dream that you prefer not to see (it is a form of ‘censorship’ to protect you from painful or shocking content).

Dreaming of being eyeless means that you are acquiring a superior view of things. You can do without your eyes because you have the ‘third eye’, that of intuition and clairvoyance. You see things differently from other people, your intuitive skills take you much further.

This dream indicates that you have a dominant attitude towards this person, you want to subjugate and weaken them, you want to make them succubus.

Dream of Being Watched – Symbolism

Television has become an integral part of everyone’s daily life years ago. Company, pastime, piece of furniture, television accompanies and completes the days, evenings, nights but also influences our life since it is proposed as a starting point for new ways of living daily life from different points of view, from clothing to emotions, passing through social relations.

An element so present in our daily life obviously could not remain out of our dreams, so let’s understand how to interpret the presence in a television dream.

In general, the presence of television in a dream is to be read as the need to keep attention on a specific topic or topic that intrigue us but on which it is not possible to intervene directly.

In fact, television is a medium in front of which we are all passive powerless viewers, which is why the scene actually presents itself as the moment in which we actually come as if bound and put in front of a fact (the TV broadcast in fact) that has its own development and its development.

Likewise, his presence wants to guard us from possible blunders and speeches that we may not analyze enough given the passive situation in which we find ourselves and the blunders to which television itself often subjects us due to its glittering world and its sources. perceived as safe even when they really are not.

Then there are some characteristics of the dream that lead us to one or the other interpretation.

In fact, if the television that we find ourselves watching in the dream is on and bright, it is possible that there are situations that are distracting you from something that should instead absorb your attention.

If, in the dream, the television that is broadcasting is new, it is possible that the need to estrange yourself from everyday life and to be distracted by some new idea that could arrive by observing others is fugitive in you.

This level of dissatisfaction becomes greater in cases where the dream proposes a completely broken television, indicating that a dream has now been broken and therefore disappointment has taken over at this stage.

A middle ground is found in the presence in dreams of a broken but functioning television, a symbol of something that is there, dormant, but deserves to be revived and observed with greater constancy.

Then there are other dreams that involve television. For example, if the dream stages a television that falls, it is possible that your unconscious is inviting you to review your priorities; the purchase of a new visual device, on the other hand, indicates the need for new stimuli and therefore new comparisons.

Moving instead on the level of content, if you dream of being on television it is because you need to increase your self-esteem in every way and therefore imagine being able to interface in an authoritative way with more subjects, the audience from home, without however having to fear too much the contradiction that would instead be linked to a real confrontation.


Dreaming of observing something carefully with our own eyes, means that we are very attentive to details and pay a lot of attention to everything around us. We are very precise people who like to be aware of every little situation so as not to lose control.

The eyes, in fact, are also a symbol of knowledge and excellent perception.

Dreaming of looking someone in the eye can indicate our type of relationship with a person.

Many times, we tend to want to look someone straight in the eye to see how they feel. Being very expressive, from the eyes, you understand a lot of things.

Obviously, the eyes of the person we have dreamed of want to point us to something and our unconscious is trying to grasp what we do not know explicitly.