Dreams About a Friend Dying – Meaning and Symbolism

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Death and dying are inseparable parts of our reality. Sooner or later, we all become acquainted with that inevitability of life.

Experencing the death of someone close is one of the most difficult events a person could go through, and sometimes that experience leaves scars and trauma which follow the person throughout their entire lives.

Dreams about our loved ones dying can be equally disturbing, but they fortunately don’t have such lasting consequences, although they carry some important messages for the dreamer.

Dreams about people dying can have various meanings and the meaning mostly depends on the current circumstances in the person’s life.

One such dream is dreaming of a close friend dying which has a similar impact as losing a close family member.

This dream could be very disturbing for the dreamer and could cause them to worry about their friend’s wellbeing.

In some rare cases, the dream about someone’s death could be a real forewarning of the person actually dying in reality.

Dreams about dying often indicate endings of some situations.

They sometimes indicate the end of a relationship or losing a job. They could also indicate unwilful changes.

Dreams about your friend dying can have different meanings, and they often reflect your love and care for your friend.

Meaning and symbolism of dreams about a friend dying

Concern about your friend’s wellbeing

Dreams in which we are witnessing our close friend dying are very disturbing. One of the significant reasons that is causing such dreams is our real concern for their wellbeing.

Maybe we know that our friend has been tired and overwhelmed with a lot of duties lately, and we subconsciously worry about the possibility of something bad happening to them because of their stressful life conditions.

Fear of losing a close friend

Sometimes we dream about a friend dying when there is an objective reason to have such an expectation, such as when they are severely ill or injured and there is no way of knowing for sure whether they will survive or not.

In this case, the dream reflects your actual fears and sadness for your friend’s condition. It is a way of your subconscious trying to get used to the thought that you might really lose your friend for good.

This is a very disturbing dream and it depicts your state of worry and sadness.

Your friend not feeling good

In some cases, dreams about a friend dying happen during periods when our friends have trouble with their health and don’t feel well.

Maybe they have some symptoms and they need to do some medical checkups, and that situation fills you with a feeling of unease and anticipation because you fear for their wellbeing and want them to be completely healthy.

End of some situation

Dreams about a friend dying could also indicate the ending of some situation in the person’s life.

The loss you could experience is most likely a significant one, such as the loss of a relationship or a job.

Sometimes the ending and loss refers to the friend who was dying in the dream and that event could mark the beginning of a new phase in the relationship between you two.

Inevitable changes

The death of a person is an inevitable change which the people who are close to that person need to accept and adapt to. That is one of the reasons why death in dreams is considered a harbinger of changes that are coming into a person’ life.

Just like death cannot be avoided, there are some changes that the person could only accept as a fact without trying to fight them or do anything against them.

When such situations occur in our life, the best thing to do is to try to adapt to them as quickly and as easy as possible.

The changes the dream is pointing out to are already happening or they are about to happen soon. Although inevitable, the changes don’t have to be bad and difficult to accept.

The changes could be very beneficial for your life in general. For example, you could be forced to quit a job you loved very much, only to receive an offer for a much better job you will enjoy even more.

New beginnings

The end always carries in itself a new beginning. The death makes space for new life to come.

That is why it is considered as a symbol of new beginnings. A dream of your friend dying could indicate some new beginning related to the relationship with your friend.

It could also indicate that they will soon be experiencing some new beginning.

Maybe you have been going through hardships lately, experiencing some endings and devastating emotions.

This dream could be a sign that you can now relax in the knowing that new things are expecting you and the suffering is left behind you in the past.

Missing your friend for some reason

In some cases, a dream about our friend dying can reveal our feelings of missing them for some reason.

Maybe the friend is busy and doesn’t have as much time as before to spend it with us. Maybe you don’t hear from your friend as much as you have used to, and that bothers you so much that your subconscious is making you dream about them as dead or dying.

If the absence of your friend bothers you so much, the wisest thing to do is to try talking to them and explaining how you feel.

Maybe they have something to say about that situation, or maybe you will be successful in convincing them to find more time to spend it with you.

Sometimes people aren’t aware of certain things if we don’t tell them that they are bothering us.

Feeling betrayed by your friend in real life

A dream about a friend dying could reveal our strong emotions regarding our friend’s behavior towards us.

Dreaming about someone dying could symbolically represent feeling as if they are dying or dead already, and that usually happens when there are some strong emotions of disappointment and resentment involved.

Maybe your friend betrayed or disappointed you in some other way and you don’t want anything to do with them anymore. Maybe you considered them as close as some of the members of your family and the severity of their action surprised you a lot.

These dream scenarios often happen when people are disappointed beyond words by what they have experienced by their friends whom they considered trustworthy.

This dream is often an announcement of end of the relationship with your friend because their actions cannot be forgiven.

Your friend relocating somewhere distant

Sometimes dreams about our friend dying can be caused by their announcement that they are relocating to someplace distant.

The disappointment that we won’t be able to see them as much as we did could cause dreams where we experience them dying. The relocation part is symbolically represented as your friend’s death, or dying, in your dream.

Situations when someone close abandons our life for reasons that are beyond our control are very disturbing and they have a great impact over our lives.

Friends are a big part of our lives and we tend to spend a lot of time with them, so when something happens and they need to leave and live somewhere else, far away from us, that fact causes a change in our life as well, not only in their life.

Feeling pressured and controlled by your friend

In some cases, we have a close bond with our friend that can be a bit suffocating. Our friend might be a person with a dominating nature, prone to control people around them, and we could be one of these people.

The pressure we feel caused by their dominating influence could cause a dream in which we see them dying or dead, as if symbolically freeing ourselves from their influence.

This dream doesn’t indicate that we desire them to die; we only want to release ourselves from their control which pressures us and we don’t know how to get rid of it.

Sometimes people with very dominate natures aren’t aware of the strong impact they have over the people they care about and the limiting influence their reactions sometimes have over them.

If this is how you feel in regards to your friend, it would be wise to openly talk to your friend about that and ask them to change if possible.

Try to explain how you feel in a non-offensive manner and hopefully they will be able to understand that and respect your desires so you can have a satisfying relationship on both ends.

Reliving the moment of your friend dying again

Sometimes, dreams about our friend dying happen after we have already experienced such a horrible tragedy.

In these cases, the dream represents a reflection of our subconscious still trying to understand and accept what happened.

This dream is reliving the sad event all over again and expresses your great sadness and grief over your friend.

You fear losing someone close

Oftentimes our fear of losing someone we care about can reveal itself through a dream about losing someone else, in this case, our friend.

There is nothing strange about this dream, but sometimes it could be hard to decipher it because our friend doesn’t have any obvious connection to the person we actually fear losing.

The dream usually offers some clues and that is why it is important to remember all the details and analyze them carefully.

You lost someone close already

In some cases, we tend to dream about losing our friend after experiencing some similar tragic loss of someone close. The dream is an expression of the shock our subconscious still cannot accept.

There is a possibility that we have developed a fear of similar situations and we fear that could potentially happen to anyone we love.

This dream reveals your inner state and how disturbed you are. It would be wise to talk to someone you trust to try to get out the pain and finally accept the fact of the loss you have experienced.

Your thoughts are detrimental to your psyche and that is why it is essential to try to release them and be able to move on with your life.

You feel guilty because of something you did to your friend

In some rare cases, a dream about a friend dying could reveal your guilty conscious because of something you did to your friend.

Maybe your action consisted of doing something or not doing what you were supposed to which somehow harmed your friend, and that situation causes you to be overwhelmed with guilt.

The guilt feeling in this case causes dreams where your friend is dying and deprives you of the possibility to do something to amend that situation, and apologize to your friend or do something else to repair the damage your actions provoked.

If you keep having these dreams, it is obvious that you need to do something to stabilize the relationship with your friend.