Dream of Getting Shot and Not Dying – Meaning and Symbolism

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It is a well-known scenario from books and films that people are stranded on an abandoned island due to a plane crash or a shipwreck and have to struggle to survive there.

Such scenarios also often play out in the jungle.

The (actually very rare) attack by a predator such as a tiger or lion in the wild or a shark attack and the survival of such horror situations also entice adventurous stories.

The Bible already tells of the flood, which was survived by selected animals and a few people.

Suddenly trapped in an unknown or perhaps even dangerous environment, every decision can be the last, and completely new questions arise: What can I eat without being harmed? Where can I find fresh water? How do I protect myself against wild animals?

Dream of Getting Shot and Not Dying – Meaning

Survival means concentrating entirely on the most essential needs. The term also applies if we survive an accident or if we are lucky enough to recover from a serious illness. We also say: “He will survive all of us”, by which we mean that someone will have a long life despite resistance.

As diverse as the meanings of the word “survive” are, the dream symbol can also be interpreted in many different ways, as you can read here. If you survive in a dream, be it an accident or by struggling through a jungle, in the dream interpretation this often represents an encouragement.

The dangers that you encounter in everyday life, and all the little troubles and tasks that appear difficult, are only half as wild, they are survivable.

Perhaps it may seem like you are failing at something right now, but you don’t need to take that feeling seriously. Success, be it private or professional, will come.

The dream symbol generally indicates future energy and energy, the dreaming will create what he sets out to do and enjoy it, maybe even bask a bit in his own success.

Those who survive have successfully defended their own lives, are proud to be still alive, perhaps even unscathed and in a completely new beauty that can shine out of people from within after formative experiences.

Surviving a great danger, almost dying but going on living, can also indicate a change that is about to be made in life.

The dreaming leaves a previously known aspect or a relationship behind and goes on alone through life.

If you barely survive a plague or an epidemic in your sleep, you should be prepared for financial losses.

To dream of dangerous backpack trips, in which one moves under extreme conditions through often inhospitable landscapes, symbolizes self-sufficiency and a confident personality.

To survive has to do with one’s own death, which in the dream almost always stands for drastic changes and for a new beginning in the life of the dreaming.

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation in a dream, this is the only one to survive while other people die, so it is of great importance for the interpretation, which people it is.

If your partner, a family member or other close people are concerned, it can be an indication that you perceive the relationship as disturbed or no longer good for yourself, and from which you can free yourself in a dream.

The type of danger you survive also plays a role in the interpretation – the car stands for independence and control, whereas a plane crash symbolizes the need to rethink your own illusions.

A dream of survival relates to the interface between life and death. Spiritually speaking, death is not an end, but the beginning of a new phase of life. The old is left behind.

So the dream symbol “survive” stands for the new beginning and the turning away from the previous.

Dream of Getting Shot and Not Dying – Symbolism

Dreaming of dying is certainly one of the most distressing experiences concerning nightlife. You wake up sweaty, terrified, and start counting the days left until your death.

Nothing more wrong. Sigmund Freud spoke of dreams referring them to the unconscious, therefore to something very intimate and profound that he could only trace back in those moments.

It is not correct, therefore, to think that these dreams can represent prophecies or omens. Instead, they often have an interpretation that is completely different from what we believe.

Have you ever noticed that these dreams recur, punctually, in some stressful situations that we experience during the “alert” state? Stress, difficulty expressing feelings, end of a relationship, bereavement.

Traumatizing and difficult to overcome phenomena. On the other hand, work stresses could also cause this type of dreams, perhaps a hard, unsatisfactory job.

In reality, by reading your most intimate feelings, you can read the dream of a death as the death of something that does not allow us to fully live our life. Dying, like finishing a job that makes us unhappy, to look for the path that most satisfies us; dying, like ending a relationship that is too suffocating; dying, like perhaps giving a little respite to our minds and freeing ourselves from everything and everyone for a few days.

In the tarot, the death card has a meaning totally opposite to what one might imagine. In fact, it indicates a rebirth that will take place within a short time, the opening of a new page in the book of one’s life, a change, in short.

Even in dreams, the meaning of death becomes the same, in fact we speak of a mental representation linked to a self-discovery or rediscovery, or, in any case, something new and very precious about oneself.

Perhaps it is appropriate to think about one’s life, one’s priorities, because another possible interpretation could be linked precisely to feelings. Repressing is not healthy both in everyday life and during the night.

Restless sleep, insomnia and nightmares, can represent a stimulus of one’s mind to free itself from the “chains” that imprison it, letting oneself go to a genuine spontaneity of heart and soul.

Dreaming of dying, so it is certainly that it causes a real situation of discomfort, of which we talk little and not willingly and often try to forget what happened, remaining, however, with the doubt that it may represent something negative in one’s own life.

There are not a few episodes involving famous people who seem to have really dreamed of their death before this happened.

For example, that of John Lennon is a striking case, since, although he was already obsessed with the fear of dying, according to Yoko Ono, until a few weeks before his tragic death, he did nothing but dream horrible things about him.

It could really be a premonitory dream or, more rationally, a coincidence or self-suggestion. Taking into account your own sensitivity and that of our mind during sleep, it is important to reflect on what you have imagined, working on your needs and shortcomings.

Perhaps, it could simply be a wake-up call to remind us to live a more peaceful and happier life.

As with any dream, the context is very important. In fact, in the dream, one or more people, unknown or family members, could be shot. You could also use different firearms: the larger the size of the weapon, the greater the satisfaction and liberation that will be obtained.

The goal is to eliminate something that you don’t like, that you don’t like, and that annoys you beyond belief due to its extent.

Perhaps, due to the unpleasant situation created, you have begun to feel anger and frustration, and you need to put an end to the sorrows, to find peace with yourself.

Dreaming of shooting is very important from a psychological point of view, because it implies the imminent liberation from mental stakes that prevent us from proceeding in everyday life with the right calm and the necessary clarity.

You have found – or are about to rediscover – the right interior climate, made up of certainties and the desire to split the world. You are ready for a real rebirth, which will project you as new people and ready to approach your everyday life with criteria.

In the dream I was at the shooting range practicing, but my iron was not working as it should. It was a toy gun. A dream that has left me dumbfounded, what can it mean?

With a toy gun: you have managed to make your way, to free yourself from the pressures, to your utmost satisfaction. The people around you, however, do not give you much credit, and continue, in one way or another, to underestimate you.

To yourself: in this dream vision you are pointing the gun at yourself, and you don’t know whether to end it or not. It is a recurring dream, emblem of your situation: to do or not do something that goes against your will, but which is imposed on you from above?

With an unloaded gun: this dream is the symptom that you are experiencing a period that is not at all satisfying from a sexual point of view. Your partner, in all likelihood, fails to give you the right attention, and you feel bad about yourself.

To an acquaintance: it is a person who hinders you, who wants you badly, but you do not know it. Your subconscious, on the other hand, knows this, and would like so much to free itself from the pressures and demands of this person, sometimes part of your own family unit.

To the mother or girlfriend: you are experiencing a suffocating relationship, with too many pressures, which you cannot cope with. You need peace and quiet, but your mother or your girlfriend are breathing down your neck, not giving you a chance to breathe.

An animal: you are a passionate person, open and all too sincere. The animal is your primal instinct, which you want, and you will be able to control properly, using reason in the circumstances in which you usually throw yourself headlong.

A stranger: this dream is the symptom that you have a second personality that you don’t know you have.

On a subconscious level, however, you know this well, and you don’t like your alter ego, that’s why you want to get rid of it, as soon as possible.

With a shotgun: In all likelihood, you have made some mistake that you regret and are trying to do everything not to get caught. Your nature would push you to reveal everything, but you know well that this eventuality could have negative and unexpected consequences.

To your pet: this dream means that you are experiencing moments of depression due to discontent, dissatisfaction with your professional or sentimental situation. You want to take a leap forward, but you are stuck.

If it happened to you, in the dream, to witness a shooting, it means that you are experiencing a negative period, in which you need to find the right tranquility to recover the lost balance.

The difficulties are numerous, and you still haven’t figured out how to cope with them.

If, on the other hand, you dream of shooting in the air, in all likelihood you will find yourself face to face with a person ready to show you a dose of unexpected appearance, which will surprise you not a little.

If you have dreamed of being shot and dodging bullets, fifth wheels


Shooting is an emblematic dream, which has at its base a strong desire to get rid of something that makes us feel bad or that creates discomfort, suffering, instability.

In the dream, one feels aggressive and free of hesitation, in reality, however, the situation is very different, and one feels held back by something, without being able to find a valid solution. Often, upon awakening, one is frightened and distressed, and one is afraid of having harmed someone.

What does it represent to dream of shooting? In the modern interpretation of dreams, having a weapon to shoot indicates the imminent liberation, the profound ability to take a situation in hand and shake off anxiety and worries.