Castle – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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A castle, a palace, imperial or royal, whatever you like to name it, is a symbol of prestige, nobility, luxury, and wealth, it a place where someone lives or had lived, but it is the place that all the rest of us could visit as a wonderfully built place where a king or queen has lived.

Since it is unattainable for us “ordinary mortals,” and because of which we are often inclined to be envious, unhappy, to long for it and to we ask why we do not live such a life, full of luxury and beauty, which “hides” between the walls of magnificent courtyards.

What is hidden in the case that the castle is seen as a motive in a dream reality. Does it have to say something to us, our attitude toward some intangible things?

Meaning and Symbolism

So, the castle can be directly or indirectly a widespread motive in a dream world.

If you had a dream where you see a magnificent and lavish castle, when its looks blow you away, in that case, such a dream shows that you have a hidden desire for wealth and power, but that you are not able to fulfill your desires.

In the version of a dream where the castle seems to be big and very luxurious and “great,” it means that you because you do not have enough perseverance and dedication to achieve at least one of your long term goals and that you expect someone others provide what you desire, and be willing to use someone to give yourself a better life.

In a version of a dream where you are living in the castle, in that case, such a dream is the symbol of your desire and the effort you put in to succeed in life, so that soon all your effort and energy will pay off and you will get a good job or some great financial satisfaction.

Suppose you live with your entire family in the castle, and you enjoy it very much, knowing that you belong to that place.

In that case, such a dream is, in fact, a sign that other people respect and appreciate you in public because of your dedication and commitment to work.

If the dream sees you building the castle, where you intend to live very soon, such a dream shows that you are well respected in society, and because of honesty and nobility, you show towards people who are close friends.

Some say that this dream shows that you will be rewarded for all your virtues and that great joy or a very happy event awaits you soon.

In the dream version, you are seen as a king, queen, or some emperor in a castle, when you rule all others and when you are the master.

In this version of the dream, all wealth and luxury are yours; it is a clear sign of your complexes or feelings of “inferiority,” and envy of someone who has succeeded in life and nasty tendencies to intrigue and give someone “work behind their back,” and to behave very jealously and arrogantly towards people who did not deserve it from you in any case.

This dream is not a good sign, and it clearly shows that you have to deal with the complexes you have developed in recent times.

In a case, when you dream that you are walking away from the castle, you do not have anything with you, you are leaving the castle as a poor man, such a dream symbolizes that you have “come to your senses” and that you have understood that nothing in life is obtained readily, and that you need to invest energy, knowledge or work to achieve something, and that you are aware that you have enough, and that you have stopped craving for what you do not need and what it is unattainable or inaccessible to you.

Try to be more realistic and live according to your budget and ideas.

Decoding Dream about Castle

To have a dream about the castle, in general, is a sure sign, according to the dream symbolism, that your subconscious shows your jealousy and jealousy of some close friends, who have what you want, and that you are very insincere and pretentious towards them and only use them, and that their wealth and good social you accept the position to easily “elevate” and secure yourself in that way.

On the other hand, this dream can have an opposite meaning, it depicts people who envy you and who in a way hate you because of everything you have achieved or because of your kindness and virtues that you possess, so it is advisable to be a little more careful with the people around you, to choose your friends a little more carefully and not to trust everyone who flatters you and flatters you because as a rule, such people want to take advantage of you. They are doing all those small sneaky things and are trying to fool you. In some way, you have sensed it, and therefore the dream comes to you.

In some cases, when you have a bad feeling about being in the castle, such a dream shows your suffering for better status or the need to stand out in some way and be noticed in society, because you feel completely worthless and worthless, and consider yourself incompetent and less valuable than other people.

In some versions of the same dream, it can be the symbol of great humiliation and shame that awaits you in reality, and that you will be very ashamed of some of your actions or of the mistakes of some dear people who are close friends. Or members of your family. Or someone you really love and cherish.

For example, suppose you see in a dream that you are lost in the castle, and you do not want to be there. In that case, you feel uncomfortable.

Such a dream is a very clear symbolism that you have really “lost” in your unrealistic desires and that you have allowed yourself to be carried away by dreams of wealth.

It was the “dream” about a lot of money, status, and comfortable life, and the dream that you had shown that you have dishonestly or by lies appropriated some property or received a promotion deserved by someone else.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Dreams in which the castle or palace or castle is the dominant motif are full of symbolism and “hidden meanings,” which we often cannot “figure out,” and we usually seek the help of a dreamer and thus discover what “led” us to dream.

It is very beneficial for people to discover what their dreams mean and ways of how they can use them to make a difference in life.

When you wander in the castle in your dream, but its corridors are like a labyrinth is one very interesting version of this dream, and very common. You are surrounded only by completely “bare” walls that “lose” all splendor and luxury before your eyes, it means that you will soon lose your job or you will fall into great financial problems from which you will be able to “get out” with hard work.

In some cases, like in a dream where the castle collapses and falls in front of you, such a dream should be taken as a warning – some big dreams and expectations will “collapse” in your waking state and suffer a lot because of that.

And you will be very unhappy about failure and because others have taken your credit. Your life and ideas are seen as a big and shiny castle that is now collapsing like a “tower of cards” or like a “sand palace.”

Sometimes these dreams can be the symbol that you are not ready to give up lightly on something that you firmly believe in for a long time, and therefore it is so hard to give up that fight.

Think of this dream in the sense that you are inspired to try to regain the position you lost, or that you will apologize to the people you hurt and ask for forgiveness and try to “rebuild” your life.

In any case, you need to make the first move in some uncomfortable situation, and it is not going to be easy or fast, but it is going to be worth it.