Dream of Falling off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

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A dream about falling off a cliff usually portends some changes you are a about to embark upon, as well as some life-changing decisions that you might be forced to make.

These will be type of decisions that will likely cause such changes in your life which won’t make possible going back to your previous state of living.

The feelings you had during a dream of falling off a cliff are very important for determining the true meaning this dream has for your life.

If you were only standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down, it’s possible that you have gain some understanding about some important issue or situation in your life and maybe you are looking for a way to make some changes in the future, but these changes are not about to happen soon.

There is possibly something in your life that you are always thinking about, but you don’t believe that is still the right moment to act and you keep postponing the action for some indefinite moment in the future.

Another dream about a cliff which might give you some important insight, is the one where you’re looking up standing in the bottom of the cliff.

This dream could possibly indicate some unreachable goals you have and desire to achieve, but you are aware that there are beyond your reach at this moment.

Possibly you are planning to achieve some very important and difficult to reach goal, but you don’t know how to do that, and you don’t know which actions you need to take to get there.

A dream in which you actually see yourself falling off a cliff, is usually a bad sign and could indicate the challenges and the obstacles you’re currently facing in trying to achieve some goal but realizing that you won’t be able to make it.

Possibly you have come to a point when you experienced a failure of your plans and goals.

Dreams about falling off a cliff can have different meanings, depending on the feelings you had during the fall and the details of the dream itself.

There is also the difference between a dream in which you fall accidentally from a cliff, and another type of dream where you intentionally want to jump off the cliff and are fully aware of what you are doing.

The first scenario is the one where you possibly feel that you don’t have control over some situation, or that there is nothing more than you can do in some situation to achieve some goal or do something you want.

In the other scenario, you are aware that there are challenges expecting you and you’re not really sure if you’re going to be able to overcome them, but you are also aware, that you need to take action and even take some great risks if you want to succeed and get what you want.

A dream about falling off a cliff could indicate not thinking enough before making some important actions and decisions, and rushing into things, which might jeopardize your life, especially in the area to which these decisions are related to.

It is necessary for you to consider the consequences of your actions and think well before you act, otherwise you might end up losing control over some areas of your life and that is not something that you want to experience.

In some cases, a dream of falling off a cliff could indicate involving yourself in some legal illegal activities which could cause damage to your life in general.

Dream of Falling off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of someone falling off a cliff – If you dreamed of seeing someone falling off a cliff, such a dream often indicates that there will be a need for you to take some great risks or take some more risky actions to achieve what you want.

Dreaming of seeing someone accidentally falling off a cliff – If you dreamed of seeing someone accidentally falling off a cliff that might indicate that you are aware of the difficult times awaiting you in the near future and you’re afraid of the outcomes, but at the same time you are also aware that you need to go through these challenges and situations, even though you are not sure about the results.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff but grabbing the cliff while falling – If you dreamed of falling off a cliff, but managing to grab the cliff while falling, that usually isn’t a good sign.

It could possibly indicate that you don’t have the needed stability in your life and that you are currently out of balance.

It might indicate that you lack groundedness and that you should do something to restore it.

Dreaming of a cliffhanger falling dangerously off a cliff – If you dreamed of seeing a cliffhanger dangerously falling off a cliff or a mountain slope, this dream usually isn’t a good sign.

It usually indicates financial trouble and financial loss that you’re about the experience soon.

In some cases, this dream might indicate losing your job because of some “behind your back actions” from your coworkers or someone else who doesn’t have your best intentions in mind.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff experiencing a car accident – If you dreamed about driving off a cliff, experiencing a car accident, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It might indicate lack of self-control as well as that you live your life without obeying any rules.

Your behavior could jeopardize seriously yours and the life of others.

It is possible that your dream indicates your subconscious reminding you to think about your behavior and change it as soon as possible, otherwise you might face some serious consequences to your life.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff – A dream where you fall off a cliff is usually a bad sign. It might indicate being stressed over some task and not knowing if you’re able to do it or not.

It could indicate not being able to do a project or endeavor you have started and the need to let others step in and do the work instead of you.

Dreaming of your friend pushing you off a cliff – If you dreamed that a friend had pushed off a cliff that dream really isn’t a good sign.

Possibly you subconsciously feel that this person isn’t your true friend and that this person doesn’t have your best intentions in mind, but you are not consciously admitting it to yourself or you are not even consciously aware of that fact.

Your subconscious is probably sending you this dream to make you realize that this person isn’t your true friend and that they are only waiting for the right opportunity to stab you in the back.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff in water but surviving – If you had a dream where you fell off a cliff into water and you survived, that dream is both a good and a bad sign.

The water you fell in symbolizes new opportunities and experiences that are on their way to you.

In some cases, this dream could indicate some opportunities arising, which you will find promising and rewarding, but they will turn out to be useless and is best for you to avoid them.

The good thing about this dream is that you will be able to avoid messing with the opportunities which might not be good for you.

Dreaming of driving off a cliff in water and drowning – If you dreamed of falling off a cliff in a car accident and drowning, that dream is that a good sign. Water symbolizes emotions and drowning in water in an accident is not a good sign.

It usually indicates depression an emotional distress you might soon experience, or you are already experiencing.

Possibly these emotions and negative feelings will be caused by some failure in your business or your business endeavors.

It is possible that you might experience financial lost or losing some other valuables, possibly because you took a risk and put all your money in one endeavor, without leaving anything on the side, which could cause your financial ruin.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff in a car with your children beside you and surviving – If you dreamed of driving off a cliff in a car accident with your children beside you, but fortunately surviving, that dream usually represents a warning about your attitude towards your children.

You might be a parent who doesn’t give their children the space to develop on their own and you mess into all their business.

Your controlling attitude towards your children might cause conflicts and arguments with them and might ruin your relationship with them.

It is important to consider this dream as a warning to change your behavior to your children and give them the space they need and deserve.

This dream is asking you to become more respectful of their personalities and let them develop on their own giving them that freedom.

If you don’t do that your relationship with your children might be ruined and that is not something you want.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff in a car accident with your colleague beside you – If you dreamed of a car accident you experienced with your colleague, driving off a cliff, this dream is usually really related to some changes in your career on your job.

Possibly you might confront some important issues regarding the future of your business or your job, or something similar related to your career.

This dream symbolizes the challenges that you are facing in your career currently and it is possible that you don’t know how to act, and you feel that you’re losing control.

Maybe you rely too much on your coworker in this situation and that is something that might jeopardize your business and might lead you astray.

It is possible that this person is giving you bad advice regarding your business or your work, and that might lead you to losing your job, your business, or something similar.

It is usually a sign that you need to take the situation in your own hands and rely on yourself exclusively to deal with the challenging situations that you’re facing.

Trust only yourself because no one could fight better for your own thing than yourself.