Biblical Meaning of Feet In Dreams

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Even if it does not seem to be the case, feet are a powerful symbol – it has been since forever, and it is something that is widely recognized in the Bible.

It is said that we, as human beings leave an imprint on the paths – good or bad – which he chooses of his own free will.

Conversely, the foot bears the sign of a track – good or bad. This actually explains the foot-washing rituals, which are really cleansing ceremonies in some religions around the world.

Feet may also be the symbol of difficulty that is worthy in the end; it is all that is on the path between you and your achievement, whatever that may be for you in some time in life.

In the same way, the feet also appear in the dream world, not as common, but when it does, it has a lot of meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of feet can have a variety of symbolism depending on how they are dreamed – in what condition they were, was that you’re feet, or someone else’s, etc.

If you have dreamed of washing your feet, it may mean that you are tired from traveling and that you want to settle down in one place.

To dream that your feet hurt means that you have a long way to go that will have a very positive outcome.

If you have dreamed of walking barefoot on the grill, for the sick, it means a quick recovery, and for the healthy, it will keep you in excellent health and shape for many years to come.

To dream that your feet smell bad means that you will be ashamed of some of your actions in the coming period.

Pay attention to your actions.

To dream that you have felt someone else’s feet could mean that you will witness someone’s disgrace and shame.

To dream that you have stepped on a nail and injured yourself means that you will accidentally find yourself in a situation where you will be ashamed of someone else.

To dream of blue feet means that you are currently or will be ill in the near future.

If the feet stink at the same time, it would mean that the disease could be a little more serious. Visit the doctor on time and take care of your health.

To dream of feet with thickened skin means that you are a person with a lot of life experience and that you will be able to solve every challenge that is put in front of you.

Decoding Biblical Meaning of Feet in Dreams 

In some places, the Bible writes how the feet of angels are images of their speed and of that powerful and eternal movement that carries them towards divine things; that is why theology presented them to us with wings on their feet.

Bloody feet are one of the most interesting dreams, and also such a motive is mentioned in several places in the Holy Book.

Most commonly, it is associated with the suffering and also with the path that is leading the sufferer to the place where he can rise from all Earthly pain and move into the heavens.

Related to the dream world, as a motive, dreaming of bloody feet can have different symbolism but mostly good.

You are a born leader, and bloody feet are especially associated with career success; it is the path that is not reserved for the weak; for those who cannot move in pain, it is the path of the chosen one, as it is seen in the Holy Book.

If we want to take a look at it from the perspective of now, modern times, it can be related to the path you are moving right now; it seems that you are the favorite among colleagues at work, and it is likely that you will receive either a promotion or a significant increase in the coming period due to your great efforts.

If the blood was clotted on the feet, it is not a very good sign and maybe the opposite of the above that is that you should try harder at work and take care in communicating with colleagues so as not to be financially damaged by salary cuts.

If you dreamed that you dipped your feet in the water, it means that you want to rest.

Probably because of a certain situation, you were not able to go on vacation and a trip you long for, and now you will have the opportunity to finally fulfill that wish.

There is one more version of this dream about the feet, and something similar is seen in the Bible.

In some metaphorical sense, it is the dream about black feet.

It means that you will only and exclusively, with a lot of sweat and toil in the current workplace, be noticed by superiors and colleagues and get a permanent job.

Your life did not caress you, and you had to fight hard for everything in it, so, unfortunately, this is the situation for us in our current workplace.

But this also means that all your effort and work will pay off in the end.

To dream that your feet are sweaty means that you are or will be tense and uncertain in the coming period because of some news that you are expecting.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

As you could have seen for yourself, not all dreams about feet are negative, and on the contrary, they can be a sign of torture that is taking you beyond all you know until this moment; it is the passage reserved for a few selected.

In an alternate version, if in a dream you see heavy has fallen on your feet and tore you from your sleep means that you will receive unpleasant news soon.

To dream that you do not have anything on your feet (and you feel cold, there is a feeling how your toes are freezing) in that cases, such a dream means that the people around you are energy leeches and that they will not leave you alone until they have used you to the end.

Open your eyes and finally understand what kind of people you are dealing with until it is too late.

If you dreamed that your feet were tickling, it means that you will have a period in which everything will go well for you.

Whatever work you start, you will finish successfully. You will be a favorite in society, and it is possible to make a new acquaintance that can grow into something more. You have a great period of life ahead of you.

If you have dreamed that you are tickling someone’s feet, it can mean that you have a close person to whom you wish all the best in life, and you spend a lot of your time helping achieve their goals.

It is a person who is young and who still does not have enough experience to fight for his place under the sun on his own.

To dream that your feet are cold means that you are or will be indifferent to a certain person.

You either like someone, or you don’t care at all.

Some people appreciate your trait, and some can’t accept it because you show it publicly and don’t hide whether you like someone or not.

You are not a tactful person, and we recommend that you correct this trait of yours as you can sometimes make a mistake in your assessment, and it turns out that you have made a mistake in the end about someone.

To dream that your feet are hot indicates that you are or will be impatient in anticipation of some news.

It may be that you have invested a certain amount of money in some new business or even that you have played games of chance and are now expecting a result, and you are uncertain as to whether you may have made a mistake.

Dreaming of feet overgrown with warts is an inconvenience. You will be embarrassed by something you saw someone do or say, but try to move from that situation – you are much more than you think.

In the end, and according to the Bible, the dream about feet may suggest that you are taking the path of growth, which may be painful, but it is going to worth it.