Dream of Losing Purse – Meaning and Symbolism

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The term “purse” (also spelled “purse”) has its origins in French. It is made up of the two words “porte” for “to carry” and “monnaie” for “small change”.

Therefore, the name itself explains what you use a purse for: to transport your money in it.

However, we not only keep our valuable cash in our purse, credit cards, ID cards, health insurance cards, EC cards, one or two receipts, as well as photos of our loved ones can also be found in it. All the worse, therefore, a loss of our purse or our purse, as a purse is often called colloquially.

Dream of Losing Purse – Meaning

As if the money lost in this way was not bad enough, we then also have to take care of the blocking and replacement of all the various cards that were lost with the purse.

When paper money did not exist, the so-called “money cat” was used instead of a purse. In the middle Ages, people wore a hose-like leather sack around their belts to store their coins, jewelry or precious stones.

From the point of view of dream interpretation, what does it mean when one dreams of the dream symbol “purse”? What does it say about the dreaming person?

First, let us look at the dreams that are particularly experienced. Then, further down in the text, you will find all the information about the general interpretation.

A vanished purse can symbolize an inner weakness as a dream image. At the same time, the dream of the lost purse can be a warning against a careless manner and too much recklessness.

If a large amount of money is lost with the stock market, the dreamer may be afraid of the real loss of something that is felt to be valuable.

If the purse is stolen, there are worries that lie in the subconscious. Your own reputation, influence and power appear to be endangered. The stolen purse also often symbolizes the fear that one’s own attractiveness will decrease.

A purse is very valuable for us just because of its content and for the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “purse” stands for wealth and powerful influence.

If you find a purse in a dream, this suggests the conclusion that you have also found something very valuable or significant in real life. If the dreaming loses his purse, he may not have been careful enough and will have to reckon with a loss.

Finding an empty purse, on the other hand, promises fulfilled expectations and hopes. In retrospect, however, these turn out to be empty promises and will leave feelings of disappointment in the dreaming.

If, on the other hand, the purse is full, this dream experience wants to warn us against too much arrogance and against losses through arrogance. A full purse can also be understood positively, because another interpretation sees this as a positive sign and promises profit and great happiness in love.

We always associate part of our identity with the contents of our purse. The dream symbol can represent our personality and focus on our striving and our fears. If one experiences repeatedly in his dreams how one loses the purse, this possibly reflects a feared loss of identity of the dreaming.

Fears of losing basic security can also show up through the appearance of this dream situation. Sometimes this dream symbol can also make us aware of how much we fear losses in the interpersonal area.

If your purse is stolen in a dream, you should look very carefully at who you really let into your life as a friend, otherwise you could be painfully disappointed by your own good faith.

If the dreaming looks into an empty purse, he is currently lacking willpower, which he should, however, consolidate in order to implement his plans.

This can also show a loss of sensitivity. A loss of feeling often results from emotionally overwhelming situations.

The dreaming should rethink this, because the inclusion of the personal life situation is very decisive for the individual dream analysis.

The purse stands in the spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol for the feminine and for the need to protect and preserve one’s spiritual energy.

There are dreams that are based on reality or that seem too real. It is the case of dreaming of losing your purse. Has it ever happened to you in your real life or in your dream life?

This dream has a negative interpretation that you must take care to change. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of losing your purse.

You are going to pay something, you look in your purse for the purse and it is not there. How is it possible that you have lost it?

How are you going to pay now? The meaning of this dream in which you lose your purse is not at all encouraging, because it talks about problems, but it is in your power to solve them and that is what dreams are for, so you can react as soon as possible.

Losing your purse, even in a dream, is equivalent to running out of money and the truth is that there are few things you will be able to do if you don’t have money. Truth? Now your ability to adapt to circumstances comes into play.

Call a friend or family member to get you out of your momentary trouble or try to find a solution for yourself. Both options are valid because you cannot always solve the problems yourself, sometimes you need help.

However, the information that you should extract from the interpretation of this dream is that you are running out of resources.

The dream does not refer precisely to material resources, such as the money that would be in the lost purse, but to that force that you must recover to face the unforeseen events.

This dream of losing your purse occurs in difficult times when you feel like you cannot take it anymore. You do not see yourself with strength, you think that you do not have enough resources to get ahead and life surpasses you.

These sounds like an anxiety problem or an accumulation of unsolved problems that you need to take care of as soon as possible. Before even recovering the purse.

Dream of Losing Purse – Symbolism

We keep everything that has a certain value in the purse: money, credit cards, ID, driver’s license, photos of loved ones, debit card …

No wonder we are afraid of losing this bundled valuable belongings or of being robbed. These fears are formulated in the dream and offer us an indication of what concerns us in the waking life.

Interpretations that are more precise result from the dream action or the circumstances of the dream.

In the following text, you will learn the most important dream interpretations if a purse or purse played a decisive role in your dream:

To dream of the theft of your purse is certainly not nice: If the purse is stolen, it usually triggers stress and panic, both in the waking world and in dreams. In fact, the dream image should often point out a problem.

A certain situation worries the sleeper. He is afraid of losing something that is very important to him. The purse stolen in the dream can stand symbolically in this context for a person, but also for one’s own reputation, influence, power or sexual attraction. The dreaming fears having to forfeit something.

As a dream symbol, the purse generally stands for wealth, power and influence through its valuable content. Finding a full purse is usually a good sign and indicates profit and happiness in love.

Seeing an empty purse is interpreted as a symbol of satisfaction and joy.

Also getting a purse as a gift is positively documented in the dream interpretation: a pleasant surprise is imminent, which the subconscious already foresees.

If, on the other hand, you see a full purse without getting your hands on it yourself, you can expect losses and unpleasant events.

Even the loss of your own purse in a dream – for example through a robbery or theft – stands for actual loss, but here through your own carelessness.

The dreaming makes himself aware that he pays too little attention to his possessions or his surroundings, and that this inattention can lead to difficulties, possibly of a health nature, because who forgets to dress according to the weather or without an umbrella in a downpour device can catch a cold easily.

If the dreaming finds a purse, which however contains nothing, something is promised to him, but not kept. He should beware of gullibility.

The purse symbolizes emotional content and feelings of the dreaming, so precious inner possession, which is summarized in the purse.

In order to be able to interpret the dream, it is helpful to look at the material of the purse, the state and the action around the dream symbol.

In addition to the inventory of the emotions of the dreaming, a dream of a purse can also bring secret fears to light, especially if one dreams repeatedly of the loss of the purse or purse.

This fear can relate to material possessions, but it can also refer to a loved one or a life situation that the person concerned is afraid of losing.

Sometimes it is also about loss of control and about one’s own identity, which threatens to slip away.

In a spiritual sense, the purse symbolizes the spiritual energy that should be preserved and protected, or also for the feminine principle.

A purse or also called a purse obviously speaks to us about money in addition to work, however, both in everyday life and in dreams, we can experience some moments that can be uncomfortable and that can also be premonitory.

That is why we have to talk about dreaming of losing a purse warns us that we are going through an uncomfortable moment both at work and personally.

This dream really tells us that we are going through confusion as well as some problems that can be understood as a constant expense but that we do not have the possibility of spending this on a recurring basis.

That is why when it comes to talking about this dream; you need to pay close attention to be able to solve this problem to come.

Dreaming of losing a purse and finding it warns us that a series of expenses will come that could affect us personally as well as in our relationships.

It is also a warning that you will go through a testing stage within your work, but you will not have problems to overcome it and regain your economic stability.

Another point to point out regarding this dream that you are going through a series of moments, where you can have everything you need but all this you must take gradually to be able to find the answer to everything you need.

To dream of a lost purse if you have this dream constantly, it means that you have gone through a series of moments, where everything that bothers you, monetarily speaking, is something that has begun to pressure and stress you.

Dreaming of an old purse that you lost is a warning that you will go through a frustrating time at work.

The best thing you can do is that you can solve each of the things that you are about to discover.


Dreaming of losing a purse with money this dream warns you that you should take more care of your money; in addition to that, you should improve in your work so that you can find a series of answers that may be favorable.

Something that we must also point out is that with this dream, it warns us that you will go through somewhat complex moments and the best thing is that you can take care of your money to avoid greater losses than you could.

It is a pleasure to have you here, that is why we want you to leave us your questions or comments about this dream, and of course, you can follow us from social networks to be aware of more dream meanings.