Dream About Rotten Teeth – Meaning and Symbolism

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As its definition says, Teeth are an essential part of the human body, used for the process of tearing, biting, and chewing food.

We all have them; not all of us take care of them; for many people, fear of the dentist is one of the biggest fears in life.

Doctors say that when you look at someone’s teeth, you can learn a lot about that person and his or her health.

Now, when it comes to the symbolical value of teeth, it is also very strong, and it exists in many cultures around the world. They are often one of the symbols of beauty (for example, in some tribes, pointed teeth are considered to be the essence of beauty).

Teeth, in a symbolical sense, can represent strength, power, and above health, well-being.

In dream symbolism, teeth have such a strong and often, unfortunately, bad connotation – in particular, the dream about losing teeth is considered to be a very bad sign; it can be a representation of feelings of helplessness and weakness.

Oftentimes, dreams about teeth come in moments when people feel a lack of strength in a current situation – their brain must have a reaction to those events, and therefore the dream gives such a reaction.

In some cases, such dreams can start when people are experiencing difficulty when expressing themselves and conveying the message to another person. It can be a symbol of the inability to speak to someone, and therefore to tell that person what you really feel.

Also, if you had such a dream, maybe you feel frustrated when your voice does not reach another person; it can be a relationship that is over now, and it is something that has deteriorated during years (a clear symbol of the rotten teeth in a dream).

You may feel inferior and lack self-confidence in a situation in life, and this may be the reason for this dream that is often an indication that you need to be more confident and believe in the value of your own opinion.

Teeth in a dream generally have negative symbolism, and it would be good to dream about them as little as possible, and it can be an indication of various problems, unpleasant situations, diseases, and even death in the coming period.

Depending on numerous other elements in a dream, the symbolism of teeth can vary; one of the most notable versions is the one when you have a dream about rotten teeth.

Meaning and Symbolism

In general, dreams that have main motive teeth, in some generic way, can be a sign of bad things – they are not too common, but they can appear from time to time.

According to a large number of symbolical books, such a dream means that the person who has a dream will get some bad news, or it can mean that it will be in a bad mood and even sick.

If in a dream you see another person with an accent on their rotten teeth (there are numerous version of this dream, you may be just looking at it, but also you may feel the smell and rottenness from their mouth, etc.) – such a dream may be an indication that you will get into an awkward situation and feel bad about it.

It is not something that will pass without bad feelings, and this is the reason why this is a call to be more optimistic.

Also, this dream may suggest that the person you dreamed of will get sick – it does not have to be something deadly will occur, but a minor health challenge is possible.

Illnesses of various kinds are the most common fears that come out of understanding the meaning of such a dream.

In a version of a dream where you are the one with rotten teeth, such a dream indicates that you will have an awkward situation or that you will feel ashamed of something.

Besides, rotten teeth can indicate significant problems that will appear in the coming period.

These can be financial losses or conflicts and discussions with people from the environment.

Also, if you dream that you have rotten teeth, and in the dream, you can sense that your mouth feels bad, bloody, and stinky, it can be a sign that you will experience an injury or that you will lose something.

In the version of a dream, when someone else has rotten teeth, such a dream shows that that person you have a dream about will experience have problems in the coming period and end up in an awkward situation.

That person may experience shame or participate in an argument or discussion that will not end very well.

This person may complain to you about their problems, and you may come to that person as an adviser, a confidant. You should use your position and help that person – to fix its long-term problem that is now manifesting.

If the rotten teeth that you are dreaming about are falling apart – such a dream may be a sign that you will be very angry about something.

It can be something that will hurt you, break you, and make you feel bad, and it is the cause of the frustration in your life.

Try to think about what it can be for you? It can be something small for others, but it can be something so meaningful for you.

In a case when you see someone you know with rotten teeth that are falling out, such a dream comes an indication that the person who has rotten teeth will experience great disappointment.

If the rotten teeth are already fallen off, and you see it on the floor, or on the table, or on the bed, such a dream has a positive symbolism and indicates that you will solve a problem and improve your health.

Decoding the Dream about Rotten Teeth

Rotten teeth in a dream have very bad symbolism and mostly predict a person’s death dear to you – this is one of the most drastic meanings of such a dream that rarely has some good connotation.

If there are teeth that are only rotten only on the right side of the jaw, it indicates the death of a female person, and the rotten on the left side of the jaw means that a male person will probably die.

This is one extended meaning that in a milder version signifies sickness of those people.

If only the front teeth are rotten and are falling down, it indicates the death of a close or younger person, and the back teeth mean that an acquaintance of yours or an older person will die.

In a similar way, it is translated to their sickness or injury, maybe an accident.

In addition to death, dreams about teeth indicate possible illness, injury, or severance of an emotional connection or friendship.

Rotten teeth on the right side of the jaw can indicate a loss of communication with a female person, and if you dreamed that a rotten tooth fell out on the left side of the jaw, it means that you will stop communicating with a male person.

Such a dream may symbolize conflicts with younger and close people, while the loss of back teeth means a conflict with an older person and with whom you are less close.

There are numerous versions of this dream – dreaming of rotten artificial teeth – is a sign that you are hiding your true feelings or those false friends surround you.

This dream can also mean that a close person will betray you.

Dreaming of numerous people with rotten teeth is a sign that that person will recover or be able to solve all the problems that have been bothering him for a long time.

And the version where the rotten teeth belong to an animal shows that you are tender, and maybe in jeopardy, or someone in your surrounding who cannot protect himself or herself, so someone must step in and resolve that situation.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Dreams in which teeth are rotten are not very common, as well as those dreams, for example, the ones where teeth are falling out – such dreams are a bit more common, both versions do not carry a positive symbolical value, although it does not have too extreme.

As you could see, the majority of these dreams are not very good; they have such a negative and often times a disturbing connotation – this is the more precise answer to what such dreams suggest.

These dreams are not only frightening and shocking but often leave a lasting image after waking up – just like the movie where you have seen a disturbing image.

One version is, as you were able to see is that dreams of rotten teeth reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you.

Such a version can be more common in the lives of the people who are struggling with something in their lives.

It is understandable why teeth are that symbol since they play an important role in appearance and can convey a better or worse image of yourself.

These dreams can arise out of fear of your inability to present yourself in a good light.

Taking care of your appearance is a natural and normal thing, and when you, in a subconscious way, are struggling with the self-image.

The second interpretation is rotten teeth in fear of a situation in which you would be ashamed of making a fool of yourself.

Then these dreams arise from excessive worry and anxiety; they can come out from a feeling that you cannot communicate with someone who you care about.

There is even some additional, more spiritual interpretation of this dream that says that you put your faith and trust in the hands of other people and what they think instead of in the hands of God.

In the end, note that in the ancient Greek culture, dreams of rotten teeth signified that a family member or close friend was ill or close to death – this is what is the core belief of today’s interpretation about rotten teeth that are still associated with death, and illness.

To end these lines on a more optimistic note, there is an interpretation that says how your teeth will fall out if you tell lies.

It is also believed that dreams of this kind symbolize money. It is based on the old story of a fairy that takes care of her teeth.

If you lose a tooth and leave it under a pillow, you will get money from that fairy – the rotten teeth do not fall under this category, but they do not have to be so dramatic and serious.