Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning and Symbolism

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A marriage proposal is something most women dream about.

The act of proposing is not reserved only for men, and women do it as well, especially in recent days.

Although marriage doesn’t have as much importance as it had in earlier days, it is still considered a final act of commitment between two people who are ready to spend their lives together; that is why a marriage proposal represents something special because it marks the beginning of that “together” life which expects the couple in the future.

Marriage proposals are a common dream subject. There are many reasons which can trigger such dreams.

These dreams are often dreamed by people who are expecting the marriage proposal to come, or the ones that are hoping it will come.

Also, people who desire to find the “right one” and settle down in a marriage are prone to having these dreams in which case, they reflect their desire to finally fall in love and get married.

Not only real life expectations regarding marriage and marriage proposals are the cause of such dreams.

These dreams could have some other meanings and symbolism for the person dreaming them.

Below are some of the possible meanings of a dream about a marriage proposal:

Making a decision to commit

You might be having a dream about a proposal during a period when you are seriously thinking about committing to someone.

Maybe you have already experienced a conversation where a person you are dating asked you to become exclusive or some similar situation.

Now your mind is processing this information and is preparing you to make the decision and give an answer to that person.

The dream about getting a marriage proposal symbolically represents the situation you are currently finding yourself.

Feeling ready to marry

In some cases, the dream about a marriage proposal reflects your current attitude towards marriage and usually reveals your readiness to get married.

You might have been thinking about this step lately and questioning yourself whether you are ready or not, and the dream about a marriage proposal could be a sign of your readiness.

New opportunities or changes awaiting you

Because marriage and any kind of commitment represent a change, this dream could be a sign of some new opportunities waiting you which will bring significant changes in your life.

You should be prepared to embrace these changes because your life will only benefit from them.

Feeling certain that your current partner is the “right one”

Oftentimes a dream about a marriage proposal from the partner we are currently in a relationship with is a sign from our subconscious confirming our certainty that this partner is the right one for us and our expectation for this relationship to progress further and end in a marriage.

Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about receiving a proposal from someone or proposing someone – If you dreamed of being proposed by your partner, or you were proposing your current partner that is usually a good sign.

This dream usually reflects your desire to be with your partner in a more committed relationship and reflects your love for that person.

You are probably daydreaming about marrying that person and imagining how it would be if you two were husband and wife.

If you dream about a proposal from a person you are romantically interested and you two are not currently in a relationship that dream reveals your subconscious desire to be romantically involved with that person.

If you were proposed by a stranger or you proposed to a stranger, that dream might be a sign of getting to know your true personality.

You are probably going to a transformation in your life and possibly discovering your true desires and true self.

The characteristics of the person you dreamed about could be the ones you need to embrace and incorporate in your own personality.

Dreaming about a proposal gone wrong – If you dreamed of being proposed to marry your current partner or you did the proposing, and it had gone wrong, this dream could be a serious warning about your current life circumstances, especially the ones regarding your love life.

Maybe your partner is treating you bad and you are talking about a serious commitment, and the dream reveals that you are not sure that is a good idea because you don’t like the way your partner has been treating you.

You don’t want to marry a person you don’t feel is the right one for you and this is usually the meaning of such dream.

The bad circumstances surrounding the proposals in your dream were a reflection of your negativity and doubts in regards to marrying that person in real life.

If you were proposed by a stranger, or you proposed to a stranger, and something bad happened, that dream could indicate that you have a problem with discovering your true personality and desires.

Dreaming about a marriage proposal from your ex – If you dreamed that your ex was proposing you to marry them that dream is usually a good sign.

It could indicate that you have come to terms with that relationship and your ex, and you have learned all you needed from that experience.

If you accepted the proposal, that could indicate that you are still somehow attached to the past, and the dream could be a warning to release it for good and focus on your future.

Maybe you are still thinking about your ex and that is why you had this dream.

If you are in a relationship and you happily accepted a marriage proposal from your ex in a dream, you should consider this dream a serious warning to reconsider your feelings towards your current partner.

This dream is often an indication that your feelings for your current partner are not as strong and you are possibly not satisfied with your current relationship.

With this dream your subconscious is possibly making you aware that the person you are currently with is not the “right one” for you and you should consider making some changes in your love life.

Dreaming of being proposed for an arranged marriage – If you dreamed of being proposed by someone for an arranged marriage to a person you don’t know or you don’t like, that dream usually reveals some current circumstances you are going through.

For example, you might be pressured to accept something or do something you don’t want to do and you cannot control that situation.

You feel restricted and lacking control in the situation which frustrates you.

This dream might indicate entering some new phase in your life you don’t know anything about or you fear, or it could indicate being forced to accept some changes even though you don’t like them.

It often indicates situations where you feel out of control and pressured.

Dreaming about a marriage proposal from your neighbor – If you dreamed that you received a marriage proposal from a neighbor, that dream is usually a good sign, providing you accepted the proposal to marry that person.

In that case, this dream indicates the success of all your current and future endeavors.

Whatever you are currently planning on doing will be successful and you don’t need to worry at all. Feel free to embark on any new venture you can think of.

On the other hand, if you rejected the marriage proposal from your neighbor, that could mean that your actions and some wrongdoings could jeopardize your current endeavors and plans, and diminish the success of your actions, and, in some cases, even ruin them completely.

You might experience a set of negative events which could prevent you from achieving your goals.

If this is how you reacted in a dream, you should be careful about your actions regarding your current projects and endeavors, and try to prevent accidentally and unwillingly jeopardizing them.