Dream of Missing a Flight – Meaning and Symbolism

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Some dreams are more stressful than others, especially if they happen to be as realistic as a dream of missing a flight.

Almost all of us have experienced some situation in our lives where we have missed a bus or some other means of transportation, and we are aware of how frustrating that might be.

People who are responsible and don’t like to be late experience these situations very dramatic and they can be prone to do anything to prevent them from happening, usually going much earlier to the station or starting to prepare themselves earlier than they should.

Even with precautionary measures arriving late for our transportation happens often and it doesn’t always have to be our fault for missing it.

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control are the ones to blame for missing our ride.

Regardless of all said, missing a ride is still something almost anyone considers annoying, which is why dreams with such subjects can be very disturbing experiences.

Missing a flight is an especially stressful occasion, mostly because flights are not as frequent as some other means of transportation and are much more expensive than other means, and missing it could both mean missing some important event and losing money for the ticket as well as having to spend money for a new one, and to find some accommodation until we wait for the second flight.

These are certainly not the only reasons why missing a flight is such an unpleasant event.

People who fly often usually have a routine in preparing themselves for their travels, and in most cases don’t have a fear of missing their flight and are very relaxed about getting to the airport on time, and that is why they sometimes experience such situations.

People who don’t fly as often usually have a fear of something going wrong and needing to be on the airport way before they should be, and in their fears, they often subconsciously attract circumstances which will cause them to miss their flight regardless of their precautionary measures.

Dreams of missing out on something often reveal your anxiety and worry about a certain issue in your life.

Possibly you feel that you have been missing out on something and your subconscious reveals that fear through a dream of you missing something.

Dreams of missing a flight could have different meanings and symbolic. Here are some of the possible meanings this dream could have:

Anxiousness before an important trip

Often we tend to have a dream of missing a flight before the actual trip we need to go to, whether is for work purposes or pleasure; the stress and anxiety of packing and preparing, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle full of stuff to do could cause you to dream of actually missing your flight.

In this case, the dream is a reflection of your reality and doesn’t have much symbolic meaning for your current life circumstances.

A phobia you have about missing a flight

People who have a phobia of missing a flight often dream about such scenario.

Though their dream, these people are reliving their fears and worries.

These people often attract such outcomes in reality and these situations only confirm to them that they are right for having such an obsession.

It is wise for them to seek professional help and get rid of this fear.

Fear of missing some important opportunities

A dream of missing a flight could be a symbolically disguised fear of missing some important opportunities in their life. A plane flight is something most people plan for a long time, and it usually costs a lot of money.

Also, a plane flight takes us to some new place, usually abroad, where we can expand our horizons and experience pleasurable moments.

That is why, it symbolically represents an opportunity we consider very important and something that will bring us satisfaction in life.

The fear of not being able to seize that opportunity or use it properly could manifest itself through a dream of missing a flight. If you are currently expecting some important opportunity to arise, it is necessary to be alert and release all fears and doubts in your abilities to use its full potential.

Feeling that you have missed some important opportunities

In some cases, a dream about missing a flight could reveal your inner feeling about some opportunities.

You might feel that you have missed out on these opportunities and that you won’t have another chance to seize them; these are some major opportunities which are very important to you, which is why you symbolically see these opportunities as a plane flight, which is taking off without you on board.

If you realize that this is the reason for having this dream, try to figure out whether all is missed for good or there is another chance for you to recover some of these opportunities.

Being overwhelmed with duties and feeling you cannot achieve anything

In some situations, where we feel overwhelmed with so many things to do, we might begin fearing that we won’t be able to achieve everything we need in time.

Fear of losing control of our time and not being able to finish our duties when we are supposed to, often triggers a dream such as a dream of missing a flight.

This dream symbolically represents our fears of not being able to finish things in time because we have so much to do.

If you realize that is the case, try finding some time to relax, reschedule your duties and delegate them to others if you can.

Overall irresponsibility towards your duties

Sometimes people who are irresponsible and don’t care much about deadlines and doing things in time could have such dreams where they miss their transportation.

It is not a big of a deal for them, and they have probably experienced it in reality.

This dream is not only a reflection of their reality, but also a warning of their subconscious that they need to change their attitude towards things and become more responsible.

In some cases, people are not aware of how irresponsible they are towards their duties, and this dream could represent an awakening for them and making them aware of the need to change.

Tendency to avoid dealing with issues

For people who have a tendency to avoid postponing dealing with their issues and ignoring their problems, this dream could be a great warning about the possibility of missing out on something which they won’t be able to return in any way and all because of their unwillingness to confront the issues when they arise.

This dream could be a sign from their subconscious to change their approach and avoid the possible damage caused by their reluctance to act.

Fear and not feeling ready for change

In some cases, a dream about missing a flight could reveal a person’s fear of making changes.

Possibly there is some opportunity they desire to seize, but are at the same time afraid of not being able to use the opportunity properly and you choose to ignore it and deliberately miss on seizing it.

This dream serves to encourage you in your actions and support you in taking the effort to embrace the changes which new opportunities bring into your life because they will benefit you.

A sign you need to start the project you have been contemplating on doing

Sometimes a dream about missing a train represents a sign from our subconscious mind that we should embark on the project we have been planning on doing for some time.

If we have been postponing it for some time due to different reasons, now is the time to take the necessary actions towards making that project a reality.

You have some important deadlines you are afraid of missing

Oftentimes a dream about missing a flight reflects our fears of missing some important deadlines which symbolically we see as a plane which flies away without us.

In some cases, these are deadlines, you have imposed on yourself and you fear that you won’t be able to meet them in time, which frustrates you, makes you anxious and fearful and causes you to dream such dreams.

If this is the reason for your anxiety, try to relax and trust that all will be done in time.

If you keep self-imposing the stress over a circumstance you don’t know whether you will or will not fulfill that might become a self-fulfilling prophesy and you actually might end up not doing these things in time.

Release the fears and trust that all will be done in a perfect way and right on time.

Being under pressure because of some failure you have experienced

In some cases, a dream about missing a flight could be triggered by the feelings of fear that the person won’t be able to perform well in some situation due to some recent (or not so recent) failure to fulfill some of your obligations in time.

If that is the case, try to release the fear and get rid of the feeling of guilt for not doing things right.

Remember that you are creating your future, and if you keep imagining new failures, that is what you will attract in your life.