Dream of Enemy Being Friendly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you have an enemy or maybe more of them?

Although we have to admit that the majority of us try not to make a lot of enemies, there is no one who truly succeeds in this mission.

Those who succeed very often pay a high price for it – not having a lot of close connections during life, etc.

When you have in your close surroundings people who cause you have mixed feelings, we just need to accept that.

There will be the friend that is behaving unfriendly and enemies being friendly to us. And it is not an easy task to recognize them.

Such a situation may appear as a dream motive, for sure, and then things become even more bizarre…

Of course, such a dream has its meaning, and we assure you it is not what you expect.

Meaning and Symbolism

We, as human beings, due to various things can enter into open or hidden conflicts.

Being on opposite sides, we can become enemies with someone.

But have in mind one important thing – an enemy is not an opponent. He is someone who not only disrespects others but considers them worthless or evil beings.

And things become even worse when our enemy does not act as an enemy, but he behaves like a friend.

To dream that the enemy is friendly, in the sense that the enemy has greeted you in passing, it might mean that the enemy will try to flatter you in some way in the coming period. He will not have a good intention, and you should remember the lesson you have already learned from the experience with that person and do not make the same mistake again.

Be aware of someone who will try to make the same mistake over and over so that he or she feels good.

If you dreamed that your enemy is friendly as he was giving you flowers, it is possible that he repented for the week he did to you and is now looking for a way to redeem him.

Try to gain strength and forgive because that person has sincerely repented.

If you may have dreamed that your enemy was suddenly behaving as if nothing had happened and talking to you and before you have a major problem with it, and he or she may ruin your life, such a dream may be the sign that that person has planned some more mischief just to humiliate you.

Don’t get stuck but trust your instinct and listen to it, so you won’t be fooled.

If you dreamed that the enemy is being friendly and have sent you flowers or a birthday present through a mutual friend of yours, it might mean that you have quarreled with that person and you are no longer on good terms because you expected him or her to fulfill something promised?

Instead, that person not only did not fulfill his promise but also made your life even more difficult along the way.

This kind of dream means that the person will try to annoy you even more through someone, just to feel your pulse and see your reaction to it.

We advise you not to turn the other cheek as you did the last time you were deceived, but to confront her openly and directly, whatever.

Only if you show her your teeth in public and show that person, or the enemy, that you do not shy away from her at all will he be able to distract her from further plans to make your life difficult.

If the enemy is being friendly toward you and try or succeeding to hug you, in a dream, in reality, such a dream can mean that you have almost made a mistake and have made something unforgivable to someone.

You have to protect yourself in the future, by all means. Yes, this message brings a valuable lesson of forgiveness.

It is human to forgive, but the problem with you is that along the way, you forget what was done to you, and you can expect that these people will make the same mistakes towards you in the future.

When you break up with someone and friendship, it should be once and for all in your case.

Decoding the Dream of Enemy Being Friendly

Protection and forgiveness, if not in actions but in your mind, is the best advice that you can extract from the dream about the enemy being friendly.

It could be best seen in a dream where you see an enemy being friendly toward you because he or she is a dream comes to you without discussion to help you in a situation; it may mean that you can expect his attack on you in the coming days.

Such a dream shows that the enemy has been thinking for a long time about how to attack you and in what way, angry and angry because you can’t forgive him.

This is someone that your acquaintances are still hanging out with, and you will soon receive information from a friend about what is in store for you.

Develop a plan for your defense and oppose it by matting it forever.

Sometimes this is the dream that is related to the idea of reconciliation.

Seen the best in a dream where the enemy is friendly, by sending you a drink in a tavern through a waiter may mean that he will try to reconcile with you through a mutual friend.

The reason for the desire for this reconciliation comes from the fact that he again needs help that he does not have from vas of when you broke off all contact with him.

It is up to you whether you will accept to help him, and if you do, you must let it be known that this is the last time he can expect or ask for any service from you.

If you dreamed by chance that your enemy saved your life, as a part of being friendly toward you, as the highest act of it, it could mean that you unjustly and out of your ignorance and ignorance marked that person as an enemy.

That person never wanted to do anything to you, and by coincidence, what happened must occur, and it was not really his fault.

Try to take the film back and remember all the details and everything that people told you.

It is also possible that he told a lie and that you accused the wrong man.

If you found out that you had made a human mistake, it would be human to explain to that person the reasons why you gave him a look of disgust and to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Everyone can make mistakes, but find the strength to admit the mistake to yourself and others.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If you dreamed of sitting with an enemy and casually chatting as if he hadn’t done anything to you, it could mean that you can expect that person to make a bad move towards you in the future.

It’s a person who just waits for you to relax and think you’re safe, and when you least expect it, it will hit where you are weakest.

You need to be careful and follow that person’s movements from time to time so you can anticipate their every move.

Only in this way will you be able to prevent the situation and turn it to your advantage.

To dream that your enemy is comforting you about something in a dream may mean that it is a person who has not a shred of remorse for what he has done to you.

It is a person without a guilty conscience and is ready for anything, even the worst.

We advise you to avoid such a person as much as possible and that if you only suspect that you are endangered at any time, you must look for a break from the giants and even the competent law enforcement agencies.

To dream that the enemy loves you can mean that you will be in a situation to meet him and not know how to react.

He is a person you cannot see with your eyes, and the very thought of being still alive terrifies you.

You will meet her on the street or in the store in the coming period, and our advice is to just greet her in passing to avoid any conflict.

If she tries to talk to you or start a conversation, just cross the street, and it will be enough to let her know and confirm that you want absolutely nothing in life with her.

If you dreamed that the enemy invited you as a guest, it might mean that you will soon be attending a gathering or celebration where your enemy will be present.

Do not refuse a friend’s invitation because that person will be present.

On the contrary, you should go there and laugh after his reaction and astonishment that you have come because you will prove that you are not afraid of him at all.