Dream of Dead Father – Meaning and Symbolism

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Death and dying are inseparable side of life and sooner or later every one of us must come to terms with the certainty that we and everyone we love or care about will die eventually.

The most hurtful thought and experience is the experience of losing someone close especially losing a parent.

Dreams about parents

Dreams about parents are among the most common dreams people have whether they have good or bad relationships with them.

These dreams are often a reflection of the person’s reality, but very often they have a deep psychological meaning and message for the person. They reveal the person’s emotional state and current needs.

Because our parents are our main protectors and guardians since the moment we are born, we tend to perceive them in that role for a long time and they often maintain in that role during their entire lives.

Dreams about parents often reveal our need for security, safety, advice, or some kind of help. We often turn to our parents for support and protection in the most difficult times and when we are facing some major doubt which is why they often undertake that role in our dreams as well.

A dream about a parent often reveals the need for support in some situation we are facing. It could also reveal a desire to return to the safety and carelessness of our childhood when our parents took care of everything and we didn’t have any worries and concerns.

Sometimes the dream about a parent reveals the desire of the person to become independent and free themselves from someone’s influence, not just their parents’ influence, but also the influence of some other people or circumstances in their lives.

Parents in dreams are a symbol of guidance, love, power, support, and gratitude; when they appear in a dream that could reveal your concerns about their wellbeing and fear of losing them.

They are a symbol of success and happiness in most cases. 

Dreams about dead parents

The death of a parent is one of the most disturbing experiences in every person’s life regardless of the person’s age and the parent’s age. Our parents are among the most valuable and important people in our life and the pain of losing them can be insufferable.

Dreams about a dead parent are often a reflection of our desire for their advice and support, which is something we often miss the most when they are no longer in our lives.

If your parents are still alive, the dream might be a reflection of your fears for their wellbeing. Maybe the dream about them dying could indicate some major changes in the relationship with your parents or with the parent you dreamed about.

Sometimes a dream about your parents dying could reveal your desire for getting rid of their influence and/or finally managing to get rid of their strong influence over your life, decisions, actions, etc.

In some cases, a dream about your parents dying could indicate losing some source of support in your life.

Maybe your parents told you that they won’t be supporting you financially anymore and you need to become independent and find a way to manage on your own. Maybe you had a conversation with them about the fact that you are grown and you need to move out of their house and start taking care about yourself.

Maybe this dream indicates the need to become more responsible and independent and your subconscious reminding you that it is time to stop relying on others, especially your parents for everything.

For some, this dream about parents dying could indicate the need to feel more appreciative towards your parents and demonstrate your appreciation and gratitude to them for everything they are doing for you and all the sacrifices they are making so that you can live a better life.

Sometimes a dream about dead parents reveal your feelings of hurt, shame, regret, or some other similar feelings related to your relationship with your parents. It is possible that you didn’t have the chance to settle some issues with them before they died and now that unfinished business is eating you inside, and shows in your dreams.

If that is the case, this dream could be a message from your subconscious to confront these feelings and deal with them for good. Find the way to forgive yourself and/or your parent/s so you can be free to continue with your life. 

Dreams about father

In most cases, our father represents a figure of authority, and the first authority every person has in life. Of course, not every one of us is fortunate to have a father who is worth calling an authority and looking up to.

Because of that, dreams about our father, if they don’t reflect some circumstances from our reality, can symbolize some figure of authority in our life, and depending on the details of the dream, we can determine our relationship to this authority.

Often a dream about father could indicate our feeling of protection from someone or in general from the community that we are surrounded with.

In some cases, this dream reveals our dependence on authorities and tendency to hide behind them without having the courage to make our decisions and take actions based on these decisions.

The meaning of dreams about our father can be deciphered concerning all the details of the dream, as well as the relationship we have in real life with our father. There can be two major scenarios in this case.

Either our father is someone we consider as an authority who helped shape our personality, and whom we admire and respect, or he is someone who failed to perform his duty as a parent and authority figure and we feel ashamed or disappointed because of that.

Sometimes a dream about our father could indicate the need to forgive our father for the things he wasn’t capable or wasn’t able of doing for us in his role as a parent.

Your subconscious might be asking of you to forgive him for not being the parent you needed him to be and accept his flaws and behavior as a part of his personality which he wasn’t able to change to meet your needs and desires.

You need to stop resenting your father for not being the person you imagined him to be and simply being himself.

This dream could be a lesson of tolerance not just towards your father but also to other people. Maybe you should stop judging people according to your own standards and let them behave according to their uniqueness.

By changing this trait, you will feel more relaxed and your relationships with other people will significantly improve.

Dreams about dead father

Dreams about dead father also fall into the category of frequent dreams. These dreams could have many different meanings, and that also depends on the fact if your father is still alive or not when you have this dream.

One of the most common explanations for this dream if your father is still alive is the fear and concern you have for your father’s wellbeing. If he is old, or he isn’t feeling well, the dream reveals your worries and realization that you could and will lose your father one day.

If your father is dead already, the dream could be a reflection of your inability to come to terms with his death and reveals your sadness and grief for your father.

Sometimes these feelings could be related to your feeling of regret for something you didn’t have a chance to say or correct while your father was still alive and now that realization of not being able to change anything ever again is a true pressure to your subconscious.

If this is your situation, try to find relief from such emotions, try to forgive yourself or your father for all that happened between you and finally be able to let go of this pressure.

You can have an imaginary conversation with your father and tell him all the things that are bothering you. Often the dream has that role and you find yourself talking to your father about your issues and burdens.

Your subconscious is putting you in these dreams to help you release the built-up pressure you feel related to your father and the unresolved issues you two have.

Often a dream about a dead father could be a warning to be careful when you are making some important decision that could reflect your entire future.

Maybe you need to make a decision you don’t feel comfortable with and you dream about your dead father as a means of your subconscious seeking support from your dead father in whatever you choose to do in this situation.

Dream of Dead Father – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about your dead father – If you dreamed of encountering your dead father, the dream could reveal your desire for support and encouragement that you were getting from your father while he was still alive. You are probably finding yourself in some challenging moments and you need an advice from someone you can trust.

Your subconscious has selected your father as someone who you can rely on.

This dream could signify asking and advice from some older member of your family or someone in your surroundings. Often it indicates receiving a beneficial advice from someone older and a person whose authority you admire.

Dreaming about discovering your father dead – If you dreamed of discovering the body of your dead father, this dream is usually a sign of some unfinished issues between you. Maybe you started something and weren’t able to finish it because of his departure.

Often this dream reveals some unspoken words and resentment you are holding against your father. It reveals your desire to bring back the past to do some things differently.

Dreaming about your dead father smiling at you – If you dreamed about your dead father who was smiling at you, the dream has a good meaning. It usually indicates making the right decisions that have a beneficial impact on your life as well as the life of the people around you.

You feel the appreciation of others for your efforts which makes you happy and satisfied. It almost feels as getting the approval from your father for the things you do.

Dreaming about a dead father criticizing you over something – If you dreamed that your dead father was criticizing you for doing something wrong, the dream could be a symbolic representation of the authority some person in your life has over you. That could be your boss, or someone else, and this person has such an effect over you that makes you afraid of their reaction and wanting to please them at any cost.

This is obviously an unhealthy relationship because no one should make you feel submissive and worried about their reactions to your behavior. If the pressure this person imposes over you is too strong, you should consider removing yourself from this relationship to protect yourself.

Dreaming about having an argument with your dead father – If you dreamed about arguing with your dead father, the dream could have various interpretations. It could reveal unresolved issues you have with your deceased father which are still bothering you subconsciously.

Maybe you wish to speak to your father about the things that are bothering you but you feel that is impossible, thus the anger that is present in this dream.

Sometimes a dream about an argument with a dead father is a sign of your indecisiveness and insecurity about some decisions you need to make or actions you should take.

Maybe you have a problem to stand up for yourself and you feel angry and disappointed in yourself.