Dreams About Defecating – Meaning and Symbolism

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Digestion for any living being on this planet is a natural process in life.

Having healthy and regular digestion has great importance for the organism’s health, so one of the first questions about every health examination is related to it.

And this is no surprise, this is the process in everybody that without a doubt depicts the health status, describing what it is like, the color and form can tell you a lot.

It is not pleasant but necessary.

The removal of excess harmful substances from the body is a function without which it is impossible to live – and as such, it can reveal a lot when it appears as a dream motive.

What does it mean when it appears? If you have such a dream, regardless of how unpleasant it can be (there is a possibility that you had this dream because during the night you genuinely have to go to the toilet, but this is not the only reason for the dream), such a dream may be an indication of success in reality.

But, we must add that some of us have dreams about defecating because during the night, while we sleep, we hold the urine, when in fact, that urge to go to the toiled truly exists.

In this sense, the dream comes out of a physical cause, not from the mind.

But this is not the rule, and these dreams can come from the mind, depicting something else.

Meaning and Symbolism

A nightmarish dreams indeed, but the one with the meaning for sure – in a version of a dream where you are defecating in your panties, it could mean you’re afraid of being embarrassed somewhere. There are numerous ways it can happen, and it scares you to the core.

It is possible that you will soon have a gathering with some friends whom you have not seen for a long time.

It is quite probable that the celebration of the anniversary of the prom night without you having anything decent and exclusive to wear for the occasion.

Don’t get upset about it because if someone loves you as you are, you don’t need anything more than that, and those who think differently shouldn’t interest you. And it is likely to be afraid of how these people will look at you after so many years.

In any case, do not refuse the invitation, because it is always interesting to see what some people have grown into after so many years. You must hold it before you do it, in some way. Hold your fear.

If you’ve been dreaming of defecating in a swimming pool (the dream that so many people experience), it could mean straining too hard trying to bring your line or something else that is important to perfection.

It is possible that you have been lazy and physically inactive throughout the winter and are now trying to make up for it by exhausting yourself every day. We advise you to read a book or look at some tutorials related to the recovery of muscles after training and to adhere to them so as not to endanger your health and cause more harm than good. You’re an exercise fanatic, and when you get into the rhythm, you don’t skip a single day which isn’t good.

Then you don’t even have a good sleep that is necessary for good muscle growth and development.

If this dream comes from just your idea of being perfect, not just physically, in that case, advise someone regarding your health, and mental health in particular.

Suppose you have dreamed of defecating while someone is watching you (a fear, it may mean that you have a problem with performing that action as well as urinating in places where someone can hear you or see you.

It is something that you have been learning since your early youth, and you have not managed to solve this problem until now. You need to understand this as a disorder and seek expert advice and finally relax properly because any retention of intestinal contents and urine in the bladder can lead to a number of other health problems in the future.

But, in a metaphorical sense, this is the dream associated with neglecting any little thing, a small thing that has been bothering you in your childhood. You succeed in living with this problem, but at the same time, you are aware that you must resolve this issue.

To dream that defecating from a tree can mean that you miss the days when you were a child and did various things exploring nature.

Now you are just preoccupied with obligations all day, and you have lost contact with nature, and you lack that. Man needs to sometimes go to the forest or to the Sea to re-establish contact with it and to regenerate and recharge spiritually.

If you dreamed of defecating on a plane, it could mean that the business trip that is your order will be unsuccessful.

It is possible that for some reason the other company will give up cooperation with you, which will tie your hands for further cooperation with that country. We advise you to reorient to another country so that you can continue your business in the future.

A loved one next to you, she still leaves you. We advise you not to try anything anymore because she decided a long time ago to leave you and not to waste your energy in vain but to find the easiest way to get rid of her as soon as possible.

The wedge breaks out with the power, so don’t shut you in, but after a while, continue on, and who knows who you can meet and get to know.

From sitting at home and away, you will have nothing but prolonging your agony.

Decoding the Dream about Defecating

Now, like all dreams and all motives in a dream, this one also can take a bizarre spin, in a sense, that if you, for example, had a dream where you are defecating in the potty even when you are an adult, it may mean that someone around you does not understand and experience you as an adult.

This is someone very close to you, and it is possible that your parents are siblings. You haven’t proven to them so far that you can handle your life on your own, and that’s been pretty frustrating to you lately. You have to understand that you don’t need to prove anything to them, but actually to yourself. You are the one who has to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want it to flow. You know what you want and try to make it happen for yourself.

If you dreamed of defecating in a tub full of water, it could mean that you are trying to cover up something bad from someone that you accidentally messed up.

It is possible that you went out and told someone’s secret that you were not allowed to and that you are now pretending to be crazy and silent. We advise you to tell whatever it is and not to hide it anymore because things will turn out even worse when you find out from whom that person heard it.

Just be honest and tell the truth, and you will be forgiven if not immediately, then after a while. If you do not tell that person what you did, it turns out that you did it on purpose, and then there will be no forgiveness, nor will you be able to ask for it.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If you dreamed of defecating while reading the newspaper on the toilet, it could mean that you will get some bad news in the coming days.

It is possible that you have planned a trip that will be ruined or could be ruined if you go on it due to bad weather. We advise you to follow the weather forecast regularly and get detailed information about the weather conditions, so a strong trip would not fail you.

If you have dreamed of studying something while defecating, it may mean that your concentration in the coming period will be stressful.

It is possible that you have to prepare for some college exam in a subject that you are not interested in at all and consider to be superfluous in the school you are attending. You have to understand that everything has its own and that the subject that you are not interested in is actually a lesson that by learning it, you have to learn.

So in your future job that you will be dealing with, something will come to you that will not interest you, and it must end, and that is why by fighting this subject you will learn to solve it when it comes to that.

Everything has its own, and no subject in school is superfluous but, on the contrary, always welcome.

Everything that comes to you in the form of a dream is a useful tool to make your life better, and even if it is an unpleasant dream such as this one.

But we must add more things here – the dream about the defecating also speaks of releasing things that you do not use anymore, that became even toxic to you, not just without the purpose.

And in this sense, think of what this dream may mean to you – is there anything that you have been neglecting that you do not use anymore and that has become useless and toxic?

But, in the end, we will add that the dream about defecating is not so bad! It can; in fact, such a dream can bring so much good news in your life.

For example, it is quite possible that you will be happy in a real-life, a great satisfaction regarding the outcome of your work, in any line of work, in anything that makes you feel good.

Of course, remember that you will have to lose some things like available time and cultural life, but the purpose you set will produce many advantages in the expectation.