Dreaming of Candles – Meaning and Symbolism

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What is your first association when we say the word candle?

It is something secret or something that you use on a daily basis?

Is it something that connects you to the spiritual part of your life, or is it something that provides you with the light in the dark times, both in a literal and metaphorical sense?

It may be how it is for you. Candles have a special place in most people’s lives, and the candle’s symbolism in a dream is very diverse.

A dream in which a candle shines in the dark can be a symbol of hope, and a lot of candles in a dream can also be a symbol of celebration.

But, depending on other aspects of this dream, its meaning and symbolism can vary.

Specifically, it should be taken into consideration the flame of the candles – are they burning or not… This alters the meaning a lot.

Meaning and Symbolism

When candles appear in a dream, they are considered to be symbols of the life force – if you had such a dream, think of your current status regarding health and overall well-being? Are you content with it, or you have some issues that you do not want to admit to yourself? Both cases can be meanings of a dream about candles.

In a version of a dream when candles are burning, such a dream is the symbol of two things. One – the passing of time and a symbol of mortality and life that goes out like a candle.

Maybe this is the moment to look at your life, and be honest, where are you now and where you want to be in the future.

Candles that are burning in the dream you are having can also be an important sign of respect for the deceased, so a dream can also be a confirmation that you have learned some important life lessons or that some important phase in your life has ended, which a new one should soon replace.

A dream can also mean saying goodbye to old beliefs that no longer serve you – the moment in which this dream appears is the moment when you are ready to take in what serves you more. You are moving on.

If you see yourself lighting a candle – in that case, such a dream is a sign that you will soon have an erotic encounter with a person you have longed for and which you will enjoy a lot, and that such encounters will continue in the future.

In this version of a dream, the symbolism takes a sexual connotation. It is the dream associated with your bringing desire that maybe you even cannot admit to yourself.

An alternate version is the one in which you cannot light candles, even if you try – such a dream does not carry good symbolical value.

It is not a good sign and could announce that you will in some way participate in the death of a person you know. These can be some of your unintentional or accidental actions that will indirectly lead to that person’s death – you do not have to be connected to those events, but the outcome will be devastated for you emotionally and mentally.

In a version of a dream where candles cannot be put out, such a dream carries great symbolism, it is a good sign and may announce that you will soon meet someone you have not seen for a long time because you do not have time or do not live in the same place, but will spend a pleasant time in the company of that person.

It is the person that is persistent, and that will change you in many ways – one message that comes out of this dream is the one where you teach yourself to let go of the flow.

A dream can also announce a meeting with some people who can help you realize your current projects.

If candles are burned out, or the wind has put them out, or some person, such a dream is not a good sign and can mean that someone will maliciously talk about you and gossip about you. This can leave great consequences for your reputation that you will not easily remove.

If candles in your dream are burning, but suddenly, on their own, they are not burning anymore, once again, such a dream does not carry a good symbolical value. It is not seen as a good sign and announces that you could soon become seriously ill and even have to go to the hospital.

A dream can also be experienced as a warning to take action to prevent getting sick.

To dream of walking down a candlelit street, ally, it does not matter how big or small it is. If you have dreamed a dream like this, it can be a good sign associated with your romantic desires – something amazing in love life will occur very soon, and you will be more than happy in love. Just let emotions flow in the right direction.

If candles are not burning anymore in your dream, and you found yourself in complete darkness, we have to disappoint you. Such a dream carries a bad symbolism. Such a dream is not a good sign.

Candles are a sign of success and good luck so that their sudden extinguishing can announce some problems and obstacles in achieving your goals. It not a good sign and may indicate that you will receive some bad news that will upset you a lot. News can relate to a job or something you expected to happen.

Decoding the Dream about Candles

As you could have seen for yourself, dreams about candles can vary a lot – some of them carry an amazing symbolical value, others carry something else, mildly said – a warning.

All of this depends on many factors in a dream, but there is one meaning that is very interesting, and it is related to the most common version of this dream, where you just see candles. In that case, such a dream suggests self-observation or connection with your soul.

Candles can also be associated with love, so they can be a symbol of love for yourself or someone in a dream. Now, there must include a lot of other elements so that the meaning has more layers.

In some cases, such a dream about candles can also mean that you will receive the news that a very close person to you before has passed away and that you will feel guilty that you did not spend more time with her.

Think of this version of a dream, not a call to morn that person and feel the quality, but to think of the people who are still close to you, alive, that deserve your attention and time.

If candles in your dream are extraordinary, lovely, they are sparkly, elegant, such a dream speaks of your inner desires that you do not have the courage to speak of. Now is the time to do so.

If the flame from candles in your dream is flat, not pointy, the dream probably announces a period of peace, happiness, and progress in your life without flickering. Do what you are doing, and keep on going in that direction.

But, in the case that your dream candles are flickering, it is a sure sign of the end of your emotional relationship, which will hit you and your partner a lot. Maybe you and your rigid attitudes and non-acceptance of other people’s opinion or other people’s differences will be the reason for your breakup.

If candles are burning and the setting of your dream is in a church or some other religious place – such a dream is a sign that you feel lonely and that you do not have the help and support you need.

Although lighting candles is always associated with a prayer for help, this dream indicates that your prayers will probably not be answered.

A dream does not mean that you are not a person who has no friends or no one loves her.

The dream is more a sign that these people are occupied with their lives and problems and have neither the time nor the means to help you.

To dream of people walking and carrying candles. A dream in which you saw people carrying candles can indicate that some things or problems from your past will be reactivated.

The message behind this dream and Advice

Do not be scared when you have dreams about candles – sometimes they come to you as a warning, not a good sign that can announce some problems in your neighborhood or environment, maybe some quarrels and conflicts, possibly on a religious basis. You still have time to make some changes in life and avoid or solve problems that are coming your way.

And it is very important to speak, think and be realistic about problems that may occur in your life. You may have ignored them in the past and avoided confronting and resolving them, hoping they would resolve on their own.

The dream is a message that you have to face them and solve so that you can continue, but at the same time, it is a warning not to leave unresolved things and situations behind because they will come back to haunt you at some point.

As you could have seen, candles in a dream are, at times, connected to love life, sexual desire, passion, interpersonal relations, etc.

As we have said, candles, in general, are symbols of the life force connected to the person who has a dream. And sexual desire, if it is healthy, shows the vitality and a healthy human being. If not, it speaks of numerous problems, not just regarding health.

In some versions of this dream, it can be a great sign that announces that you will start a love affair soon with the person you dreamed of and wanted to appear in your life.

In a version of a dream where you are the one who makes candles, such a dream is an amazing sign that foretells success in any action that you are doing right now. Just keep up with the good work.

Symbolically, making candles is associated with creating your success through hard work.

It is such a good sign and announces success in something you are currently doing.

This dream may also indicate that you may be helping someone and teaching them how to achieve success and make their dreams come true.

Such a dream shows your altruistic and loving nature, which now has a new direction.

We will end this story with one more positive meaning regarding your success and progress in life – a dream about candles can show that the energy of life is on the right level.

It is probably a good sign that announces success in whatever direction in life, particularly love and work.

The dream probably refers to a job or project that you are engaged in and complete – you feel gratitude; you feel joy about its completion.

Advice is to let yourself be happy because you have deserved it. It can be related to your job, but it can also be related to some of your personal goals.