Dream of Shooting Stars – Meaning and Symbolism

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All of us in this vast world have looked at the stars and thought how wonderful they are and that they are much more than some celestial bodies that are in the sky for ages. Their purpose is much greater than we think.

When we look up, we search for the stars, and we wish that the sky is clear so that we can see them, enjoy in these shiny dots, believing that they will make our wish come true; they genuinely have something magical to them without a doubt.

As kids, many of us spend nights looking at the sky, searching for shooting stars, as the most beautiful event that we could be a part of, especially in the summer when the sky is bright most of the time.

As such an event, it has strong symbolical power, and it is the process when we find faith inside of us, believing that our wish will come true and knowing that it is the magic of stars and the stardust they leave behind.

Shooting stars can also appear as a dream motive – such dreams are not particularly common, but their meaning is magnificent and worth investigating.

Dreams, in general, that have the primary motive the sky, or some celestial bodies, like the moon, or the sun, or stars, are not familiar, as we have said, but they often appear in periods when people think about their ambitions and goals.

It is something that is the object of your hope, the desire that you pray it will become a reality. And think about it, when you want something so badly, you look at the sky and think, please God, make my wish come true, it means the world to me.

In general, also, stars are the symbol of desires and goals and the need for success and recognition – you want to succeed, to be seen, and your work to be recognized.

If you had a dream about stars, this is most likely the reason, so before we go further, think of your current goals.

Here, today we will deal with one interesting related motive regarding stars – shooting stars. What does it mean when such a dream appears, and how can you use its information for improving life?

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Meaning and Symbolism

A shooting star is an event that brings nothing but magic to us. Some of us see this event as the central event in the summer, where the Universe truly hears our voice and grants our wishes.

In reality, when we shoot stars, it is a longing that brings joy and fulfillment of desires, primarily because it is a rare and unexpected natural phenomenon. You do not know when it will occur and how long will it last.

Another part that we have not mentioned earlier is the idea that the connection to stars is the connection to the souls of our ancestors.

When you see a shooting star, you can think that it is the voice of your long-lost lover or a family member that is no longer present in the physical form.

They are here to guard us, and who thus “they say “that we have the right to want and hope, and that we should always believe in our dreams, and strive for their realization, and for something that fulfills us.

Dreams that have this as the main motive are interesting, and they have in them a string of incomprehensibility and magic because they represent the light that has come to us and put some light in the darkness.

This light is clearly “directed towards us” and is not a symbol of stumbling or falling in a very “literal sense.”

Still, its movement illuminates and shows the “path” we should take and to realize all our potentials, ideals, and great hopes.

So, in this way, the dream about the shooting star has good symbolical power because they are, in most cases, a promise that your wish will become true.

If you had such a dream, then think good about all details in it because this dream is so important for your future and the manifestation of the desired life.

Also, and this is something that we must add here because it shows how important this dream is, “enchanting” even, it carries the connotation of something that is so far and bright, and yet clearly visible and present to “leave a message” to everyone in a dream and reality.

If you see a shooting star in a dream, and in it, you have made a wish, in reality, such a dream suggest that you will soon realize plans or find amazing, great success in all fields if you are diligent and quite be honest and work hard to achieve all your ambitions. It is like you are wondering now, is it all worth it, and the shooting star confirms yes!

Also, this dream can be a symbol of some new beginnings and unexpected or “turns” or actions, both in the emotional field and in terms of development, in the profession you practice in real life.

A version of a dream where you have “caught” a shooting star carries a different symbolism.

If you have managed to catch a shooting star, and in a dream, you are holding it in your hands.

Maybe you are in a dream, enchanted by its beauty and brilliance, and could not move your eyes from it.

In reality, this version of a dream means that you are eager to succeed and achieve in all fields of your life, but not to try hard enough. You think that everything will work out just as you have imagined, without a bit of effort, and this is not possible.

This dream may even show that you are hindered by some subconscious fears or by some people whom you have confided in and who have used your secrets to blackmail you.

These fears rule you right now, and you must step away from them before it is too late.

Such a dream may come as an indication of the right path you are currently not on, and you need to let go of the star and make some effort before you reach the success you have been wanting.

In any case, do not be worried. If you had such a dream, they rarely carry negative meaning – they are usually charming and optimistic, with some exceptions that depend on some actual events.

The negative meaning connected to this dream is most commonly when the shooting star is extinguished, disappeared, died, forgotten, or again stood shining.

Decoding the Dream of Shooting Stars

We need to add depth to the understanding of this dream- you must be aware that such dreams can negatively connotes reality.

In the cases when you have blinded by the shine of the shooting star, such a dream suggests that you are a person who is “blinded” by the feeling of power and wealth and that you are completely unscrupulous. It seems that you do not choose the means to achieve as soon as possible. You cannot wait for it to come, and you are making so many mistakes that it is pushing toward darkness.

Some good business or social position and an impact in the immediate environment must be achieved with some other meanings and cannot come fast. They take time.

In a version of a dream where you forget to make a wish when you saw a shooting star, it is like you have “missed a unique opportunity” to make a wish that will be granted for sure.

That dream is a symbol of unrealistic desires and goals and that you are inclined to choose only the “best,” even if that does not always suit you. It shows that you are constantly looking for “shortcuts” on the road to success.

This dream often implies that some of your desires, in reality, are too great, and that it is desirable to go “step by step” and gradually progress, and that although you will need more patience and time to succeed, it will certainly to “come,” without too many mistakes and omissions, with great effort and commitment on your part.

Suppose you have successfully made a wish in a dream when you have seen a shooting star in the sky, somehow you know that it will become a reality. In that case, this is the dream that suggests that you are a person who does not believe too much in yourself and your potentials and that you are subconsciously inclined to be afraid or often hesitate.

Such a dream shows that you are a firm believer but not in yourself, but in some miracles that are out of your reach. Where is your work, knowledge, commitment, and commitment to work or ideas? Are they gone? Do not let them, but find them and use them instead of standing in one place and waiting for the perfect solution.

If the shooting star in your dream is fading, its shine is barely seen. Maybe it has lost its brightness or completely “goes out” and “merges” with the darkness that surrounds it. In reality, this version of a dream symbolizes some great troubles and losses that soon expect.

Namely, this dream implies either a serious illness or “extinguishing a life,” and implies your subconscious fear that something bad will happen to your dear and close people, or that their life will not change “on up, “and to get sick or die soon.

Of course, always have in mind that this dream does not mean that you will die, but it can mean that something valuable in your life can come to an end.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Dreams about stars are not frequent, but they carry the vibration of something mysterious and supernatural. Stars that appear as motives in dreams can have various symbols and signify success, popularity, reputation, reputation, death, deceased loved ones, fulfillment of desires, and your future in general.

We have spoken before of how such dreams may be your connective tissue to the world of those who are no longer with us, at least in a physical sense.

These dreams can be interpreted in this way – maybe they show how you are quite inclined to dream and fantasize about something that is unattainable and inaccessible to you and that you need to be a little more realistic and down-to-earth.

This is relevant to know because it is a well-known proverb that low and falling “, so it is possible that your rushes and aspirations in a direction that is not” for you “are fatal or result in defeats and disappointments.

For example, suppose you had seen an entire “rain” of shooting stars in the sky, which in reality is a phenomenon known as “meteor shower,” which shines quite clearly and beautifully and illuminates the sky above you.

In that case, this version of a dream means that you are facing some big and beautiful changes and significant surprises shortly.

On the other hand, this dream can be interpreted as some great and happy news that you will hear, or as a very joyful event that you will attend, and sometimes even means that you will receive a very valuable reward or honor for your work and effort. Who are “recognized” and who are highly valued by your bosses or long-term business associates.

Now, in the end, know that the dream about the shooting stars is always connected to goals and desires, and depending on the other elements in a dream, it shows what way is suitable for you in the process of the achievement.

In some cases, you expect wonder and do not put any effort into its achievement, and in others, it shows that you are certain that your hard work has come to an end and that you are waiting for the main prize.

Just do not forget to look up and believe, not neglecting work and commitment to goals.