Cousin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The term cousin is usually used to refer to people who are our “first cousins”, which is, the people we have share common ancestors with, such as grandparents.

In general terms, a cousin is used to refer some familial relationship which people have a common ancestor, but more than two generations away from the most recent common ancestor they have.

These are often called distant cousins or just relatives.

Cousins can be maternal or paternal, depending on the side to which they are related.

People often dream about their cousins, especially if they happen to see them often. Such dreams are a reflection of their reality, but sometimes carry an important message for the dreamer, often regarding the relationship they have with that cousin.

Sometimes the dream isn’t related to the cousin and has some other significance for the person who had the dream.

A dream about a cousin could symbolically represent some quality you possess related to the feelings or memories you have in regards to this cousin.

The meaning of the dream often is often related to the fact of closeness between you and your cousin.

The dream has a different meaning (more personal one) if the cousin from your dream is someone you deeply care about and a different one if the cousin you dreamed about isn’t someone you know well or someone you don’t care much about (in that case the dream usually has to do with some things you feel detached from and don’t feel connected to).

Often that dream could reveal some issues you have with your cousin and you are not aware of having them.

Often through dreams we tend to realize our true feelings about people, and in this case, the details of the dream will reveal the current feelings you have for the cousin you dreamed about.

Dreams about cousins could also reflect family conflicts or family harmony, depending on the context of the dream and the relationship you have with this cousin in reality.

Often this dream indicates arguments and disagreements between the members of your family and sometimes it could indicate your alienation from the rest of the family.

In some cases, dreams about cousins could reveal your feeling of isolation and loneliness, as well as feeling left out by the rest of your family.

Dreams where you spend time with your cousin or cousins you don’t see often, could be a reminder from your subconscious to begin spending more time with your cousins, and could be an indication that you have neglected your family, and possibly the cousin you dreamed about.

Cousin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming that someone is your cousin – If you dreamed that someone is pretending to be your cousin, that dream could be a sign of some problems or situations you have and not being able to detach from them, or needing to accept them as a fact without the possibility to change anything.

Dreaming of having an argument with your cousin – If you dreamed of having an argument with a cousin, that dream could be a sign of serious conversations with some close family members in the near future.

This dream doesn’t have to mean quarrels with family members or some other kind of unpleasant talks.

It usually indicates talking about some important life matters where you will be taking your stand.

Sometimes, it could be a sign of loss you could soon experience. It might indicate your careless nature which could bring you to financial troubles and instability.

This dream could be a sign of spending recklessly and jeopardizing your financial future.

If you realize that that is the case, it would be wise to listen to the advice of your dream and stop spending recklessly.

Organize your finances better to prevent yourself from financial ruin you could experience due to your irresponsible approach towards spending.

Dreaming of a cousin dying – If you dreamed of your cousin suddenly dying, that is not a bad sign. It is usually a sign of your own longevity and fortunate life.

This dream could also be a reminder from your subconscious to spend more time with your cousin symbolically using death as a reminder of passing of the time.

This dream usually reminds you to appreciate the things and people you have in life and don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

Dreaming of your cousin in a coffin – If you dreamed of seeing your cousin in a coffin, that dream is also a good sign.

It indicates the longevity of your cousin as well as your long life. It could be a sign of beneficial surprises and gains.

Often this dream symbolizes the prosperity awaiting you soon. It is usually considered a sign of happiness and satisfaction.

Dreaming of a cousin’s funeral – If you dreamed you were attending the funeral of your cousin, that dream is a good sign. It symbolizes abundance and fortunate events awaiting you. If the weather was nice during the funeral the dream is usually sign of good health condition, and if it was bad, it could indicate some health issues you or your cousin could soon face.

Dreaming of fighting with your cousin – If you dreamed of fighting with your cousin, that usually reveals your feelings about your family and the relationship you have with them.

It could be a sign of feeling isolated or unappreciated by your family members, or especially the cousin you dreamed about.

Maybe you feel that they are deliberately putting you aside and making you feel disrespected and frustrated.

Dreaming of a sick looking cousin – If you dreamed of some cousin who appeared sick, that is not a good dream symbol and it could be a forewarning of some, unpleasant or unfortunate events or circumstances you could soon encounter.

Often the bad events could be related to your work or private life, but are usually provoked by your own faults and mistakes.

Often the things you are now experiencing are a direct result of your careless and thoughtless behavior.

Dreaming of waving your cousin goodbye – If you dreamed of saying or waving your cousin goodbye, that dream is often a sign of some issues you currently have in your family. It could be a sign of problems related to dividing the family assets because of some unexpected death in the family.

Dreaming of kissing a cousin – If you dreamed of kissing a cousin, that dream is usually a bad sign, and often indicates disagreements and arguments you could soon experience.

You might get into conflict with a family member, a friend, or a mere acquaintance.

This dream has a negative connotation and often points to conflicts you are about to experience soon.

At the same time, kissing your cousin could reveal your desire to settle the issues as soon as possible and restore harmony again.

Dreaming of your cousin missing – If you dreamed that your cousin was missing and you didn’t know what to do, that dream could be considered as an omen of a period of difficulties coming into your life.

You could experience surprises of different kinds and unexpected turns of events, which can either improve your current situation or worsen it.

It is important to consider all the details of this dream to interpret it properly and determine whether the surprises and the changes will be of beneficial or malefic nature.