Dreaming About Dreaming – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sleep and the process of dreaming are considered to be important actions of all living beings; all living creatures must sleep well so they can recover from all sorts of everyday pressures.

All living creatures need rest, and it is the perfect way we can reset our minds and bodies.

During sleep, we dream, and the motives of our dreams are infinitive.

It is not uncommon to dream about dreams since it is the world where everything is quite possible, even this. It is a mixture of so many things that are having dreams about dreaming is just one small part of it.

There are numerous versions of this dream, it can be enjoyable, but at the same time, it can be nightmarish; but the term we would like to use here is confusing.

It is truly puzzling when you wake up from one dream, knowing that you are still dreaming and there is one more dream from which you need to wake up. This, we have to admit, can be scary.

This is the question of understanding what you dream, what is real, and such dreams have numerous levels that deserve to be understood in the best way possible, all for the purpose of understanding yourself better.

Strange and confusing are the best terms that we could associate with dreams about dreaming – some of us had them, but not really often.

A genuinely mysterious event this is, you have to admit – did you have such a dream? Some people say that they have experienced such dreams claiming that these are some of the most interesting dreams they ever had. It seems like some kind of a movie with a puzzling plot that you cannot find the beginning of the end.

We must say that this dream is very rare and that only some people are dreaming about dreaming – experts recommend remembering as many different details of this dream so that you can learn as much as you can from it.

Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about dreaming is not common, but most regularly, such dreams come as a reflection of many events that occur on a daily basis in a life of a person who has such a dream.

Also, dreams with this motive can suggest some events that will occur later, and such a dream is a preparation of a mind and soul to be prepared for what is about to come.

Dreams about dreaming are primarily linked to our subconsciousness and all the moods and sensations that we are not normally aware of in actuality.

It could even be said that these are dreams associated with things that most of us suppress during waking life.

Some say that when you are dreaming about dreaming, you are receiving some warning flags that you cannot pick up in a waking state.

Of course, this depends on your feeling when you had such a dream. This is crucial to distinguish.

Does this dream make you comfortable and well-disposed, or does it bother you and make you feel and act angry?

Were you dreaming a good dream (a dream in a dream), and you were sad when you realize that you are just dreaming, or you were naked, were you cold, etc., maybe even being hurt, abducted, maybe this was a dream from which it looks like you cannot wake up at all … The questions are numerous.

There are many issues you can challenge yourself to learn the fundamental structure of your dream without a dream.

This is necessary to do because dreams of dreaming are touchy to decode, and most of us need some kind of assistance during that process.

This is because dreaming is something that is quite intimate for humans – it is a time in which we should be loosened, in which we should feel secure and relaxed.

It can be compared to mediation, where you clear your mind from everything that is distracting, and therefore you allow things that are needed to come inside.

When we dream, we are not aware of what is going on around us, and therefore dreaming of dreaming may be the symbol of a relaxed time in our life where you are achieved all that you could, and you can rest in some way for the time being.

It suggests that the body and mind are totally relaxed and calm, and in balance, a state that is needed for the majority of us if we want to move in the desired direction.

Most commonly, if you had a dream about dreaming, it speaks of your life and what is even more important of your perception of life. In this case, it is based on harmony, tranquility, equanimity, and reticence.

Such a dream comes as a symbol of internal stability, content, calm, and rest. Such a dream implies that you consider yourself good.

Dreaming about dreaming is seen as a good sign that confirms that, in reality, you are blessed with plentiful assistance from those who love you in any part of life, but there is a message here. It states that you should be vocal at times when you need any kind of help. It is healthy and beneficial in many ways.

But, what is the meaning of those dreams about dreaming that do not feel as comfortable as you would want them? Do they go in the same direction as those that make you feel good? This also depends on numerous factors.

First, those dreams about dreaming can be truly complex and considerably unusual because it can even occur that after waking up, you are not sure if you did it or dreamed about it or it was a real deal.

Some say that when you feel not really comfortable after having such dreams, such dreams come as a suggestion that you need, at this moment in your life, a spiritual direction and pure renewal.

These dreams suggest that the person who has them will go more distant into their minds and souls and realize their true passions.

And one more important thing must be said – most commonly dreaming about dreaming is present in the lives of those people who are blessed with high intelligence, someone who cannot be content with little existence; they are the ones who want more for life.

This dream is an answer to a search for channels to display your precious creative force and skills.

Decoding Dreaming About Dreaming 

Okay, we always knew we all needed to sleep and rest, but what happens during sleep was something people have wondered about since the distant past.

The science of dreaming may have some answers, of course, but sleeping in combination with sleep is still partly a mystery, especially if there are phenomena such as dreaming that you are dreaming, etc…

However, this is only a rough interpretation of the primary dream about dreaming – as you could have seen, its meanings are endless.

If you feel good when you dream about dreaming, such a dream brings good news; and it can come as a reflection of your personal content and happiness.

Such a dream, in this way, shows that you are all about enjoying everything that is simple in life, creative actions, and rest.

It is good to live a life where there is no pressure whatsoever, and that day when you do not want to deal with problems and difficulties of daily life. It is the day when you want to tackle your bed and not think about problems. We are not taught to do it in this way, but when you master this ability, not thinking and obsessing over problems, you have mastered a major task.

In a version of this dream where you are sleeping outside and dreaming – such a dream may come to announce that you need to take a break from daily life and a routine that does not suit you anymore.

You want to change something in your routine, and you want to escape from all the worries and difficulties present in reality. Maybe you should go on a short trip or something, just reset and recharge your batteries.

If you feel bad when you have this dream about dreaming when it feels like a nightmare, and you want to wake up as soon as possible, such a dream may indicate that you find stress in your home, someone or something is frustrating you so much and you feel annoyed and disturbed.

This dream suggests that it is best for your mental health to move away from the current situation so that you can deal with such problems in a rational way.

Consider why this is so and what bothers you in your house or with the people you love and that surround you, not forgetting to think that you may be the cause of the entire frustration.

The message behind this dream and Advice

Sleeping and dreaming (as we always have them, it is just that we cannot always remember them) is an action that is opposite from action, but in reality, it is not that. It is a process of much-needed rest that all of us need in life from time to time.

Following this lead, dreams about dreaming may come to those people who are tired and frail. When things are not working out, it is the best thing to do to relax, sleep.

This is the dream that goes one more layer deep – such a dream signifies a person who has so many reservations about things and does not know how to play, how to act, or what choice to make. The soul and brain are saying to you to relax, and the creational force will ignite.

Sleeping is a precious activity and an even more precious rest. Besides, sleep activity (or inactivity, one would say) has always intrigued humanity.

Your body and mind need a little rest, and this is reflected in your sleep. If you are in reality under stress, this is an obvious dream sign that says you should rest.

This dream then reveals a suppressed sense of disappointment and embarrassment concerning your most private experience in life, and your task is to remember what it is.

You feel as if your skin, home, and life are somehow too tight. You have to change something big to feel satisfied with your life.

Dreaming about dreaming can come as a representation of dark passions, emotions, love, desire, and sexual appeal. But this is just one version of this interesting dream.

In a version where there is also someone else in your dream about dreaming, you need to investigate the relation in your life.

Reminisce about your true emotions for tall those who belong in your life, revalue them, and move on.