Dream of Earrings – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about earrings are not particularly common, but they have strong symbolical meanings.

Earrings fit into category of precious items, regardless of what type of jewelry is in question. Jewelry has strong symbolism per se.

Since ancient times, it was use not only to make people feel fancy and cool or to accentuate their natural features, but also to express their social status, their financial status or else.

Although in modern Western world, earrings are usually a piece of jewelry that expresses personal interest and style, they could mean many things.

As a motif in dreams, earrings are very important symbol. They represent many things.

Earrings symbolize prestige, status, beauty, style, elegance and more. In certain traditions, however, the very act of piercing ears symbolizes pain, inevitable pain and suffering of all humans.

In some traditions, it symbolizes suffering of the ancients or important holy and religious figures.

Namely, in Christian tradition, piercing newborns ears symbolize Christ’s suffering; earrings represent nails pit into his hands upon the crucifixion. In some other societies, earrings symbolize manhood.

Boys would get their first earrings upon reaching certain age with which comes certain social status.

Earrings are also often associated with love and marriage; a woman would get earrings as a sign of belonging to her future husband. There are all sorts of rituals and customs including earrings, all around the globe. The bigger they are, the richer is the person’s family, for example.

Expensive and rare materials, of course, suggest luxurious lifestyle, prestige and social status. All sorts of earring types express someone’s personal style and sub cultural tendencies.

Knowing all this, it is strange dreams about earrings are not that common.

Dreams about seeing earrings

Since these are not very common dreams and having in mind earrings are a very symbolical item per se, dreams about them are loaded with meanings.

You can dream about wearing earrings, buying ones, getting them as a present, losing them and many more. We will talk about it.

What does it mean only to see earrings in your dream? It greatly depends on the type of the earrings, the material particularly.

If you see golden earrings in your dreams, it is a good sign. It means you are about to get some good news regarding finances.

Maybe you will inherit something or you will get a job promotion. Maybe you will win a lottery.

It does not have to be anything that big; maybe you will just manage to sell something you intend to for long. In any case, this is a dream that suggests some kind of profit.

The meaning is all the same for any type of earrings made out of precious material. However, this dream has its other side. It could be a dream that reflects a challenging situation of making choices in your real life.

Maybe you will be offered an extremely attractive opportunity, but the one that puts you in doubt.

For example, you could get a fantastic job offering, but you would have to move away from your loved ones.

The dream could be darker than that. Maybe someone would offer you a great sum of money, but you will have to do something indecent, like lying, fabricating information about someone, even betraying someone.

This is a challenging dream that reflects your current situation in which you have doubts over making some very bold decisions.

Dreams about wearing earrings

Dreams about wearing earrings suggest you need attention or that you enjoy attention.

This dream could reflect your current state of mind and emotions; you feel self confident, bold and strong.

You want others to see you and you are not afraid to show who you are. The more extravagant the earrings, the more attention you want.

However, it could happen that you dream such a scenario, because you feel neglected and lacking attention in your waking life.

If you dream about wearing some classy precious metal earrings of simple, but remarkable design, the meaning is the same as seeing such earrings.

It suggests you are on a good path, in terms of financial success. You will be fortunate in the following period.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are wearing earrings that are not your own, it means you are an envious person; you are jealous of someone.

It could also mean you are deeply unsatisfied with yourself; you want to be someone else, someone different.

The dream reflects such type of frustration. It is usually something you are not aware in reality. The dream suggests you should start changing yourself for better, not becoming another person.

Maybe your environment puts a pressure on you, trying to make you ‘one of their own’. You should be your own person, the dream suggests.

If you dream about wearing only one earring and feel good about it, it means you are about to open up about your problems in reality.

You are getting emotionally and mentally stronger; you will be able to accept your flaws and troubles. It is a kind of liberation.

This dream suggest you are about to accept yourself the way you are, imperfect, as any other human being is.

Dreams about wearing one earring, while the other is missing and you cannot find it, means something exactly the opposite.

You are very insecure about yourself and you feel emotionally incomplete. You need something to boost your confidence.

Earrings represent a supportive item, just as it would be some expensive clothes, eccentric style or anything else people often use to mask their insecurities.

Dreams about someone else wearing your earrings

If you dream that another person wears your earrings, it is a reflection of your deep dissatisfaction with someone else’s behavior towards you. You feel mistreated and exploited.

This dream could occur in someone who has been fooled by another person.

Someone has taken advantage of you and took all the praise and glory. You feel manipulated and unfairly treated.

If you dream someone wears earrings that are not your own, but are the ones you wanted for yourself, reflects jealousy and the sense of incompetence. Think about a person from your waking life you envy, if there is one.

Maybe there is someone who seemingly has everything you dream of.

The dream simply reflects your jealousy, but it should remind you that you would build up your own life.

On the other hand, the dream reflects the sense of incompetence and insecurity. It seems everyone gets ahead of you, getting all that you dream for yourself.

Maybe the problem is in your indecisiveness.

Think about what you really want. It often happens we convince ourselves we want something we see in others. However, the answer is yours to come up to.

Try to be more concrete and more decisive in life.

Dreams about getting earrings as a present

If you dream someone else has given you earrings, it suggest you are about to receive good news.

This is a positive dream; it means you have people that value you and think you are special.

If earrings are made out of precious material, it means people thing you are precious, too. If earrings are of unusual design, it means someone recognizes your talents.

Someone thinks you are an extremely interesting person, one of a kind.

Since earrings are symbolically related to marriage and getting married, receiving earrings as a gift could suggest that you are about to meet the person of your life or that you will soon get married.

This is also a positive interpretation. It could also mean that deep down inside, you are sure your partner is someone you are ready to spend your lifetime with.

Dreams about finding earrings

Such dreams are rare and very interesting. If you dream about finding your long lost earrings, it could have several meanings.

It could suggest you have finally come to a conclusion of a situation that tormented you for long.

It does not have to be a necessarily bad one, but it could be something that kept lingering in your sub conscience for very long.

This dream often suggest being at peace with memories and things lost long ago.

If you were deeply emotional upon finding your old earrings, it should be a greatly relieving dream. You are ready to let go of the past.

You will keep it as happy memories, moving forward and not living in the past.

Finding lost earrings, means you have came to face something precious from your past. This is the dream of encircling emotions, conclusions and being at peace deep within.

It could also suggest you found yourself finally. It means you feel as a complete person; you know your flaws and qualities, you have dreams and goals and you feel good about it all.

It does not mean you now have a perfect life, but that it fills your heart with joy. You feel good about yourself; you have found a missing piece.

If you have found someone else’s earrings, meanings vary. If you found earrings of a person you know, the dream suggest you will be a great support to that person, on his or hers emotional journey.

You will help that person find him or herself. If you have found earrings of an unknown person, the dreams suggest you are worried about betrayal or something like that.

This dream usually occurs in people who suspect their romantic partner cheats on them.