Dream of Driving Backwards – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of driving is one of the most recurring dreams and it reflects the way of facing life both in a safe and resolute way and by overcoming difficulties and addictions.

Driving in a dream generally symbolizes the path you are facing, the desire to travel or in any case to get away from problems or situations that do not leave free rein in real life.

Dream of Driving Backwards – Meaning

Surely the dream of driving is a way that the mind has to communicate the desire for change or to emphasize the fact that the dreamer needs to live his life more intensely.

This dream can also reflect a fulfilling intimate life with your partner and full of emotions, but also for this dream it is necessary to take into consideration several aspects including the way you drive, if you encounter difficulties or with whom and with what you travel.

Dreaming of driving relaxed and safe indicates a good ability in everyday life and excellent relationships with relatives, friends and acquaintances, it is also an indication of a good psycho-physical balance.

Maintaining a correct guide, respecting signs and limits, dreaming of being happy and serene indicates a good level of autonomy in life.

This is accompanied by a solid ethics with respect to other people. It also indicates a good psychological balance and a satisfying life.

Dreaming of driving recklessly or watching someone do it, on the other hand, is an indication of lack of scruples and / or responsibility.

However, it can also reflect a lack of control and satisfaction in the sexual sphere. Sometimes it also indicates the rejection of conventions and the desire for rebellion.

Dreaming of being on a descent with broken brakes indicates that you are experiencing a particularly stressful period.

This also applies when you lose control of the car or drive on a road full of curves without being able to drive it.

This dream also indicates an uncertain future in which one is afraid of losing control of one’s life or emotions.

When you dream of being in the middle of traffic, fog or in any case of not being able to see the road it means that you are experiencing a period full of uncertainties. The worry of not being able to deal with problems also becomes a problem.

Sometimes you dream of driving in reverse, this indicates the desire to go back, the desire to change your mind about some decisions made, a repentance, an afterthought.

Otherwise, driving in the wrong direction indicates the desire to take a path opposite to the usual one, despite being aware of the risks that can be encountered.

Dreaming of watching someone you know driving indicates that the dreamer tends to lean on others, parents, relatives, children, friends, colleagues. This is a clear symptom of a constant need for support, addiction and a weak personality.

Often it represents the immaturity of the dreamer who delegates to others rather than taking his own responsibilities.

Driving uphill is a symptom of the fear of having to face something big and of being afraid of not being able to complete your goal.

Sometimes it happens to find yourself dreaming of driving without a steering wheel, this indicates that you are proceeding in life without having the real skills to deal with problems but also without having a destination or a specific goal.

Traveling in the dark or with the headlights off is a sign of great loneliness or the inability to proceed on your own journey, while driving alone is the difficulty of accepting other people in your life.

Driving a reduced car in poor condition indicates that you have inferiority complexes or that you are living in a situation where you feel inadequate, full of problems and worries.

On the contrary, dreaming of driving a luxury or sports car indicates an undeveloped or untapped internal potential.

Often, however, in dreams, this type of car cannot be driven: it indicates the inability to express oneself.

Even driving a car loaded with luggage has an important meaning: it indicates, in fact, that one is under stress from too many responsibilities. This usually happens when you have taken on too many commitments.

Analyzing the vehicle, you are driving in the dream can bring out different aspects. For example, dreaming of flying a plane indicates the desire for freedom and independence. Driving a boat indicates awareness of one’s responsibilities.

Piloting a train, on the other hand, presupposes being capable ability to manage life’s opportunities and to know how to exploit them. Driving a bus is a recurring dream in those who often take on the problems of others.

Finally, dreaming of riding a motorcycle represents the desire to demonstrate one’s strength and value.

It is said that dreaming of driving a car is an omen of evaluation, that is, that soon you will be subjected to the judgment of others.

If, on the other hand, someone else is driving, then some turning points in life are predicted. A good time to take advantage of it and get out of trouble.

Dream of Driving Backwards – Symbolism

Each drive is one of the most common dream images in the dreams of modern man: it indicates the relationship with the social world, the actions made to advance and emerge in one’s environment or to distinguish oneself from others and everything that is directly linked to one’s own journey through life.

If the car in dreams is a symbol of the protections, tools and masks that the dreamer adopts outside the walls of the house, driving in dreams tells us how this “movement” happens: if easily with the desire and pleasure to advance or, on the contrary with great difficulties, with the fear of obstacles and feeling all the fatigue and responsibility of driving.

Dreaming of driving can give you great satisfaction or great frustration: you can advance through a thousand obstacles, fog, smoke, darkness with mastery and determination or feeling the full weight of difficulties and the anguish of a possible accident.

And also the speed of the driven vehicle can make you feel capable and powerful or, on the contrary, frighten and escape the driver’s control, a symbol of situations that drag the dreamer and on which he no longer has influence.

Driving in dreams is a symbol of one’s unique and very personal way of dealing with life experiences, understanding their meaning puts the dreamer in front of his fears and difficulties, but it can help him correct the shot, as well as show him the tendency to delegate to others. the “guide” of his life.

Dreaming of driving is equivalent to being capable and independent, knowing how to carry out a project, commit yourself, do something for yourself or for others.

In this sense, the guided vehicle is very important to understand how much responsibility the dreamer is taking and what area it refers to.

You can dream of driving cars, motorcycles, trains, buses, trucks, planes, ships or tanks, every vehicle and every sensation related to this action so rooted in the adult world opens a window on the reality that is being experienced.

But driving in dreams also offers various information on the dreamer, because it brings to light fears, vulnerabilities, anxieties, difficulties and automatisms related to everyday life.

Even the people who accompany the dreamer while driving are important: family and relatives, strangers or work colleagues, friends or in love, they are the reflection of everything that surrounds him and to which he is sensitive, that has importance for him or that influence.

The behavior of these passengers should never be neglected, because it can highlight what the dreamer is doing for them or the way in which they condition him: perhaps he is taking on the responsibility of others, he is making his energy available, he is facilitating, protecting or acting as a “guide” to other people.

Represents one’s ability to face life and its challenges, the ability to go where you want in the best way for yourself, achieve your goals while respecting the common norms of your environment. It is a symbol of progress in life, of regularity and stability.

Driving your car in dreams highlights aspects of realism and concreteness. In some dreams it may indicate a personality who does not dare to “imagine” or make different choices, who has a tendency to label them as “risky”, who fears news and initiatives.

Contrary to what above indicates the difficulties in facing the social context and in pursuing one’s goals, it can be linked to the feeling of not having the skills, to low self-esteem or to moments of fatigue, stress, depression in which one feels at the mercy of situations.

While, driving reckless in dreams, represents an impetuous and rebellious way of facing life that can arise from great vitality and desire to achieve one’s goals and from great skills that must be better channeled, but also from disregard for common norms or from the feeling maladjusted and not accepted.

It means delegating to others the guidance of one’s life or responsibility for a certain situation.

In some dreams it reflects the dreamer’s immaturity, his being dependent and still unable to take responsibility for choices and decisions or abandoning himself to the guidance of others out of trust, love, inability, irresponsibility, low self-esteem.

For example: dreaming of a parent driving their car can indicate a sense of protection and safety or a sense of interference, invasion and judgment towards one’s own abilities.

The same thing can happen when the husband drives the car and this means “surrendering” to the protection and comfort of her role.

While when an unknown person drives the car in dreams, it means that the dreamer has internal resources (which he does not yet know) that can help him cope with life.

It is a symbolic image that shows the contrast with the rules that regulate the social or work context in which one lives, it can also indicate an indirect, incorrect or dishonest way of achieving one’s goals.

It means feeling at fault with respect to something you are facing, feeling you have the skills and strength, but not being confirmed, not having the security to guarantee your abilities, not having the official tools to proceed.

It can also indicate taking a freedom that is not ours or a sense of insecurity with respect to what you are doing.


It can have different meanings: from dealing with situations consciously taking a different and opposite direction to the usual, even if risky one, to finding oneself inexplicably in an uncomfortable and dangerous position that one cannot manage, to behaving in an oppositional and counterproductive way.

We use to say “proceed in the dark” to indicate the lack of direction and this also applies to driving in the dark, one of the most frequent and clear images that represents the difficulty of proceeding, the uncertainties and obstacles that derive from a moment of uncertainty, confusion, fatigue or something challenging that you are experiencing.

Indicates the lack of an inner brake, the lack of control, an excessive self-confidence and self-confidence that become presumption and imprudence, but also a real lack of respect for others, for territorial limits and the feelings of others.