Sad Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our subconscious often stores unconscious content of hurtful nature, mainly to protect us from the pain.

In the long term, that could create a lot of problems because we haven’t dealt with the situation that caused the pain, and it is still there, only it is repressed.

These feelings of sadness and pain often reveal themselves in a form of a dream with a sad content, and sometimes it is hard to understand that the dream is sending a message from our inner being that is suffering.

Many of the dreams we have are considered sad dreams. The reasons for having these dreams could be various, and they usually reveal some issues that have been on our mind and bothering us.

These dreams usually have a strong impact on our feelings and we wake up disturbed.

Sometimes the feeling of disturbance lasts throughout the day, and sometimes the unpleasant feeling lingers for days.

Many of these dreams we tend to remember for years, and sometimes our entire lives.

The details of the dreams with sad connotation can reveal much about the reasons why we had such a dream in the first place.

Sometimes the message is clear and it is up to us to follow it and apply it to our lives, especially if the dream with similar content keeps recurring.

In other cases, the dreams can be harder to decipher regardless of the details.

Even when that is a case, it is worth to take the effort to find the answers and interpret these dreams so you can begin the process of healing.

You need to first identify the issue you need to confront and resolve.

Why do we have sad dreams?

Sad dreams often talk about real life sadness of which you might and might not be aware of, and the sadness could be related to any area of your life and any period of your life.

It could be related to something you have experienced a long time ago, or just recently, but it is essential that you deal with it because it is putting a pressure on your mind and possibly restricting your progress, even though you might not be aware of that fact.

Often the purpose of sad dreams is to make us come to terms with some things that we have experienced and leave them in the past.

Sometimes the process of letting go is the hardest and most of us are prone to putting the issues we have under the rug until they are forgotten, without the problem being solved.

Such buried issues emerge in the most unexpected moments and even shock us with announcing their presence.

Consciously we might believe that we have dealt with them because we don’t see them anymore; that is why it is necessary to always deal with every difficult situation we come across, regardless of how hard it might seem.

Dreams about sadness and dream with overall sad context could have different scenarios and bring different messages. In the dream you might be experiencing some sad feelings or someone else could be sad.

When you dream about someone’s sadness the dream might be asking you to become aware of other people’s feelings and not be focused exclusively on yourself and how you feel in certain situations.

This dream could also remind you of your own sadness even though you might be unaware of it.

Studies show that repressing thoughts in reality often makes them show through dreams.

People who tend to suppress their negative thoughts tend to express negative feelings and dream upsetting dreams which reveal their upset state of mind, such as anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, frustration, resentment, and other similar negative feelings.

These things are dangerous because they are damaging our psyche.

Sadly, most people don’t relate having such dreams even in case where they are frequent to some unconscious suppressed negative content they carry within.

Some people are aware of having negative thoughts, but they refuse to deal with them or they are afraid to deal with them. They to tend to have sad dreams full of negative content.

These people usually have problems with sleep quality and problems falling asleep, waking up at night often; that all affects their daily activities and they tend to be tired all the time. The situation makes them anxious and often depressed.

There is an array of different feelings that can be discovered through sad dreams.

Sometimes people aren’t aware of feelings of guilt they have because of some situation and they keep dreaming the same sad dreams until they finally realize the message.

That often happens with dream scenarios such as funerals, sudden death of a loved one and other dreams with similar content.

Only after having such a dream can some people become aware of the feelings of guilt they carry in regards to the person they dreamed about in a sad dream and it usually has to do with something they did to the person or something they missed to do.

The subconscious can sometimes masterfully create the details of such a dream to give the right clues to the person and help them deal with their negative feelings. 

What to do if the sad dreams keep recurring?

The most important thing about sad dreams is to have the courage to look within and discover the reasons for having them, and when the cause is determined, to have the strength to confront it and deal with it.

That is easy to say, but is not always easy done, especially to people who have a great difficulty talking and thinking about disturbing situations and emotions, but it will pay off once the sad and negative emotion is resolved.

It will also strengthen the person and help them deal with difficulties with more ease in the future.

If the person has problem confronting these feelings alone, it is wise to seek professional help as soon as possible. 

What are some of the possible meanings and scenarios of sad dreams?

In some interpretations, sad dreams indicate happiness that the dreamer is about to experience in reality.

This is often the case with dreams with dreams about someone’s death, or funeral, or even someone’s illness.

In these cases, in some interpretations it is believed that these dreams actually foretell the person’s good health and longevity, or the health and longevity of the person they dreamed about.

These dreams can also be considered a sign of some fortunate changes that await the dreamer and the good times ahead.

Sometimes the sadness in the dream is a way of our subconscious and inner being accepting some facts from our reality and finally being ok with them.

It could be a way to finally let go of something or someone to make space for new things and people to come.

People are sometimes unaware how their negativity and refusal to deal with some unpleasant circumstances actually prevents them from getting what they want.

Sometimes what is needed is to completely free yourself from the past and let it behind so you can move forward.

In some cases, sad dreams could indicate the need to learn from mistakes and the wrong decisions we made in the past.

Being sad won’t change anything. We need to actively work on discovering the lessons of the bad things we experienced, especially when we were the ones who provoked them.

Don’t let yourself be obsessed with the past and your mistakes and don’t torture yourself with reproaching; find a way to forgive yourself and move on.

You sometimes cannot repair your mistakes, and the only thing is left is to move on with your life and try not to make the same mistakes again.

If you keep returning to the negative and bothersome situation, it will just keep following you around and filling you with negative energy and emotions; it is a spiral, which needs to be broken so you can be free.

Try to always look at the bright side of every situation, regardless of how unbearable it might seem. By doing so, it will certainly be easier for you to remove yourself mentally from the sadness and the grief and find strength to believe in a happier future.

Thoughts create and if you only have negative thoughts, that is what you will always experience.

Sometimes sad dreams reveal your real life sadness. Maybe you have suffered a tragic loss or experienced something bad and you are still looking for a way to cope with the situation and accept it.

These dreams are often a helping mechanism to help you accept the loss and move on with your life. In some cases, sad dreams help us confront the negative and sad situation we are in.

The sadness in our dreams could also be inspired by losses we have experienced in our private life or our business.

It could be a loss of a job or the loss of a relationship that can trigger these dreams.

In these cases as well it is essential to figure out the possible role we have played in the negative events we have experienced and that will help us deal with them.

When we realize our part in the negative experiences, it is easier for us to forgive ourselves and others, accept the situation and move on.

The most important message about sad dreams

Although these dreams could help us deal with the sadness, we need to make a conscious effort to deal with the issues they are pointing out to us.

Nothing will disappear by itself. We need to resolve it actively.

If we refuse that, these negative and bothersome feelings will continue to haunt us in real life as well as in our dream state.