Biblical Meaning of Death In a Dream

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The connection between Death and Dreams, looking through the Bible’s prism, is fascinating to look at, because as the Bible suggests that Death is a dream, not a real event.

The Holy Book also suggests that you can die two times – the first time, it is a physical Death, and the other time it is the Death of the Soul.

But, we must say that, according to the Bible, Death is not destruction. It is just the end of one road, and the beginning of the other; it is only a state of temporary unconsciousness while man awaits the resurrection that will undoubtedly come.

The Bible continually calls this intermediate dream the dream that is somewhere between the two stages of a mind or a soul.

There is something about Death in a dream – it has its meaning that could be understood through the Holy Book.

This dream is very common among people; it is the dream that scares us a lot, old and young, in the same intensity. The dream about Death is so common that even kids have dreams about Death.

The reason is that all of us are aware that life will end one day, but the majority of us have a problem accepting that part of life is the end. We do not want to go, and we are scared of what is coming after; we are afraid of the unknown.

Dreams about Death come as a reflection of our minds, contemplating about this topic.

Right away, we will tell you that the dream about Death does not mean that you will die soon. Its meaning is complex and deserves special attention when observed. Putting it in the context of the Bible takes even one more, deeper layer.

Meaning and Symbolism

Most people are heartbroken at the word Death because they immediately think that someone has said goodbye forever – some of us are more afraid of losing someone they love, others from dying themselves. Both versions are equally plausible.

In a symbolic sense, however, Death is a harbinger of change; it does not mean the end from which there is no turning back and the moment when everything shuts down a blank space. It is hard to tell does the darkness scare us more or the unknown.

The Bible, as well as numerous other religious books, teaches us that Death suggests how something has to be withdrawn for something new to emerge.

The same connotation is available when it comes to the appearance of Death in a dream.

Dreams of Death or dying represent an essential change in the life of the person who has such a dream.

If you had such a dream that maybe you are dying, then such a dream suggests how one period in your life will pass, and a new one will begin.

But a fresh start always offers many opportunities for a better life and progress if you are smart enough to use those opportunities.

In the same way, as the Bible writes how Jesus use his Death to teach all of us of the sacrifice for the world, and therefore he was “rewarded.”

Death in a dream can also be a sign that there is a particular position of yours, a specific view, and a way of thinking on the exhales that will recede and leave room for a different view of the world and life.

It even may be the case that you are nurturing some “dated” beliefs that are not serving you in any case. It can also illustrate the successful overcoming of bad habits and harmful behavior.

In dreams, fragments of an individual’s personality are often revealed, so it is essential to know who the deceased person is or the person who is dying for further interpretation. What does this person represent to you?

In a version of a dream where you are losing a lover or someone from your surroundings that you love very much, in that case, the dream about Death predicts that a relationship that is already falling apart will end.

And, instead of looking at this even as something problematic, tragic even, consider that this is the symbol that you have outgrown certain (not a person) but emotions in life and that your mind and soul know that it is the time to move on, but you are not easily letting go.

There is one more case of Death that the majority of people see as the most disturbing part – a Death of a child. A dying child can “inform” you that your personality is growing and maturing.

Childhood and childish behavior in some parts of your character are or will soon be left behind.

As you could have seen, Death in the majority of dreams has a positive symbolical value, in a sense, that such dreams remind you of numerous ways you can grow and prosper.

Decoding Biblical Meaning of Death in a Dream

First of all, it is vital to speak of the first Death, according to the Bible – where God said to the first man, Adam, not to eat of the tree of the knowledge. It will be the day you will die. If he had listened to his father, he would stay in heaven forever.

So, a dream about Death could have everything to do with disobedience, and such a dream could symbolize sin that comes through Death.

This is the dream that can take you to the discovery of sins in your life, and do not think even for a second that it suggests that you will die – no, not at all.

It shows that now is the time for evaluation of your life within the darkest parts of it.

At times, death’s dream can symbolize the deliberate break of God’s commandments, and it is a great sin. The punishment for that sin is Death, just as God said.

Also, in the version of a dream where many people around you die – its connection to the Bible is this – Death has spread to all people, and this idea raises many questions. If, after Death, some part of us continues to live in another world, then Death is no punishment for sin.

So, the belief that we continue to live somewhere after Death is based on lies. But then, does man have a soul at all, and is it immortal?

So, the man did not receive an immortal soul, but he became a soul. That is why the expression “immortal soul” cannot be found anywhere in the Bible.

It is clear from this that Death according to the Bible; we become the non-physical part of ourselves, our soul. The truth from the Bible frees us from many misconceptions about God and the purpose of our existence. Thanks to it, we know that there is no reason to be superstitious and stick to these customs.

God did not plan for people to live on earth for only 70 or 80 years and then move to another world where they will live forever. He created man to live forever on this beautiful planet, which shows that he loves us very much.

There is one major question that arises here – if we have a dream about Death, are we closer to the accomplishment of such a purpose? It is the task that we have set for ourselves as the mission, to find out.

And now to speak of the two Deaths that we have mentioned – the Bible clearly states that when a person dies the first death, “And the dust [of the flesh] returned to the earth as it was, and the spirit returned to God, who gave it” (Ecclesiastes 12: 7). In other words, the body disintegrates in the earth, and the inner man, the special life or identity of the individual, returns to the God who gave it.

The Spirit with God does not exist on any conscious level when it comes to the first death, but the Creator clearly preserved it for the future resurrection.

God remembers or keeps a record of the unique personality or character of each person who dies the first death.

That is why, after the resurrection, we will be exactly the same person as we were before we passed into the unconscious dream of the first death.

The question is what occurs after the second death? Jesus said that the second death is the destruction of both body and soul, and from it, there is no turning back. In other words, the second death is of an inner nature, in which there is no preservation of character or personality and from which there is no hope of resurrection. It is death on a mental level, otherwise known in Scripture as complete “wages for sin.”

Related to the dream world, the Biblical meaning speaks of the total ruin of the soul, where the Death comes in a dream to remind us how sinful we are and how our soul has deteriorated, and from that point, there is no turning back.

There cannot be turning back for a person who has lost his or her soul, for whatever reason. The Bible teaches us how physical Death is not connected to the process of dying, but moving on, changing, etc.

The message behind this dream and Advice

Dreams about Death can symbolize the people you are surrounded by and give you negative energy and subconsciously burden you – such a dream depending on the circumstances in a dream, can be a bad signal. It shows that you are under major pressure and that you feel uncomfortable around people.

But, have in mind that such a dream suggests that you have not had the opportunity to say goodbye to the person who died and was close to you and would like to.

The Advice here is to re-think personal relations and never do anything that will hurt people you love. It is what we do while we (and they) are alive that counts; to act as good human beings so that we do not regret it.

Death, as an additional element in a dream, can be the symbol of loss is real. It can be connected to the material loss that has hit you hard, and you wonder how you will find yourself without it.

The dreams that have the main motive, Death, can also mean that you have come to the end of the path and do not know how to move forward, or that the dream tells you that you are in the wrong direction that will not lead you to the desired destination.

The Death of your grandparents, your partner, illustrates that you saw or feel something you want yourself to. Either you were touched by their relationship or way of life or something completely different. Ask yourself what you find so different about them, fascinating.

Numerous people have a hard time accepting Death, and they often have dreams about their parent’s Death – such a dream tells you that you have experienced essential changes that have significantly affected you and your life, and perhaps also your relationship with your parents. They can even show frustration with life and your desire to find the right path.

Now, we want to end this story in lighter terms, and the Bible provides us with such an insight.

To understand what happens when we die and to comprehend Death, one must understand what his being is made of. The Bible presents the human being as somewhat an organic union.

Occasionally the Holy Book uses the word soul to refer to the whole person and other times to feelings. But it does not teach that man consists of two separate parts.

Body and soul exist only together; they form an indivisible whole – and the most important thing we should learn during life is that the Death of the material, the body, does not mean anything; it is just the phase.

While on the other hand, Death of the soul has devastating consequences, and from it, there is no turning back.

In the end, some dreams that have the main motive Death speak of the chance to move on, now on in a much different way. And as the Bible says, there is a great opportunity to be resurrected.

It writes how the resurrection is “the establishment of life, together with the fullness of being and personality after death.

In this way, Death is not something to be scared of, and it is something to be happy about because you are given a chance to grow.

Since humanity is subject to death, there must be a resurrection if one is to experience life after the grave. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God’s messengers hoped for a resurrection.

The Dream about Death could be the dream where your soul wants to set itself free, and it wants to move in a different direction.

So do not be scared of this dream – in the worst-case scenario, it is the warning; in the best case, the chance to grow in the unexpected ways so for, more spiritual.