Dream of Boss – Meaning and Symbolism

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Not many people can brag about the fact that they love their boss and have an excellent relationship with them. Most people, unfortunately, don’t like their boss, usually for a reason.

The fact is that many people, when they reach managerial positions start expressing some parts of their personalities they didn’t know they possess, and in many cases, that expresses in pressuring or in other way molesting their employees, without the employee giving them any reason to behave in such a manner.

Unfortunately, stories about good bosses are rare. In some cases, the boss takes on a role of a molester and treats their employees disrespectful or in other inappropriate ways, which in turn creates pressure, anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions and psychical (and physical) states in the employee which has grave effects on their work performance and overall health.

The person who is being mobbed by their boss can legally protect their rights in most countries.

Because most of us spend almost one third of our lives at work, it is inevitable that we often dream about work, our colleagues, our projects, etc.

We also dream about our bosses, but in many cases, these dreams resemble nightmares, mostly because of how they are treating us. In many cases, a dream about our boss reveals our state of mind, stress, anxiousness, pressure, fear, anger, rage, and other detrimental emotions.

If that is not true, and you have a satisfying and respectful relationship with your boss, the dream can reveal some issues related to your work, possibly some obligation you need to finish in time and needing to bear the consequences if you fail to do it.

A dream about your boss can also be a sign of something you cannot ignore or postpone. You need to act fast and be serious about it.

It could also mean that you need to prioritize in some situation. You could dream this dream if you feel that someone in your life has been behaving bossy and treating you in a disrespectful manner.

People often dream about their bosses when they fear that they won’t meet the requirements of some job task they have been trusted with.

This dream could also mean that someone in the dreamer’s life has a strong control over their actions and activities. The person could feel like they are lacking freedom or they are limited in many ways.

In some cases, a dream about a boss could indicate that the person is obsessed with work and keeps dreaming about it constantly.

Dream of Boss – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about fearing your boss – If you dreamed you were afraid of your boss, the dream is often a sign of having issues with your confidence and self-esteem, and fearing to stand up for your beliefs and yourself.

It could also reveal fearing your boss. It could mean that you are afraid to lose something important if you don’t do a job well.

Dreaming about fighting with your boss – If you were fighting with your boss in your dream, that dream could be a sign of a build-up pressure regarding work or your boss in particular.

This dream is often dreamed by people who experience mistreatment and miscommunication with their boss and they cannot openly speak about their dissatisfaction in front of their boss, which is why the anger accumulates inside and their subconscious expresses the anger through a dream about a fight with the boss.

In other cases, the dream could reveal the dreamer having some inner conflicts or feelings of guilt often work related which they have to deal with. Often this dream is a sign of repressed feelings regarding some issues at work.

Dreaming about your current boss – If you dreamed about your current boss, the dream is often a sign of preparing to make some major decisions in your life. Maybe you are experiencing problems in achieving some tasks you were given by your boss and your subconscious fears are bringing them into your dream as a reminder of your fear.

Maybe you have a problem telling to your boss that you are unable to finish something in time.

This could also be a sign of being overwhelmed with work, and your subconscious reminding you that you need to take a rest.

Whatever the reason is, you should talk to your boss if there’s something bothering you regarding work, so you could release the pressure which is obviously accumulated inside you.

A dream about your current boss could reveal some issues and discontent about your work.

Maybe you are experiencing problems with your boss while trying to finish some task and you consider their influence as a burden to your performance.

Maybe your boss has overloaded you with work and it is too much for you to handle.

Maybe you disapprove the way your boss is doing his leadership role and that is why your boss has entered your dream.

Dreaming about a known person being your boss – If you dreamed that someone you know is your boss, the dream could be a sign that the person you dreamed about influences your life significantly. This dream often reveals your passive nature.

You are most likely a person who is easily manipulated by others and have a problem standing up for yourself. You need to work on building your independence and confidence.

Stop allowing others dictate your actions and taking advantage of you.

Dreaming about your boss being a member of your family – If you dreamed that your boss was a family member, the dream is a disturbing revelation that you are overwhelmed with work and you constantly bring it at home after working hours.

Maybe stress from work has been jeopardizing the peace and harmony at your home and ruining your relationships with your family members.

You probably don’t spend much time with them and the dream could be a warning to decide what are your priorities, your career or your family.

Dreaming about a boss you cannot recognize – If you dreamed about a boss who looked different than in reality, or was a stranger, the dream is likely a sign of your opinion about your boss.

You probably don’t like your boss or you don’t like the way he performs his job as your manager.

Not being able to recognize your boss in a dream is often a sign of lack of motivation and initiative because you don’t believe that they will have any results in the working environment you currently have.

Dreaming about talking to your boss – If you dreamed about talking to your boss, especially if he initiated the conversation, the dream is most likely a sign of your fears and concerns about some current task you are working on.

Maybe you fear about its outcome and possible mistakes you have made.

Talking to your boss in a dream could also be a sign of your fears regarding your current work performance.

Maybe you fear that your boss will comment your lack of effort and underperformance at work.

Dreaming about being a boss – If you dreamed you were a boss, the dream is a sign of your personality. You probably possess an authoritative and assertive character. Being a boss in a dream could be an indication that you have full control over some situation in your life.

A dream about being a boss is a sign of your ambition and aiming for more in life.

You are probably not satisfied with your current position at work and you want to advance and raise your position. You probably have big plans for your future and you won’t stop until you make them your reality.

Dreaming about being rewarded by your boss – If you dreamed about receiving some reward from your boss, the dream usually doesn’t have a good meaning, and it could indicate losses and financial trouble.

Dreaming about your boss reprimanding you – If you dreamed that your boss was reprimanding you for something the dream is a good sign, and usually indicates being successful in some endeavors.

This dream often reveals your fears of failure and expecting the worst.

Regardless of your fears, the dream is a sign that everything will unfold in a perfect way and you will accomplish everything.

Dreaming about flirting with your boss – If you dreamed that you were flirting with your boss, this dream could reveal having a crush on your boss. If that is not the case, the dream is usually a sign of lack of confidence, insecurity and issues related to intimacy.

You probably have a problem entering into relationships and you don’t have a high opinion of yourself and your values.