Dreams About Blood – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about blood are a specific class of the most common dreams in all people, regardless of any additional factor.

There are perhaps extremely rare individuals who have never had a dream about blood as it is or, at least, featuring blood in any form. Blood related dreams are common in all of us, because blood is the essence of our life.

We are made from blood and flesh, everyone will say. An enormous number of living creatures that walk on earth are made of blood, just as we are. Blood symbolism is vast and rich and it spreads from extremely negative to extremely positive meanings.

Without blood flowing through our veins, there is no life. Losing blood means the end, so blood symbolism could be interpreted in that way, as well.

Since old times, people have been researching into our blood’s properties. Today, we know what our blood is made of and what it should and should not contain. That knowledge helps us fight diseases and survive. This ‘juice of life’, blood, has been part of numerous and various traditions, practices, customs and rituals, all around the world, seen as a sacred matter.

Blood sacrifices were common in many societies, throughout human history; in some traditions, they still exist. All folk customs related to blood are in close connection with the concept of life.

Either blood is featured as a life-giving agent or the one that should somehow provoke the other outcome, the other side of life, the death.

In all cultures, all around the world, blood has always had a special place. It is one of dominant motifs in all folktales, beliefs, spiritual and religious teachings. Blood is featured in art, literature and traditional beliefs as a powerful symbolic motif.

In addition, it is a motif that is most commonly used in its pure form; meaning it is more likely that many other motifs would be used as a metaphor for blood, than blood would represent something else.

Dreams about blood

When it comes to dreaming about blood, there is a lot to tell. Dreams about blood are usually full of symbolism and it rarely happens that a person sees this motif in his or hers dream for no apparent reason.

Of course, there are always dreams that are clearly provoked by certain real life events; for example, unfortunate events, such as great natural disasters, wars or criminal affairs, events that inevitably feature gruesome scenes are likely to induce blood related dreams.

However, in other cases, dreams about blood are usually in deep connection with our sub-conscience. Since general blood symbolism is of a dual nature, symbolizing both life and death, dreams featuring this motif could tell us a lot about our own life. There are many situations and events that could make us dream about blood.

Not only significant events, but also our suppressed emotions, thoughts, desires; they all have much to do with our blood related dreams. Most of you are about to ask whether dreams about blood are positive or negative.

Well, we cannot give a straight, single answer; the correct one would say both yes and no.

Dreams about blood have a dual symbolic nature and the exact meaning of your dream highly depends on many factors. Dreams about blood are particularly rich in other important motifs with deep symbolic meanings.

Therefore, when interpreting your blood related dream, you need to have all those additional details in mind.

How to interpret dreams about blood

For example, you could dream about seeing a bloodstain or a bloody puddle. You could see blood in a drinking glass or a bloody wound. You can dream about a river of blood, a bloody wound, bloody hands or bloody clothing.

Amongst blood related dreams there are those about having direct contact with blood, such as dreams about bleeding, about drinking blood, about walking on bloody pavement, about spitting blood, even about painting or writing with blood.

You see? These motifs vary greatly, so their meanings are quite different. Now about positivity or negativity in blood related dreams.

First of all, when interpreting this kind of dreams, it is of crucial importance to recall your emotions induced by the dreams. That could tell you a lot and point you to the right direction in interpretation.

This emotional factor is the first and probably the most reliable one in deciding whether the dream was good or bad. If you felt more comfortable and good in the dream, rather than unpleasant, disgusted and scared, it is likely that the dream has a positive meaning.

On the contrary, if you felt extremely bad, frightened, sad, angry or else, it is likely that the dream is a negative one.

However, things are not always that plain, black and white situation. Some of these dreams are most likely to be neutral to positive, even if they appear extremely unpleasant. Those are warning sign dreams, occurring in order to prevent you from making further damage in reality or even not letting anything bad actually to happen.

Some of these dreams are like the best guidelines for life you can ever get.

On their positive side, dreams about blood represent life energy, passion, love, devotion, energy, activity, creativity, success and strength. A one of the strongest life motifs, blood in dreams represents all of these.

Such dreams occur to remind you how strong you actually are and how beautiful life is. Some of those positive dreams are closely related to the idea of love, desire and romance.

We commonly use the term ‘blood’ when we try to describe intense feelings of deep desire and passion, for example. On their negative side, dreams about blood represent all the opposite. Such dreams represent lack of energy, exhaustion, both physical and mental, but emotional, as well.

Deeply suppressed negative emotions, such as anger, sadness and worrying, are most likely to provoke blood related dreams. Many times, the real purpose of these dreams is not actually negative.

Such dreams could be extremely disturbing, but they commonly represent channels for us to let go of negative energy we sometimes cannot process in our waking lives.

Dreams about seeing your own blood

Dreams in which you see your own blood could tell you many things, depending, of course, on what form you see it in. Generally speaking, dreams about your own blood are positive, if you do not dream about bleeding heavily, of course, and if you do not feel extremely scared about the dream.

Your own blood in a dream represents your life energy; it means you have it and you could use it to make amazing things. This dream is a good reminder that you are alive, which we commonly take for granted.

Dreams in which you see your own blood come to inspire you to live your life to the fullest, reminding you that you have all that it takes to have a beautiful life!

It is the essence of your life, blood. Many times, we pass by amazing things, simply because we think about them as being too plain or too simple. Well, the blood is both simple and complex, at the same time.

Therefore, try to see the complexity of simple things in life and surrender yourself to them.

Dreams about donating blood

If you dream that you are in a doctor’s office or else, donating blood, seeing it filling the blood transfusion bag, it could mean two things. Either you are exhausted helping others or you feel great because of doing so.

Think about other details and their nature. If there are other things you could relate to as ‘positive’, it means you are doing great in social life and in the community.

Even if it is hard sometimes, helping and supporting those in need actually builds up your overall energy and content.

On the other hand, if there are negative details, such as, for example, the office or hospital you are in are dirty, the equipment they use to draw your blood appears to be broken or else, the dream is definitely a bad one.

It means bad people exploit you and you cannot see that in reality. You wander why you feel exhausted and drained all the time and that comes from letting others manipulate you and use your energy for their own good.

Dreams about seeing someone else’s blood

If you dream about another person’s blood, in any form, the dream is considered negative.

This type of dreams is usually associated with some negative events or situations related to social life and your social activity. It could mean you are surrounded by people who are not as fond of you as you might think.

There could be even people who want to hurt you or take an advantage of your failure, which they actually work on making it come true. Their blood, in these scenarios, is ‘ill blood’.

There is another, also negative interpretation. Seeing someone else’s blood, especially if you know whose blood it is and if t is someone you are closely related to in reality, could tell you if something bad is likely to happen to that person.

Not necessarily, of course, but this dream could mean a dear person is about to become very ill or even die.

However, there is also a completely opposite opinion amongst dream interpreters; according to optimistic ones, this dream actually means you saved or prolonged someone’s life.

Since these dreams are tricky to interpret, you should always have in mind as much details as you can remember. Think about what was the course of events in particular dreams, what you did and how you felt about it.

These delicate emotional threads could lead you to the exact meaning behind this, usually fairly unpleasant dream.

Dreams about a puddle of blood

Dreams about a puddle of blood are disturbing and uncomfortable. If you see it and do not know why is it there and whose blood it is, it means you should be very careful in the following period, especially when it comes to introducing yourself to new people or making new business agreements.

You could find yourself in an unpleasant situation, if you open up to wrong people. Even illegal things could be involved. Be observant and cautious and trust your instincts. However, if you dream about standing in a puddle of blood, it is a positive sign!

Even if this dream does not sound so charming, honestly, standing in a puddle of blood in your dream is a fortunate sign.

It means you will receive a fortune or your work will pay off quite well or you are about to get more money than you were expecting.

For example, many people dream about standing in a puddle of blood before they get accepted to a new job, the day before they have got promotion, won a lottery or else.

Dreams about drinking blood

Dreams about drinking blood are highly symbolical. To most of Westerners, the practice of drinking blood is a taboo, while there are societies that find it a common one.

However, in any case, drinking blood is a custom loaded with symbolical meanings. Dreams about drinking blood are positive.

In this type of dreams, blood is seen in its most positive form, as a life-promoting agent. Drinking blood is associated with vitality, energy, youthfulness, strength and longevity.

If you dream about drinking blood, it could be a reflection of your self-confidence in reality.

You particularly feel good about your physical readiness, physical appearance and strength.

You feel as there is nothing to stop you. On the other hand, maybe you are not aware of how strong and vital you are, because you lack that self-confidence.

This dream tells you you are strong enough to face all the challenges and come out as a winner. You have to face your fears and embrace your destiny.

Dreams about bloody hands

Dreams about bloody hands are pretty uncomfortable. Most commonly, it is associated with unpleasant feelings we are aware or unaware of. Most likely, the dream is related to the sense of guilt.

You have done something in your waking life you feel bad about. It could be that you have lied to someone, hurt somebody or even betrayed someone. You feel extremely guilty about it, literally, as you have ‘blood on your hands’.

It does not have to be something serious, but it could be enough to haunt you in your dreams.

On the other hand, these dreams also occur in people who really believe they are nothing to blame for. They did something bad and, in reality, they act or even feel as they are not guilty.

However, our sub-conscience is a powerful player. It says to you that you did something wrong. The feeling of guilt is natural, but we would likely to avoid it, since it is unpleasant.

The dream about blood hands is a channel to process such feeling we suppress in our waking life.