Dream About School – Meaning and Symbolism

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A favorite place to some, a dreadful one to others and happy or bad memories to many more. School makes for a great part of everyone’s life.

Education plays an important role in any society, although principles of education vary depending on particular part of the world.

Throughout history of civilization, principles of school education have been changing, of course, but it has always had the same purpose.

The purpose of getting proper school education is not only that children learn letters and math and, later on, other essential knowledge.

Of course, there are schools with more specified educational focus and different types of schools. However, they all share certain characteristics.

Besides of getting certain knowledge, young ones are socialized, they learn how to function in a group, they learn about authorities and many more.

School could also be a very exciting place! It is the place where many meet friends for life and have really good time with their classmates.

Of course, there are people who would rather not remember their school days, because they were bullied or could not get along with other children or studying itself was difficult.

However, school is a common motif and a symbol of civilized world.

Dreams about school

As a dream motif, school often occurs in dreams of those who are still going to school, logically. If we look at it from a wide point of view, than college and faculty also count.

In addition, courses or anything that requires visiting some educational institution on regular basis also count. It is very likely that anyone who gets any type of education at any type of should would sooner or later dream about it.

If the latter is the case, the reason for dreaming about school is quite logical. It is a reflection of something that preoccupies one’s attention in life.

It could be a direct reflection of someone’s emotions and thoughts related to school they attend at the time.

However, people sometimes dream about school long after they finished it. It could be a very meaningful dream.

Dreams about going to school as an adult

If an adult person dreams about going to school (primary, high school or any school not appropriate for the age of a dreamer), it could mean various things.

It sometimes reflects traumatic events from the past, especially from school and childhood days. It reflects events and situations a person has never got over, even though, in waking life, he or she cannot recall it or simply does not think about it on a conscious level.

It does not have to be a situation necessarily related to school itself, but it is related to a dreamer’s school days period. One of the most common reasons is that a person was bullied at school, finished that school, which is kind of an escape, but he or she never dealt with it.

Over the years, a person forgets it; however, if it stays unprocessed, it may bother one later in life. It could reflect in dreams or in situation in waking life.

This is just an example. Think about if there was anything from the time you were at school that bothered you. Is there something you managed to avoid all those years? It could be even closely related to people you did like. Maybe it is time to face them.

On the other hand, this dream could also mean that there are things you delayed, but now would like to work on them again. IT is a good message, because it says that it is never too late.

Of course, being an adult at school with kids is an awkward and unpleasant situation to dream about.

If you feel okay in such a dream, it means you are ready to admit that there are things you do not know much about, even if it was expected from an adult to know it. You are ready to admit it and learn them.

On the other hand, the dream could reflect nostalgic feelings related you one’s young days. You would like if everything were so simple as if it was while you were at school.

If you dream about going to school that fits your age and else, it could reflect your inner need to widen your point of view.

You are ready to learn new things and you are very willing to do so. You are open to new horizons, especially in an intellectual way. You want to improve your knowledge and skills about something.

Regardless of the type of the school you dream of, the dream definitely means you are open to new knowledge.

In a person who considers enrolling master studies or any upper degree of studies he or she finished, the dream about any school is common.

It could reflect a dreamer’s doubts, questions and overall thoughts related to what he or she wants to work on in their master or Ph.D. thesis. It only means he or she intensively thinks about their studies.

Anyone who actually goes to school or studies is very likely to have dreams about any type of school.

It is interesting that an adult on, say, doctoral degree studies could dream about being at primary school. Of course, these two are unreliable. However, such a dream means a dreamer has insecurities about their thesis.

He or she feels as a pupil again, even though doctoral degree requires a lot of gained knowledge and experience and it is a continuation of your work and studies as a whole.

Dreams about high school

Dreams about high school have specific meaning, since high school days are formative days of an adolescent. These are the most sensitive days in a person’s life; being young, but not actually a kid anymore, but still kid in the eyes of adults.

If you dream about your own high school, it indicates connections with people you knew in that period.

Maybe you maintain good relations with your high school friends, so the dream reminds you of them.

Perhaps the time is for you to gather and share stories from days passed and your current lives. It could be a really good time with your old friends! On the other hand, this dream could remind you of people you miss and whom you would like to see and talk to again.

It often happens that friendships break after people finish high school, simply because everyone found their own direction in life.

Dreams about high school often occur as a reminder of lessons we learned in that period. However, the dream could be a reminder of your responsibility as an adult. You still feel very young at heart and you are unready for your ‘adult’ life.

The dream could have another specific meaning if you dream that you actually attend high school again. This means that you are unsatisfied with results you have come up with so far.

You are insecure about your achievements in life and you feel as if you have failed others expectations. You are back at school to improve things, to learn better and more, so that you could make better achievements in life.

This dream often occurs when a person faces a situation in which he or she feels as a failure.

If you are a teenager and actually attend high school, the dream only reflects it as a part of your current life.

Dreams about running from school

Dreams about running from school have tons of meanings, depending on a dreamer’s current situation in real life.

First of all, such a dream means you are being childish and irresponsible.

You are unready and unwilling to take any responsibility, even if it was for your own sake. You are restless and you would rather play than act seriously, in your waking, adult life.

The dream also indicates you have problem with figures of authority.

Running from school is an act that defies rules and authorities; a rebellious act. It could have strong metaphorical meanings. It indicates a dreamer’s dissatisfaction about current state of his or her country’s affairs. You are frustrated by governmental acts and you feel suppressed.

Running a ways from an institution means running away from the system. The same applies to any other form of authority you feel suppressed by or mistreated.

It could also be a reflection of your dissatisfaction at work. You do not want to follow orders anymore, because you think these are unjust. You want to break of it and be your own boss. You do not like the situation at work and relation with your employee.

The dream about running from school could have another possible meaning; it indicates you learned nothings in the past.

Alternatively, it indicates your opinions and ideas will be rejected by others. Maybe you have some rather radical opinions others do not want to accept.

Nevertheless, the act of running away still means you are childish, because you do not respect their choice and right to reject your ideas.

Running from school also means you are trying to avoid an encounter with people from your school days.

Dreams about being a teacher at school

This is an entirely different scenario that takes place in the same environment. If you are a teacher in real life, well, dream most likely reflects your preoccupation with your job.

It could reflect either positive or negative feelings related to your job as a teacher or towards a particular element of the job or a situation. If you are not a teacher, then the dream has another meaning.

If you dream about being a teacher, it depends on details from the dream. If kids listen to you and you have no problem making order in classroom and kids are very interested in your lessons, it is, of course, a good sign.

The dream suggests people respect you and value your opinions. Such a dream indicates you have skill and charm to make people listen to what you have to say.

The dream is an encouragement for you to relax and freely share your opinion to a larger auditorium. This dream could occur in people who are not used to public speech, but circumstances are such that he or she has to deliver a speech in front of other people. Kids are precious auditorium, if they listen.

You know how hard it is to draw and keep their attention. Therefore, if everything is fine with your lessons in a dream, go for it.

Being a teacher at school in your dream could also reflect your love for children or exactly the opposite.

If details are similar to latter mentioned and you feel goo in the role of a teacher and children enjoy your teaching, it means you feel good and relaxed around kids. If you have none of your own, but you plan to, the dream suggests you are ready for it.

On the contrary, if you feel very uneasy teaching to kids, it means you are not ready.

If children misbehave and do not give a thing about your lessons, it means your waking life is chaotic; it is a reflection of your inability to take control over your life. It could have to do with your own misbehaving kids, if you have them.

You are annoyed by their behavior, but you are unable to calm them down. It is a frustrating situation, because it makes you feel bad as a parent. It could reflect in a dream with a classroom full of misbehaving kids.

Generally speaking, being a teacher at school is a reflection of having authority. You have to be very careful with the interpretation, since it could mean you enjoy having authority only over those weaker than you are.

Maybe you underestimate people you have authority over in real life.

On the other hand, it could mean you are naturally given that precious, protective and nurturing type of authority everyone admires and respects.