Dream About Necklace – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about jewelry are full of hidden meanings. Just as jewelry make powerful symbols in reality, different pieces and accessories play a symbolical role in the realm of dreams.

Dreams in which you buy, receive, give, lose or wear some jewelry are loaded with symbolism. The true meaning depends on particular item, as well as on your attitude towards jewelry in general.

If you are the one who loves to dress up and wear visible jewelry pieces, a dream about jewelry has completely different meaning than for a person who does not like jewelry.

Dreams about a necklace are one of the most common variations. It could mean various things. Dreams about necklaces are a kind of reflection of your self-image.

Dreams about wearing jewelry always have to do with a dreamer’s self-esteem and values. Such dreams are always connected with some sort of richness, not always material fortune.

Dreams about a necklace could symbolize wealth in general, but also richness of mind, soul and emotional capacity. Necklaces symbolize many things and the meaning of your dream varies depending on what you did with the necklace and how the necklace looked like.

For example, you could dream about finding a necklace, about receiving a necklace as a gift or losing a necklace. A necklace could be made of any material, just as in reality. The material of which the dream necklace was made also helps us better understand symbolism and meaning behind the dream.

Dreams about a golden necklace

Dreams about a golden necklace mean various things. If you see a golden necklace, it symbolizes worries.

You are wondering about other peoples’ intentions and you feel as if you cannot trust those around you. A golden necklace that you see, but not touch means you feel as if fortune always slips through your hands. You see it, but somehow it always stays out of reach.

If you dream about wearing a golden necklace, it reflects your high self-esteem. You are not afraid to show off and you enjoy people seeing you as a strong and stable character, the one who is capable of success in any field, especially professional.

This dream could also reflect your desire to have better income and it gives hope it is possible in reality.

Dreams about a silver necklace

A silver necklace could represent purity, honesty and simplicity. Being less valuable than golden pieces, silver jewelry has their own beauty and many people love them more than golden ones.

A silver necklace represents your honesty and honor; you are a person who would always tell the true and whose conscience is clean. If you wear a silver necklace in your dream, it is a positive sign.

This dream also means others respect you for being just the way you are.

If you have seen a silver necklace, it means you will soon discover the truth about certain things, no matter the nature of such information. It especially applies to dreams in which you receive a silver necklace.

If you give it to someone, it means you are ready to be honest with someone, even if the truth could be hurtful.

Dreams about a pearl necklace

Beautiful sea tears, pearls, are a true luxury. A necklace made of pearls is an expensive and a precious item. If you dream about wearing it, it could be a reflection of your sophisticated taste and your desire to be in company of people in high places.

You believe everything is possible and this dream could only be encouraging. It could also mean your effort and dedication to certain project will be recognized, honored and properly rewarded.

However, if you dream about a necklace made of fake pearls, it means you start to realize you are living a fake life, meaning you waste your energy trying to present yourself in a different light.

You lack self-esteem, so you try to pretend you are someone else. You cannot pretend forever, because such things are exhausting.

This dream suggests life is about not only materiality, glory and shine. There are so many beautiful things that are simple and modest.

Dreams about a diamond necklace

Dreams about a diamond necklace are always connected with things rare and extremely valuable, beautiful, but cold. Maybe you feel good about yourself in general, but somehow, you are always alone.

The thing is, people respect you and admire you, but they are actually afraid to get closer to you. You seem as if you do not need anybody in your life, but that is not true.

Try to be more open to people; otherwise, you will stay alone. You will have all of the admiration, even adoration, but you will feel empty inside.

Dreams about a torn necklace

Dreams about a torn necklace are not pleasant. Such dreams are usually associated with grief, sadness, loss and misfortune. Most commonly, such dreams are not related to any sort of material loss, but rather emotional.

Dreams about a torn necklace imply or reflect broken relationship.

This dream could mean you are about to disconnect from certain people and you do not feel good about that. For example, your lover could leave you or a person you care for deeply will move abroad.

On a positive side, dreams about a torn necklace could feel uncomfortable, but have a good point. This dream could be a good channel for your mind, soul and heart to deal with loss.

You feel as if you cannot accept certain breakups in reality, no matter the cause. Such dreams actually help you to cope with loss more easily, telling you loss is an inevitable part of all peoples’ lives.

Dreams about a lost necklace

Dreams about a lost necklace are, obviously, directly associated with loss, but, in this case, the focus is on materiality. This dream symbolizes misfortune. It implies you could lose certain amount of money.

For example, an investment would show foolish. You could lose serious amounts of money, because of wrong and badly calculated projects.

Be very careful about your income in this period. Do not risk and invest money without thorough market research.

Dreams about finding a necklace

If you dream about finding a necklace, that is a good sign. This dream is about fortune, joy and good times. It means you will experience a pleasant surprise, most likely, something about people you love.

This dream could mean you will reunite with a dear person from your past or that you will meet someone new and amazing. It could also mean you will hear some good news.

Meanings of this dream could vary depending on a type of the necklace.

For example, if you find a golden necklace, it could mean you will receive some money. If you find a silver one, it means you will receive certain precious information and find out the positive truth about something.

If you find a pearl necklace, it suggests your life is going to be materially stable and you will surround yourself with some high-class people.

This dream also warns you to beware of fake smiles and masks that people wear.