Dreams About Mountains – Meaning and Symbolism

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Mountains and hills are highly symbolical when they appear as a motif in dreams.

While interpretations vary depending on exact details and context of a dream, mountains and hills are most commonly associated with a dreamer’s social status and relations, as well as with his or hers inner and personal challenges.

Being more or less high, but definitely above the flat ground, mountains and hills represent goals, desires, aspirations and ambition.

They also represent places of healing, enlightenment, purification.

Tops of mountains and hills are places of great serenity, as well of great dangers. They represent goals that are achieved through great effort of climbing.

Although dreams about mountains or hills are predominant in people who live in mountainous regions, it is not unusual that others have dreams about them, as well.

Mountains and hills often appear not as a dominant motif, but a detail in a dream, like a background setting.

It is important to recall the details about the mountain in your dream and your connection with it, within the dream.

Dreams about mountains

Dreams about mountains specifically are most commonly associated with some goals, professional, personal or else.

To see a mountain in a dream could indicate various things; you should think about what emotions did the mountain in your dream provoke.

If it made you feel threatened or scared, it symbolizes difficulties of some sort. If you felt good upon seeing it, it means you are ready to do your best to reach your goals.

Seeing a mountain in a dream

The dreams in which a dreamer is only viewer usually suggest something that is about to happen or something he or she is about to become aware about.

If you dream that you see a mountain in front of you, but do nothing, it means you are thinking about your next step in life, considering all the pros and cons of your current situation.

The mountain could represent your goals, just as it could symbolize a great obstacle.

You have to consider the context of the dream and that of your real life.

If you are dealing with some tough choices in reality or you are given a good opportunity, but there are things you have to leave, sacrifice or simply work much harder than before, the mountain represents a challenge.

It challenges your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief. It might even look intimidating.

Since nothing happens, the mountain is there to show you how things stand at the moment and that you have a choice.

If you feel a bit insecure, you might see it problematic. Maybe you do not believe you have enough strength to climb it; most certainly, you are not ready for such an effort.

On the other hand, the mountain could inspire your ambition, motivation and the desire to progress, to improve yourself on any life plan.

In that case, the mountain is a motivating challenge. You want to climb it; you are curious either to see what lies behind it or eager to reach the sunny, glorious top of the mountain.

In any case, this dream means there is something big in front of you and it depends only of you whether you dare to climb it or not.

It may also make you realize you should wait until you get strength and skills to climb it.

The appearance of the mountain in a dream

It is of great importance to remember the details about the mountain’s appearance.

For example, if it was a beautiful, astounding Alpine scenery type of mountain, full of greenery, with shiny snow covered tops, bathed in bright sunlight, it is definitely a positive symbol.

It suggests progress, achievement, reaching goals. It stands for glory that is pure, victory that is fair, noble achievements and positive outcomes.

If the mountain was rough, gloomy, stony, with sharp, dark edges and tops, of ominous, threatening appearance, it means you are about to face real troubles in life or it reflects an already difficult situation.

The dream suggests obstacles you believe you cannot overcome, the dreadful feeling of being helpless in front of something threatening.

If the top of the mountain was invisible, covered with clouds or veiled by mist and fog, it indicates you cannot clearly see your goals.

Perhaps you still have no clear idea about what they are and you are questioning your own desires.

On the other hand, foggy mountainsides and tops suggest you cannot know all the answers.

Sometimes you have to trust your guts and dare stepping into the unknown, no matter how scary it might appear in the first place.

Dreams about climbing a mountain

Dreams about climbing a mountain indicate some kind of progress, regardless of its nature.

Climbing symbolically means ascending. Climbing a mountain in a dream means you dare test your own abilities, qualities and skills in order to achieve something.

You are strong and brave to do so. Climbing a mountain symbolizes endurance, persistence and willingness to do your best in order to reach your goals.

If you climb a mountain with ease in your dream, it means you will be successful. It also reflects your curious, adventurous and youthful spirit that wants to explore the world and discover wonders of it.

You want to get on top and be the one to look at the world from all the sides.

Maybe your goal is not to reach the top, but to reach the others side of the mountain. Either way, this dream represents willingness to try, to explore and readiness to work hard.

If the climb was tough and slow, it means you have already stepped into something that is difficult for you to handle, but you are still ready not to give up.

If you were stuck on your way up, not finding a good path to the top, it means you are in a very uncomfortable and seemingly inescapable situation in your real life.

The dream suggests things are the way they are; you will let either go and fall down or find the way up.

Dreams about standing on top of a mountain

Reaching the top of the mountain or simply finding yourself standing there in a dream most commonly represents some kind of success.

However, it does not always mean it is what you wanted. It depends on how you react in your dream and how you feel about it.

If you have reached a sunbathed, beautiful mountaintop, inhaling its healing, fresh air, the dream suggests not only material, physical success, but also enlightenment, relief, purification.

However, if the top is cold, foggy and the overall environment is hostile, it means your success is empty; there was nothing on top. It represents disappointment, loss of ideals, facing the reality of life.

Standing on the top of a mountain in a dream means you are coming into the realization of how vast and wondrous this world is and how small you are in it.

On the other hand, it could mean you finally realize the world is not a fairytale place.

Standing on the top of a mountain in a dream may also suggest you have no idea about your next step in life.

Reaching the top was good and it brought certain satisfaction, but what now?

The dream suggests you actually feel as if you are at the beginning once again, from the point you reached now. The dream teaches you life is an endless journey, with a road paved with mountains and valleys, ravines and meadows and so many more.

Dreams about coming down from a mountain

Dreams about coming down from a mountain suggest you are about to feel relief.

Sometimes, it is a relief that comes after a success. You have achieved what you wanted and now the time has come to take a break.

It could also mean that you cannot endure the burden of success and, in your dream; you accepted that maybe you should be satisfied with less.

The dream teaches you humbleness is a virtue and that glory and fame are not the most important thing in life.

Coming down from a mountain also indicates you are ready to focus on other things than professional and career success. You realize there are other things that would make you much happier.

The dream also suggests you will easily overcome obstacles on your way, especially if your way down was without troubles.

The dream suggests you are living according to universal plan and your destiny, with understanding and ease.

Dreams about falling down a mountain

If you dream about falling from a mountain, it could be an incredibly uncomfortable experience.

The dream indicates an actual downfall in your waking life. It means you will lose something or that you will fail in your efforts to achieve something.

If you have never reached the top climbing the mountain and you fell from it, it means your efforts will not be good enough.

It also means there are sometimes situations and circumstances we cannot defeat; something is stronger than you are.

The dream suggests you should consider retreat or even giving up a cause that brings you only troubles.

If you have reached the top and then you fell from the mountain, it means your success will be short term, either because you lack strength and confidence to hold the position or because it was not meant for you in the first place.

If someone else pushed you from the mountain, either from the top or on your way up, it means you have enemies in reality.

Someone is trying to sabotage you, because they were jealous or they have some other bad reason to do so.

It does not have to be that way, of course. It depends on what your goals are.

Maybe you are the one who wants to ‘overthrow’ someone else. Think about your true desires, actions you have taken and decisions you have made.