Dream of Receiving Silver Coins – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about any type of material resources always have strong symbolic meanings, not necessarily related to materiality in our waking life. Dreams about financial resources, wealth, money, possessions, jewels, precious stones, metals etc., are closely related to concepts of both gain and loss.

Such dreams could reflect certain situations in life and include all aspects of life.

Dreams about money, silver and coins are best explained in these terms. Dreams about money, coins and valuables in general are commonly associated with progress and failure, as well.

Symbolism of any material valuable in dreams is dual; dreams about these things always have their positive and negative side.

If you gain some of those in your dream, that is usually considered positive and vice versa.

Depending on circumstances in the dream, your sleeping experience could reveal much more. This type of dream is also associated with fears and expectations. Dreams related to material fortune are common in people who are, for any reason, occupied with thoughts about money, wealth etc.

For example, people on high positions, whose job inevitably considers working with money, would naturally have dreams about silver, gold, coins, jewels and such things more often.

Someone dreams to gain more and more money, while somebody else fears losing money.

Those dreams could also represent unfulfilled desires and wishes.

Our desires could be related to any aspect of life; for example, someone who lacks financial stability dreams of silver coins, because, of course, he or she would like to have more.

On the other side, silver and other precious metals could symbolize something else, not only luxurious lifestyle. These materials could even be a metaphor for something else we desire; an object, a person, lots of emotional stuff.

Dreams about money in general

Better to understand the secret meaning behind dreams about receiving silver coins, we have to interpret dreams about money in general. Dreams about money could be full of symbolic meanings and their scenarios are various.

What was the situation in which you have seen money in your dream? Did you received or found it? Maybe you lost some coins in your dream? What else was happening? Try to remember all the details.

Dreaming about receiving money could have both positive and negative meanings. Dream in which you have received certain amount of money could simply be a good and fortunate omen for your future, especially if there is nothing bothering you much about your waking life financial status.

However, this dream could also mean you will have to spend more money than you are willing to do.

If the money was given to you as a gift, from someone very close, so you are not feeling uncomfortable receiving it, it is a lucky sign. It means you have people who care about you; you are being loved and protected.

This dream could also symbolize good relations you have with people around you. This type of money related dream represents harmonious life, especially in terms of family relations.

Dreams about counting money, no matter in which form the money occurs, are positive. This means you will soon gain something precious. It could be a financial reward, a bonus on your salary or a valuable gift. It could also mean your work will pay off and you will definitely have material stability.

On the other hand, this dream could also suggest there will be a lot of work to be done and you are ready to embrace it. Counting money in dreams also represent career progress, development, wealth and fortune in general.

Dreams about stealing money could be uncomfortable and so their meanings are. If you have stolen money in a dream, it is a negative sign, but not related to money issues.

This dream means you will experience very uncomfortable social situations, you will be accused of something and disgraced. This dream could also be a reflection of suppressed anxiety and regret over something you have done, knowing it is not good. You are feeling ashamed because of that.

If somebody has stolen money from you, it is also a negative dream. It means you will not be capable to prove something in your waking life. This dream symbolizes injustice and false accusations.

You are aware that everything you have done is right, but no one believes that or you are being ignored. You cannot express neither your emotions nor your opinion, because somebody else is pulling the strings. You have no power and control over your current position, most likely in working environment.

Dreams about losing money are also quite unpleasant, but those also have two different meanings. If you have lost money in your dream, it could be a negative sign associated with something you are working on.

It could mean the project is risky and that it would lead to failure; particularly, money loss. On the other hand, this could mean you will lose a job or quit it, but then start something on your own that would be a huge success.

Dream about silver in general

Now before we analyze specific dream about silver coins, we have to learn what silver in dreams represents. Silver and items made of silver have always had very strong symbolism.

Silver is symbolically associated with Moon, with divine wisdom and purity, but also with greed and misfortune that falls upon those greedy and selfish. Silver is also associated with light, mirror, honesty and consciousness.

Dreams about silver could be both positive and negative. In general, silver in dreams could represent your positive, good, pure side and your honest intentions. It could mean you are aware of your qualities and you do not hesitate to use and show them.

However, this could also be interpreted in two ways; either you are too proud of yourself or you are modest, but self-confident.

Seeing silver in your dream is a reminder that you are beautiful, talented and bright, but you should never use it to make others feel miserable.

Dreams about wearing silver reflect your deep desires to amaze someone; perhaps you are trying so hard to do that, so you actually act as if you are being someone who you are not. Try to relax and be natural, just as silver is naturally beautiful.

If you dream about someone else is wearing silver or has silver money or else, it means you are jealous of someone or that you want to compete.

You would like always to be superior and you feel bad if it is different, for any reason. You are being incredibly vain, so you cannot see the beauty in little things in life.

Try to think through it; perhaps it is a reflection of your need to prove something to yourself, not to others.

Dreams about receiving silver coins

Dreams about silver coins could be best analyzed if we have these previous interpretations in mind. Dreams about silver coins represent a mixture of two previous groups of dream interpretations.

If you dream about receiving silver coins, it could mean you will become richer and more financially stable in your near future. If you have received silver coins as a salary or a reward for your work, it means your dedication and responsibility over your job will definitely lead to success.

Dreams about receiving silver coins as a lottery or winning reward in games of chance means you could receive some money literally out of nowhere. It could mean you will receive a heritage you did not know about or that you will actually win a lottery or something like that.

This could also mean someone will pay you a bit more than the actual salary is for what you are doing, because they are really satisfied with your work.

Receiving silver money as a bribe in a dream carries negative meanings, of course. This dream could be your inner voice saying: ‘Don’t do that, because it is bad’. You have might got yourself involved in unchecked, shadowy business, so your guts tell you to quit it. It could be a good warning sign.

This type of dream also reflects unclean conscience. You have perhaps done something bad and it now haunts you.

If you dream about receiving silver coins as a gift, it is pretty much the same as if you had a dream about receiving money in general. It means somebody cares about you and wants to make sure you are provided with everything you need.

This dream could be related to your relationship with your parents or other close family members. This dream reminds you to value such bonds and support your closest ones.

If you dream you are buying antique silver coins, it could suggest you have noble origin or, at least, you are feeling important and you dream about high social positions. This dream reflects your talents, artistic taste and dedication to things you love.

Dreams about receiving very valuable and rare silver coins symbolize a potentially huge material and financial success that will make you able work less.

It is also a reminder that you should be thankful for all that you already have, not necessarily in material sense.