Dreaming About Video Games – Meaning and Symbolism

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Since the day they were first introduced to the larger audience, Video games have billions of followers, most notably male, younger population.

Still, females do not shy away from this way of entertainment. We have to say also that this billion-dollar industry will not disappear, and therefore some are struggling with addiction.

What this has to do with dreams? It has a lot to do with dreams – video games can be motives in a dream, and when someone has an addiction or spends too much time playing video games, they will occur more frequently and be more vivid.

Today, we want to take a look at video games as a motive in dreams, but in a case when such a dream appears in a life of a “regular” person.

What does it mean, then? Read here.

Right away, we will tell you that it can connect to the real-life game and that it has got to do a lot with the power that we exhibit or do not show in life.

Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of video games can have different interpretations depending on how you dreamed them, what kind of a game it was, and how you played it.

Maybe the dream showed you quit playing video games. All of this alters the meaning of a dream.

So, the first scenario is the one in which you are dreaming of playing video games. It could mean you’ve become lazy lately and that you do not want to have intelligent fun, but you opt for a time that you are spending, not thinning and almost living “virtual life.”

It is possible that you have fallen into a period when you hate to move, and your home may be in chaos.

And the most important thing for you to know is that your mind is in turmoil.

Still, you are numbing it with some non-inspirational activities (it does not have to be a video game, it can be any activity that is distracting you from a true essence). You have to start and get out of the state you are in to don’t get into the habit

. Do your best to start preparing, and you will see at the end of the day how you will lie in bed satisfied and get a good night’s sleep.

That laziness that you have fallen into can negatively affect all spheres of your life, and do not allow yourself to do that.

In a version of a dream where you are the player in one of the video games, such a dream may show that you spend too much of your time devoting your time to them. You are a team of people who get addicted to amusements very easily, and it acts as a drug on you.

If you have not found the time for your dose, you will be nervous and grumpy. This will be a big problem for you, and especially today, they are always at our fingertips because of mobile phones and tablets. We advise you to delete all but one from your phone and try to resist the need to install and pawn a new one that will take your time that you can use for far cleverer and useful things.

Nowadays, especially for children, games should be limited because they have a very unfavorable effect on their psyche and contact with reality.

But, dreams expand, as we have said more than just the obvious – you are clearly addicted to a person, activity, or simply have a bad habit you want to remove out of your life. It is not working really well, and your mind, soul, and body are contradicted each other – this is the birthplace of this dream.

Also, we must add that depending on the type of video game you have played, the meaning of a dream alters.

In a version of a dream where you are playing not any video game but the horror video game, it could mean that in the coming period, you will be forced to do something against your will. You must find strength inside of yourself and resist whatever may come to you.

If you dreamed of playing an adventure, it could mean that the reality is completely opposite to you and that your life has become monotonous. We advise you to try to make it interesting because there is only one life and you should be happy and in a good mood.

If you have dreamed of playing a strategy type of video game, it may mean that in the next period, you will need it to solve a problem. You want to be tactful to get what you want, not to react and act impulsively as you usually do.

Decoding the Dream about Video Games

In the intro section of this article, we have said that all of us can dream about video games, and their meaning alters depending on the type of video game, but also with your role in the “game.

Some people have repetitive dreams of quitting playing video games as a specific way of struggling with urges.

So, if you have been dreaming of stop playing a video game, it could mean you’re ready to face your urges.

Whatever you have been so far, you have had difficulty resisting them but now are resolved to put an end to them. You no longer allow someone or something to control your life, and you manage to resist.

Another repetitive dream, even in the lives of those who are not real video game players in real life, is the one in which you play the same video game all over.

So, if you had such an experience, if you had been dreaming of playing the same video game, it may mean that you are too dedicated to the same monotonous activity, or that you have dedicated time to the clearly wrong person to the extent that you have started to neglect your daily obligations.

And this is not what soothes your soul or does anything good for you. So you want to wait, but you cannot.

This is also a common dream in the lives of those who are in real life addicted to video games or one specific one.

It’s probably a game where you have to dedicate yourself more and more day by day in order to progress in it, and it’s probably a game you can play self-line with people all over the world.

It is possible that you have been playing it for many years and that it has become a kind of influence and an escape from reality.

If you’ve ever dreamed of someone forbidding you to play video games, it could mean that you have a person in your life that you’ve offended for some reason.

It is possible that you have misinterpreted someone’s intentions, and that is why you have cut off all contact with him or her.

Try to remember who the person is and try to correct the mistake. Try to re-establish a connection to that person and repent honestly.

This is the case since, at times, the dream that has a central motive, video games, can be a reflection of escapism from reality and daily routine that we feel does not complete us.

Being preoccupied with playing video games and neglecting others in the game suggests that people who are close to you are feeling abandoned because you do not give them your time.

The message behind this Dream

Playing video games in a dream signifies that we are aware of how we play the game of life or that we are on a path of discovering how to do it and what we are doing wrong.

If we are doing well, we are probably coping well with the situation in life. If we play poorly, we might need to re-examine our abilities and figure out what we need to improve to get better.

Some funny video games are seen in a dream, and we are talking about simple games, which shows that maybe, in reality, you are not taking life seriously.

It is important to be aware that you have a lot of places to learn, to see how to do something good for yourself, and operate in the competition field and give us some insight into our feelings about winning and losing.

Now, we all know that video games, in reality, show that we belong to one group. It is our identity, and it allows many to equate themselves with a “tribe” or group of people.

Because these games are a form of conflict, they can be used as expressions of aggression against other people, much like tribal wars and local conflicts have been used in the past. They show a way we can gain an identity and connect with other people.

In dreams, seeing, playing video games that require the power of thought and strategy often shed some light on how you should approach a situation. We may need to make decisions to judge the success of our actions and also take into account the response of the opponent.

If we dream of video games, it shows that we need to look back at something in our lives that manifests itself as action, game, something that occupies our attention; we may have to take risks, but we need to recalculate this risk as soon as possible.

In any case, it can show that we have to regain our power and direct our time and energy into something that is meaningful.