Dreams About Kissing – Interpretation and Meaning

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Kissing makes a huge part of peoples’ lives. It is an interesting, usually pleasant practice, present in almost all human societies around the planet.

The practice of kissing is culturally shaped and regulated, emotion driven, socially constructed, symbolically extremely rich and full of meanings. People kiss each other all the time.

We kiss our loved ones, such as our parents, children, siblings, our partners, our friends and companions. There are kisses that come from love and devotion, while others are a display of gratitude, respect, admiration and so on.

A kiss is an enormously important symbol in many people’s societies; a kiss could carry many meanings.

People do not always kiss only their lovers or their dear ones, sometimes, a person would kiss their enemy or rival, as a part of certain protocols or other types of social construct.

Moreover, we do not kiss only other people, but also objects of special significance, on a major and a minor plan (for example, a cross in the church, other religious or spiritual items and such).

The practice of kissing is a complex one; it is not only our way of showing affection, but also many more.

In general, we see kissing as universal symbol of desire, passion, love and friendship, but it could also symbolize protection, admiration, honor and respect.

However, it is interesting to note that kissing is not universal practice in all traditions around the world. There are societies in which kissing does not occur. It is also important to mention that kissing is not reserved only for humankind.

Various species practice something we could see as kissing; apes often kiss each other, while cats, dogs and other animals touch each other with their noses, tongues and lips, which could appear as kissing to us.

However, all of these behaviors, including human, have something in common.

Kissing is a special sort of exchange between two living beings; in our case, it is a social and emotional exchange, filled with meanings and messages.

Dreams about kissing

Dreams about kissing are full of meanings, of course. It is also a very common type of dream, with thousands of different versions. There is probably no person who has never had a dream about kissing.

Such dreams usually reflect our emotional state and our desires, in the first place.

Dreams about kissing are, of course, very common in people who are in love with someone, no matter if they are in a romantic relationship or they imagine how would it look like, if they are about to kiss someone they are attracted to.

Dreams about kissing often reflect our protectiveness, so it is common for parents to have dreams about kissing their children and vice versa. However, there are stranger types of kissing dreams.

You could dream about kissing a complete stranger or that someone is trying to kiss you, but you do not wish for that. You could also dream about kissing someone you do not like at all or that you are kissing your own reflection in the mirror or an object and so on.

Kissing dreams provoke a wide range of emotions and thoughts, from extremely pleasant ones, to disturbing and negative ideas and feelings.

When it comes to such an intimate action that is, at the same time, greatly dependant on a cultural system, it is of essential importance for a dreamer to remember the exact emotion or a set of emotions the dream has induced.

If the act is calming, soothing and relieving, the dream is obviously positive and fortunate and vice versa.

The manner of kissing is also very important. That aspect of the dream could reflect a dreamer’s motivation, ambition, self-confidence, will and courage. There are so many meanings and hidden messages in dreams about kissing.

We will gladly help you better understand your kissing dream. Let us find out more about specific dreams and try to interpret them.

Dreams about kissing someone on the lips

If you dream about kissing someone in their lips, no matter who the person is, the dream symbolically represents a confirmation of something. It is a symbolical proof of things going on well and plans accomplishing.

For example, if you had a dream about kissing someone from your working environment, the dream possibly means you made good deal considering your job or something like that.

This dream means the outcome of such an agreement would be positive. If you have kissed someone you know and like, the dream means you are maintaining good relationship with someone; the dream is also a confirmation, in this case, of a healthy relation between two people.

Only if the dream makes you feel particularly uncomfortable, anxious and confused, regardless of if it is about the person who you kissed or their response to your kiss, the dream could have a questionable meaning.

It suggests you should reconsider your relation with someone.

Dreams about kissing your partner or a lover

Dreams about kissing your partner or a lover are always pleasant, except if it happens that the person refuses you in the dream, but not in reality.

Dreams about pleasant kissing experience with your partner or a lover are a great indicator of your love, desire and passion you have towards one another.

However, if the person is unwilling to let you kiss him or her and they do not act like that in reality, maybe it is time to think more about your relationship.

Maybe he or she is not satisfied with your love life, but you fail to notice that, because either you are totally possessed by the strength of emotions you feel or exactly the opposite; maybe your focus is not on that person anymore, so he or she feels unwanted, lonely and neglected.

For some reason, he or she hesitates to speak about that. You should approach to them and try to resolve the situation, if there is one.

Dreams about kissing your parents

If you dream about kissing your mum or your dad, it is a great, inspiring and fortunate dream, but also the dream that represent worry, thoughtfulness and care.

The dream could simply be a reflection of immeasurable love you have for your parents, but it could also reflect your concerns about their health. It could also mean you have neglected them, but they do not want to bother you.

Maybe you should pay them a visit or at least call them, if you live away.

If you dream about your parents, your mother, father or both kissing you, it means you have a great support in your closest ones and you should never doubt that.

Maybe you had an argument with some of your parents, but that does not change the fact that they love you the most.

On the other hand, this dream could reflect your suppressed desire to be a child again, to have no worries or any concerns in life you have to resolve on your own.

Dreams about kissing a friend

Dreams about kissing friends are also good and they are very common if you had a problem with your friend, an argument or disagreement. The dream occurs to tell everything is going to be fine, after you both cool down.

If you dream about kissing your friend as a sign of saying goodbye, the dream probably reflects an actual situation in which you will be separated from your good friend.

It is a channel to help you deal with the sadness about the separation process. However, if you dream about kissing your friend the way you would kiss a lover, it implies you have secret feelings for that friend.

Maybe you are unaware of such emotions or you are trying hard to suppress such emotions, for the sake of friendship.

Maybe your friend already has a romantic relationship and you would never want to spoil it.

This dream should make you think about whether you really have feelings of that sort or it is only a temporary situation, which is quite common.

Dreams about kissing a stranger

Dreams about kissing with a stranger, a person you have never seen before, are quite interesting.

Such dreams often reflect a dreamer’s adventurous nature, their eagerness to explore completely new things in life.

Maybe you are bored of your current situation and you would like to try something new, something that is mysterious and perhaps a bit risky.

It is not a bad thing, of course, but you should be very cautious.

Dreams about kissing your enemy

Dreams about kissing someone who you think of as a rival or an enemy could reveal some truly unexpected things.

Maybe you are actually trying to convince yourself that you do not like someone, when, in fact, you are magnetically attracted to them. Maybe it is someone who does not fall under your ‘romantic-love’ criteria, but he or she is a remarkable person in another way. Maybe it is someone you have an argument with, but just as they sometimes say, opposites attract.

This dream is perhaps, the most intriguing from the category, because it gives you more new questions than answers.