Dream of King – Meaning and Symbolism

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Royals, in general, are not as common motives in a dream, it is perhaps because it is not an everyday thing, often we hear about it in the news, it is not likely that we see some royals in the flesh, and even when we do, what are the chances that we will dream of them?

But, just because something is not common does not mean that it does not occur never, and when it does, it has its symbolical values.

And one of the beautiful things regarding this dream is the fact that it can appear in so many versions – King and Queens, Prince and Princess, all royals at once; maybe they are someone you already know, or it can be true royals from England or Monaco.

In any case, this dream has a lot of meanings, and here we are going to look for the one that is related to the dream about the King.

Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of a King has good and bad meanings, of course, depending on how we dreamed of him – all elements in a dream are relevant, so try to remember them.

To dream of a king commanding, you may mean that you are sick of someone’s orders in the air.

Probably in your home or environment and maybe at work a person who constantly demands something from you, even when he can solve a situation or problem on his own.

Try to talk to that person about it and open your eyes to try to understand that that person is exaggerating. The King maybe someone you know, but it does not have to be the case.

Another version of a dream is the one where you see a coronation of King means that in the coming period, you will be rewarded for some of your deeds or achievements. You have worked hard and dedicatedly, and finally, the moment has come when all this will be rewarded as it should be.

It is, of course, something you work hard to achieve, but here the accent is on the feeling that you deserve it, that you feel to you in every way.

To dream that the King has ordered someone to be beheaded or ordered the execution of any death penalty means that it is possible that at work, you will get to do something that is beyond your means.

It is work that you are simply at the current moment not capable of doing, and you will be punished if you do not do it. That is why you will be afraid that you will make a mistake and lose your job.

Think careful about promises you give to others, not just in job-related matters but much more, in any aspect of life. Do not act as King, and you will not be forgiven for the mistakes you make.

Decoding the Dream about King

Now, there are some other versions of the dream about the King that are also not very common – for example, if you had seen a King beheading someone, it means that you are a person who loves and knows how to take matters into his own hands.

Whatever the situation, you will not ask anyone else to do something for you. Because of that person, you are highly respected among the people around you.

As you can see, this meaning is good, and in fact, it takes a lot of courage to take things into your own hands, especially work that is not suitable for everyone.

In some cases, this dream comes with the idea that you are blessed with abilities that are reserve just for special amongst us. Indeed, you are the King in some matters.

To dream of a King being at war in the front lines means that you are a person who puts himself ahead of everyone – is this a good thing? Not always – if you are putting yourself in front of all others and take the hard work, it is great. But if you are putting yourself in front of all others, taking the credit for what they have done, it is not ok, and you do not have valuable traits.

Try to change that bad trait of yours so that people will respect you more because, in the end, all of us want to earn that respect.

If you dreamed of a king fleeing the battlefield, it might mean that you will defeat your enemy with whom you have been in conflict for a long time.

This could be someone in your workplace who is competitive with you or someone from society who has been harassing you for a long time.

To dream of a king cultivating the land means that you are a very humble person who does not ask for much from life. What an interesting and rare symbol that not so many people see in dreams.

You are content with what you earn with your ten fingers and expect nothing from anyone. Therefore, you are and will remain a happy person.

To dream of a king riding in a carriage means that you will see someone else take credit for an act or deed that actually belongs exclusively to you.

To dream of a King, commanding means that you are tired of orders issued to you by your superiors at your workplace or in a particular sphere of life where there is some hierarchy.

You carry the thought of leaving a job or a certain activity because of that, but in time you will have to learn to tolerate authority so that one day you can be the same to someone and a role model and support.

To dream of a king sleeping peacefully means that you are a person who has nothing and no one on your conscience.

Try to stay that way in the future as well, as this is the greatest precondition for peace of heart.

To dream that the King is someone you know can mean that one of your close family members will soon receive the long-awaited promotion at work and significantly improve both their own and the life status of all those around her.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

As you could have seen for yourself, dreams regarding King are not common, and usually, they speak of your relationship to another person, but also of your attitude toward life, that could be good and bad, it all depends what is your motive in life, what moves you.

For example, the dream that depicts you are the King’s killer means that a person you have relied on most of your life will stop giving you the protection you have had from her so far.

The moment has come when you have to realize that you are the one who has to work for your better tomorrow without anyone’s help.

That person did not betray you but will leave you to fend for yourself and learn a very important life lesson.

To dream of a dying King telling you something means that you should heed the advice of more experienced and well-meaning people to resolve your current situation. You may have been stubborn too much and went head over heels through the wall but unnecessarily since there are people around you whose advice you really should adopt to get better.

To dream of a king with a raised sword in his hand signifies that a victory awaits you either in business or in some sporting activity if you engage in it for life.

To dream of a King with a child in his arms means that he will soon receive a visit from children or grandchildren that you have not been able to see for a long time.

It is possible that they live far away from you and you are certainly very eager for them.

To dream of a King without a face means that the people around you do not see all your qualities and therefore disapprove of you. You have to work so hard to prove them wrong, but for sure, you are capable of doing it. Just do not let anyone tell you who you are. This is a task that belongs only to you.

The advice is not to bother yourself with their comments and criticisms, but sometimes it is best to just turn around and get away from those whose wrong opinion about us is outlined and do not intend to change it at any cost.

Don’t waste precious energy on things you cannot change.

If you dreamed of a King bowing to you, it means that you will receive some inheritance that you have been waiting for for a long time. This is something that will alter your life forever.

To dream of a king sitting on his throne means that you are a person who is very content with his life and who is on his own.

You have provided everything you need for a relaxed retirement.

You have worked hard most of your life, and now is the time to relax and not think about all those problems that you have been thinking about every workday.

Now all you have to do is a travel and visit some new places you didn’t have time for before.

But if you dreamed of a king riding a horse, it means that you will be rewarded for your deeds and achievements in the near future.

To dream of a king removing a crown from his head means that you will acknowledge to someone that he is better at something than you.

It is a very nice feature for you to pay tribute and merit to someone even when you lose.

To dream of a King shouting out loud means that you do not hear someone crying out for help.

Look around you and look at the people around you. Maybe someone desperately needs you without even seeing it.

To dream of a King firing from a rifle means that an invitation to some great celebration or rejoicing awaits you.

It is possible that it is a wedding of people from whom you did not expect it or maybe some big business reception.

If you dreamed that the King was chasing you with the intention of killing you, it means that you resented a very awkward person who is stronger than you in everything.

This is a person from your business environment who you have mistakenly angered, and probably it will be best to try to resolve the situation through communication.

In the end, versions of this dream are endless. Their meaning is not tragic and not so remarkably good – but as a learning tool, it is great.