Dreams About Bathrooms – Meaning and Interpretation

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Bathrooms are a fairly common motif occurring in dreams. Since the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and the one we visit often, it is not strange that we have dreams about bathrooms.

However, such dreams could be loaded with additional symbolism; not only the bathroom itself is symbolical, but also anything else happenings there.

A bathroom is a place of the most private and intimate actions, including bathing, beauty routine practices and, of course, fulfilling of our physiological needs. Bathroom symbolism is clear; in waking life and in dreams, a bathroom symbolizes something deeply intimate.

It could also be associated with concepts of vulnerability, hiding and exposure.

In the bathroom, we are turned completely only to ourselves. We are doing what our body needs and this is an extremely private ‘event’. It is even a taboo; no one is supposed to see another person while these physiological processes.

That is something considered private and normal, but shameful in a way, in modern society.

All sorts of bathroom routines are also meant to refresh us and regenerate our bodies.

Therefore, bathroom symbolism is also associated with rejuvenation, refreshment, vitality and health. Since a bathroom is literally ‘a bathing room’, a place where we get clean, it is also associated with cleanliness, order and purity.

As a symbol, it is associated with our mental, emotional and physical cleanliness and purification.

As a motif in dreams, bathrooms mean all of these. Other factors affect the exact meaning of particular dream, of course. People commonly have dreams about bathrooms.

However, the secret meaning of the dream depends on whether you dreamt about your own bathroom or someone else’s bathroom. It is not the same if the bathroom in a dream is clean and tidy or messy.

It could also happen that you cannot find a bathroom in your dream or it is being occupied.

You could also go to a public bathroom for an opposite sex. All of these factors put an additional symbolism to your dream.

Let us find out what are possible meanings of these bathroom related dreams.

Dreams about being in the bathroom

If you find yourself being inside a bathroom in your dream, it means your instinct and intuitive needs are not in balance with your reason and your conscious thoughts and practical goals.

You feel as if your body or soul tells you one thing, while your mind says something different.

Your desires and your morals are not in harmony, so you cannot decide what to do about certain situation.

Dreaming about a clean bathroom

If you dream about a bathroom that is perfectly clean or that you are cleaning the bathroom, it means you have the real need to purify your mind and to refresh yourself.

You have loaded yourself up with negativity and ill thoughts, so feel the need for an emotional and mental cleaning. You want to make certain things right, perhaps.

It could also mean you have neglected your own dreams, needs and desires, because you dedicated your time to a certain cause, work or another person. This dream is to remind you that you have to dedicate some time only to yourself.

You should pamper yourself and purify your mind. It means you should learn how to relax and not feel guilty about indulging yourself with small pleasures.

Dreams about a public toilet

If you dream about a public toilet or a public bathroom at certain facility, it could mean many things. If you dream that the bathroom or toilet is crowded with people, it means that some people in your waking life are sticking their noses into your private life.

It is probably your own fault, because you do not tell them to mind their own business, but instead let them manipulate you.

You should value yourself more, because you are constantly being exposed to other’s influence. Even if people around you do not want to control you in a negative way, you should really take responsibility over your life and start to think with your own head.

Otherwise, your private life would never be your own and others will have power over you.

Dreams about a messy bathroom

If you dream about a bathroom that is untidy and unclean, it means you have too much worries on your mind.

You somehow cannot get along with challenges in life and you are just pilling up negative emotions and problems.

You cannot divide actual problems from irrational ones. You also cannot decide your priorities in life, which ends up with messed emotions.

Dreams about an unclean bathroom remind us slow to dedicate some time to clear up things in our most intimate life. You should take some time and calm yourself, instead of being anxious and just messing up your emotions even more.

Relax, take a deep breath and start clearing things up, one by one, step by step.

Dreams about searching for a bathroom

Dreams in which you are searching for a bathroom or a toilet, but you cannot find it means you have hard times controlling your instincts and your raw emotions.

You are trying to suppress them, because you are actually afraid of showing them. You are not self-confident, so you are afraid of being hurt if being rejected or so.

This dream suggests you should relax and open up to people; there is nothing so scary to be afraid of. We learn from experience. Suppression of emotions eventually leads to bursting out and making everything much worse.

It is exactly as if you cannot find a bathroom and get relief from that what is making you very nervous and physically bad.

Dreams about an occupied bathroom

Dreams about an occupied bathroom indicate other people manipulate you and control your actions.

Whatever you try to do ends up with someone else deciding in your place. You feel under constant pressure and helpless.

This usually happens when you have an overprotective figure around. You cannot grow, develop, and advance, because someone is tailoring your destiny.

This dream means you should be more courageous and decisive.

Dreams about someone is knocking at your bathroom door

If you dream about someone is knocking at the door, while you are inside the bathroom, means you are trying to control your life and to keep your private things for yourself. You feel under pressure, because others stick their noses into your privacy.

However, you are determined to keep them private.

Do not let them ‘inside the bathroom’. You private life should be reserved for yourself.