Dream of Not Being Able to Open Eyes – Meaning and Symbolism

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Many dreams seem like a nightmare but in reality, they are lessons from which we can take great advantage.

It is the case of dreaming that you cannot open your eyes, a dream from which you wake up with great frustration but that you can use to see things differently.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that you cannot open your eyes.

You dream that you cannot open your eyes because there is something in your life that you do not want to see.

The interpretation of this dream in which you try to open your eyes but cannot is very clear and speaks of your tendency to look the other way or to ignore the problems that arise in life.

In addition, it is a dream that invites you to change your attitude as soon as you wake up.

Dream of Not Being Able to Open Eyes – Meaning

With this dream, your subconscious is telling you to open your eyes, to wake up, because it is not that you cannot open your eyes, but that you do not want to open them. You must recognize that ignoring a problem will not solve it, so take charge and face your life as the determined and courageous woman that you are.

Therefore, you should use this dream, like most things you dream, to do an exercise in introspection and recognize yourself all those things that you do not dare to recognize.

In this dream in which you cannot open your eyes, it is not clear to you what it is that you do not want to see, you will have to discover that yourself.

It can be a specific problem in your work life, it can be a warning to signal the toxic people around you, it can be an acknowledgment that your partner is wrong or it can be something more related to your personality, surely that attitude to leave your affairs in the hands of others because you prefer not to know. Alternatively, not see.

Around 40 percent of the population has already experienced it: sleep paralysis – a consciously perceived paralysis during sleep. It only occurs during sleep and is usually very frightening and difficult to put into words.

The good thing about it: In the vast majority of cases, it remains a one-time encounter.

However, some people experience such frightening episodes every now and then. You are regularly plagued by this sleep disorder, which can have a lasting effect on the overall quality of sleep.

This phenomenon is a kind of waking state that is consciously experienced during sleep. This happens either shortly after you fall asleep or a few seconds before you wake up.

First, the person concerned “notices” that he is sleeping. At the same time, however, he perceives the profound paralysis of his entire body. This observation alone can unsettle the person concerned and sometimes even shock them.

Often times, the symptom is aggravated by the addition of certain nightmares. Then demons, aliens, monsters, intruders or other dark figures join them.

The sleeper always perceives them as a concrete threat. In some cases, the person affected can also develop the feeling of falling into the abyss or of suffocating.

During this time, he cannot defend himself or call for help – the body is completely paralyzed.

After a few seconds he wakes up full of fear, drenched in sweat and with a racing heart.

There is actually a completely natural process behind the symptom: whenever sleep sets in, the body relaxes. This relaxation goes so far that it comes to a natural relaxation, the so-called REM atonia. Except for the muscles of the eye, all limbs are completely paralyzed.

The REM atony ensures that we experience what we have dreamed of, but cannot understand it with the body.

Therefore, we lie relaxed in bed while we dream about walking around, climbing stairs or skydiving. Atony, i.e. the limpness or paralysis of the limbs, is an important protective function.

The transitions between wakefulness (muscle tone) and sleep (muscle paralysis) are fluid. Usually they are not noticed by the person concerned or are even described as pleasantly relaxing. For everyone, it is beneficial to slip into sleep comfortably or to wake up slowly without an alarm clock.

Even when the body feels paralyzed, the limbs are not really frozen. Rather, the signal transmission within the brain stem is manipulated during REM sleep in such a way that the spinal cord no longer receives any commands.

The result: when the brain commands the inability to move, the muscles no longer receive any instructions. You slacken and relax.

Unfortunately, it can happen from time to time that the transition state between wakefulness and sleep is disturbed. Then the person concerned perceives the profound rigidity of the body without being able to defend himself against it.

If the episodes accumulate, one speaks of sleep paralysis. Around 40 percent of the total population has experienced such an incident before. The experience occurs more frequently in just under eight percent.

Even if sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder from a medical point of view, it rarely needs to be treated. If the level of suffering is too great and the person concerned can hardly survive a night without conscious awareness of the paralysis, a doctor must be called in. In the sleep laboratory, electromyography (EMG) or electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to determine the extent to which the patient is affected by the episodes.

Dream of Not Being Able to Open Eyes – Symbolism

We see, look, observe – without eyes this is only possible to a very limited extent. In addition, communication with each other works much better face to face if you look each other in the eye.

What exactly do the eyes mean in the dream? To answer this question, some of the most common dream situations that are related to eyes in the dream are described in the following sections.

Seeing blue eyes in a dream is a signal for particularly strong emotions, of which the dreaming person may not be aware in the waking life. In the dream about the eyes that are the color blue, she realizes that she has positive feelings towards another person.

In the dream world, too, the color green usually stands for something positive. A baby with green eyes signals to the dreaming person that something will soon change in their life. This change is likely to bring a lot of joy to the dreamer. After a somewhat stressful phase of life, she can regain hope that better times are ahead.

Those who dream of purple eyes are obviously looking for balance in their life. Purple is a neutral color and represents the reconciliation of opposites.

The dreaming person feels maybe torn between two extreme sensations and does not know how to decide.

Therefore, according to the general dream interpretation, purple eyes also symbolize uncertainty.

Red eyes signal passion, emotionality and willingness to fight in dream events. When the dream image “red eyes” appears, the dreaming apparently has a healthy self-confidence and knows how to enforce his interests and goals.

When there is a fight to contend, he is on the front lines. However, the dreamer should be careful not to overdo it with his ambition, because he must also pay attention to the needs of his fellow human beings.

The dream symbol “woman with red eyes” stands according to the traditional dream interpretation for sexual needs and desires, which are suppressed in reality.

If a man with red eyes appears in a dream, he symbolizes special passions and forces that sometimes break free. The dreaming person should take care to keep their emotions under control and to make decisions well thought out.

Wolves and dogs stand in the dream world for the feeling-oriented and instinctual side of the human being.

If a wolf or dog with red eyes appears in the dream event, this is a warning to the dreaming person that he or she is currently acting a little too aggressively and drive-controlled. She should listen not only to her feelings but also to her mind.

Otherwise, the dreaming could face big problems in the private or professional area.

Dreams, in which two-colored eyes occur, indicate the dreaming to different emotional states, which he maybe just lived through. Perhaps the dreamer is trying to find a balance between two emotions.

For a more accurate dream interpretation, it is therefore crucial which colors the eyes had in the dream. You can find more information on this in our article on the dream symbol “Colors”.

Anyone who sees a child with black eyes in a dream can prepare for a change in life. The new phase of life will probably be characterized by great creativity and creativity; the dreaming person will surely succeed most of the projects.

On the other hand, black eyes also indicate unconscious and mysterious sides of the dreamer’s personality that he should deal with.

White-eyes stand for purity and innocence. The dreaming is probably a very honest person who always sees the good in their fellow human beings and supports them in emergencies.

Likewise, white eyes can indicate the dreamer’s sensitivity and vulnerability. He may have experienced a great disappointment lately and is now processing it in a dream experience.


As one of the sense organs, the eyes are of particular importance when they appear in a dream. They are considered an organ of light and stand for awareness.

In many cultures and religions, the eyes are assigned a special role: According to one of the Egyptian creation myths, the earth emerged from the eye. – So it is no wonder that the dream symbol “eyes” can be interpreted very expressively and in many ways, because with them we see the world and can visually perceive what is happening around us.