Dreams About Rings – Interpretation and Meaning

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Rings have rich and vast symbolical value alone; rings are considered objects of great value and could represent various things. To put it simply, rings are indeed just a small piece of jewelry, but the one that is highly valued and loaded with special meanings.

It is so interesting to observe rings’ symbolism and appreciation throughout the history and through the prism of multiculturalism.

In every society and system of beliefs and traditional practices, rings have their place. These tiny pieces of jewelry have one thing in common, from culture to culture, from myth to folklore, from fiction to reality. Like in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, rings are indeed precious.

This little piece of jewelry art can have incredible meanings. Of course, it depends on a design of the ring, the material it is made of, of who and where and when is wearing it and much more.

From royal rings of kings to beautiful and subtle wedding rings, these have important symbolism.

Rings represent the ideas of power, bonds, commitment, royalty, leadership, control and rule. Rings commonly represent something powerful and magical, mystical at the same time.

How come that a small piece of gold or silver or another material could be so powerful?

Tolkien’s rings, for example, are items of power that is beautiful and dangerous, at the same time.

If you think through it, all important and influential figures wear rings to represent their right to lead, rule, guide and so on. Kings and princes wear rings, high status clergy as well.

Bride and groom wear rings, as well as those who get married. Some people wear expensive rings to show off their status, others to express their cultural tendencies.

In all the cases, rings are symbols of some kind of status, some sort of commitment and, eventually, a type of ‘special power’ a person possesses.

Dreams about rings

Now you ask, what if you dream about rings? Rings in dreams represent various things, just as they do in reality. We will learn a bit more about rings’ symbolism in general, in order better to understand their meaning in dreams.

In addition to those mentioned and the most obvious symbolic meanings, rings also represent the circle, meaning the circle of life.

They represent the wheel of time, something like a karmic wheel. Rings represent the circulatory movement of the world; everything that exists goes through changes, stages and levels, but on a general plan, it seems moving in circle, in cycles.

Things that are, things that were and things that will be, are all symbolically represented in this precious tiny piece of jewelry.

A ring is closed, so it represents a restriction, boundaries and constant movement, paradoxically. A ring symbolizes the ultimate life giving energy that keeps moving, but keeps returning, all over again.

On a minor plan, a ring does represent the humankind bonds to this world and this life, our inability to step out of it, but not in a negative way.

A ring actually symbolizes the natural and cosmic order of things, we all have to bow to. You can easily see how powerful rings are in symbolical sense. No wonder it was a piece of jewelry important figures have chosen to wear as their status symbol.

Rings have always been an important part of royal clothing and decoration; not only these rings would be made of precious materials, but also they embody all the concepts important for a ruler.

Rings symbolize righteousness, honor, wealth, luxury, nobility, glory, influence, victory and royal power.

Rings always represent some kind of bonds. Have wedding rings, for example. Those symbolize love, loyalty, bonds, commitment, devotion and dedication.

These rings symbolically represent all the values of marriage, of unity, of mutual understanding, support and care future wife and husband are ready to give to one another.

All rings people wear speak about their character, their interests and many more.

Dreams about getting a ring

If you dream about getting a ring for yourself, it means you are ready to show to the world who you are; you would like to express your thoughts and to present your tendencies publically.

In a way, it means you are ready to commit to a cause and work on accomplishing your goals in life.

If you have bought a ring for yourself in a dream, it means you are self-confident, determined and not afraid of future.

If someone has given you a ring, it probably means someone else will help you set your course in life. You will meet a person who will offer you guidance, support and even some resources to start building up your life to a higher level.

If a stranger has offered you a ring, it means either you will get fantastic inspiration in a person or that you will get new tasks and obligations to fulfill.

If a ring was offered by someone you know, it means you should realize some people care about you much more than you think.

The dream means you should try to understand their intentions better and, probably, to have more respect for what those people are doing for you.

Dreams about an engagement ring

Dreams about engagement rings are common in people who are about to get married or women who expect to be proposed.

It is usually a reflection of all the anxiousness and excitement people feel about such important life steps.

However, in those who are not about to get married or do not think about that, dreams about engagement rings symbolize the suppressed desire to belong, to share life with another person.

This dream could also symbolize promises you have given, but still did not fulfill. It makes you feel frustrated a bit, until the things settle down.

The dream could also represent promises you have given to yourself, but you still have not done a thing about it, so you feel anxious and even guilty.

Dreams about a wedding ring

Dreams about wedding rings represent commitment, devotion and dedication. Of course, they are common in married people, especially if they have hard times in their life together, but also in single ones.

A wedding ring in a dream could represent any sort of commitment; to your friend, to your personal dream, to your lover, to your job etc.

The dream means either you have doubts about it or you feel confident about it.

If you feel uneasy then perhaps you should ask yourself is it there something you would like to change or even to abandon and start fresh.

If you feel good about seeing or wearing a wedding ring, it is a positive sign about whatever troubles you in reality, so just go for it.

Dreams about losing a ring

If you dream about losing a ring, it is a reflection of your insecurity about a commitment to another person; it symbolizes insecurity about a marriage, future plans of life together or a relationship.

If you cannot find it, it means you feel deep down inside that a relationship (of any sort, not necessarily related to romance or so) is coming to an end and that you should start over.

Dreams about an iron ring

An iron ring in dreams represents goals accomplished by really hard work, a lot of commitment and full dedication.

It symbolizes hard-earned status, goal or whatever. It means you are a tough person, ready to face challenges and fully capable of overcoming them, no matter the cost.

Dreams about a golden or silver ring

A golden ring represents wealth, luxury, money, high status and glory. If it is also decorated with precious stones, the symbolism is even clearer.

It means you will shine; you will get lucky and fortunate in real future.

A golden ring symbolizes an easy way to success, compared to the latter.

It is similar with silver ring, only the success and fortune in this case come from more abstract sources, not as material as it is with golden ring.

Dreams about an ivory ring

Dreams about a ring made of ivory or animal bone is a positive sign.

It represents your understanding of natural order, a respect for the world you live in.

It means you will understand yourself better and that you will find the perfect place for yourself on this earth.

A ring of ivory also represent rare and extraordinary things.

It means you are a truly remarkable personality and that you should nurture your talents.