Dream of Driving Into Water – Meaning and Symbolism

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In reality, a car is a symbol of activity and movement, and the majority of us could not imagine living a life without a car.

It makes our life so much easier, and of course, for some, it is the status symbol – people like to spend a lot of money on their cars.

For many, it is more than a vehicle that takes you from one place to another, it is the way of life, and surprisingly in a dream, it speaks of something similar, a life path.

As such, it is a common motive in a dream world, one of the most common. And it can come in numerous versions – a car accident, traveling in a car as a passenger, buying a car, or even driving on a stormy road, being killed by the car, or in some cases, a dream of driving into the water.

Here, we can see two elements that make a meaning regarding this dream: car/driving and water.

In the most common version, there is a dream about the car, in general, driving, and it is the clear association on your life and the way you are leading it, and in a sense, it is the dream that connects you to the decision-making process, where to go now.

But, there are numerous versions of this dream, and all elements of the dream determine its meaning. So, pay attention to some extra details of this dream.

This is the dream that even people who do not drive in real life have, and it often comes for people who are under pressure from other people.

On the other hand, the dream about driving into the water carries an entirely different symbolical value.

So, open up for a dream interpretation of this dream, and learn something about yourself.

Meaning and Symbolism

So the motive in this dream is very specific, yes, in the center of attention in the car, but the process of driving into the water.

What does this dream mean – in general, if you are just a witness of such a dream, it shows that you have the ambition to start a new business; or that you are scared of such a journey in some way.

A car as a means of transportation can appear in a dream and mark your imminent escape, and having in mind that you are driving into the water, shows that you want to be somewhere where you will not be found and that you will be calmly under the radar. This is just something you dream of, but you are still not really doing it.

Now, in a version of a dream where you are in the driver’s seat and driving into the water, and you cannot wait, such a dream can be seen as a good sign.

It shows that now is the time to strengthen your position, but you will have to be a bit under the radar for the time being and wait for your chance.

Of course, you need to resurface at a certain time, not being under the radar for too long. And if you are driving into the water, and of out on the other side of the river, for example, in that case, such a dream shows that you will be active and successful in business.

When we say active, this shows that you are on the right path and that you are smooth sailing.

If you are driving into the water in a completely new car, such a dream can be a confirmation of social status and progress on the personal side.

If you are in a passenger seat in the car that is going into the water, then such a dream shows the intensity of your desire to be led by someone who is close to you, and it is not a good sign.

It is strange that you assume that you cannot be lucky without personal intervention from the side, and this is simply not true. Stay away from such decisions, and things will be better, do not hide.

If you are driving into the water because you cannot stop the car, they are broken.

In such a dream, you are receiving the sign that you are about to experience trouble or some kind of a loss.

So be prepared for it. This dream is very important for the interpretation because it brings a clear sign; everything is clear here.

It only remains to determine exactly on which side these problems and difficulties may arise. This is a warning dream.

But, in a version of a dream where you are driving into the water that is clear, that you can see all that is in it, and you feel like you will go on the other side, clean, such a dream is a symbol of spiritual development.

A dream, in this case, means that you are not standing still, cultivating and growing spiritually.

However, it is worth considering how fast you are driving the car – too fast, very high speed indicates a strong leap forward, a speed below average is a sign that development is slow and barely noticeable.

Decoding the Dream of Driving into Water

In some other interpretation of this dream, we can learn that it speaks of your inner determination and self-confidence.

Car is a very powerful symbol, to begin with, because, in other words, you take responsibility for your own life on your own.

Remember whether you were comfortable on the road, experienced fear, dread, or incomprehensible excitement. These emotions show that it is quite difficult for you to navigate the path of life in real life.

Another important element in this dream is definitely the fact that you are driving into the water, and this aspect shows that you may, in reality, lack determination nor experience and that you are just letting go.

It matters whether you are driving the car into the water by yourself or there was a passenger nearby.

Analyze who this person is for you in real life – the one that is driving you into the water. You should also beware of disturbances and obstacles that arise when you are driving into the water, are there some obstacles or maybe the rain.

All this shows that your life path will not be so smooth and even. It is better to tune in in advance to overcome all obstacles and hurdles.

Now, to the aspect of how is driving a car into the water – if it is someone you know, such a dream can suggest that somewhere in the depths, there is a feeling that the person driving the car is somehow in control of your life.

If you dream of driving the car into the water, then such a dream shows that you are able to set a goal or opportunity to withdraw from an undesirable situation.

If you are driving a stranger in a car into the water, such a dream may suggest that another person controls the recently developed situation, which creates misunderstanding and discomfort.

Also, observe what the water is like – if it is dirty and muddy, then such a dream shows that on the way to the goals and dreams, there will be many obstacles. There is a feeling that you are not doing what is needed and not where you need to be.

If the water on which the car drives is poorly visible in a dream, then it is worth thinking carefully about the goals in life and setting them.

An alternative version of this dream may suggest that you will lose control of a difficult situation, or it can show a feeling of lack of independence; and the desire to have more control over your life.

In some cases, dreams that have a main motive driving into the water can be related to intimate life, and in others, of work.

When we say intimate, we think of your inner life, not emotional, so much since we are talking about the possible spiritual development.

Of course, the water speaks a lot – muddy and dirty or clear and purifying, and this is the aspect that changes the meaning of a dream drastically.

The message behind this Dream and Advice 

Dream of Driving into Water is interesting; it can, as you could have seen, speak of intimate life, and in others of solving all business issues, although at first, it would seem that they show what will cause you a lot of problems.

Some say that such a dream means is that a conviction soon is possible due to external distraction and is very unfair. You have to go into action even if they always seem unworthy.

It means that you will have to do neither good nor exactly pleasant work, although there will be no chance of advancement.

Most commonly, these dreams are connected to determination and good self-confidence – especially in the case where you are driving into the water without any fear, believing that you are doing the right thing, choosing that path.

Seeing a car driving in a dream is a sign of spiritual development, especially if the water you are diving into is very clear, and you can see everything.

The movement of the car indicates that there is continuous movement in real life.

However, you need to remember how fast the car was traveling. If the speed was high, then the jump forward was very sharp, and if the speed was low – a sign of slow development.

In any case, pay attention to the water; if it is clear, then be certain that the process of spiritual growth has started, and do not worry if it is fast or slow, it has begun.

Be aware that even if you have had bad dreams, it does not mean that the same thing will happen in life – dreams about driving a car are very common, and they may cause mixed feelings.

However, you do not have to be upset or happy, and there is not so much chance that the same thing will happen in life as in a dream.