Dreams About Broken Glass – Interpretation and Meaning

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Glass is one of the oldest natural materials humankind used to make various objects, such as ancient weapons.

In prehistoric times, people did not know how to make glass on their own; instead, they used natural glass to make sharp, deadly spearheads and knives. Yes, this fascinating, now common, matter is composed of minerals.

It is being created in quite a magnificent way. When a lightning strikes sand, it melts and turns to glass.

Humans have not known the art of making glass artificially until the third millennium BC. It was in Ancient Egypt that people have started making glass.

However, they did not know how to create pure glass, the one that is completely transparent, so it was used mainly to make jewelry pieces, various other decorations, vessels in different shapes and so on.

Throughout history of human civilization, glass has been becoming more and more popular.

From prehistoric tools and weapons, over Ancient World’s trinkets and vessels, glass has became useful in various areas of people’s creativity.

One of the most impressive reaches of using glass is probably its use in architecture. Symbolically, glass possesses many meanings.

This intriguing matter is quite paradoxical in symbolical dictionary. It represents both strength and fragility, both a barrier that keeps everything at distance and a window through which many things could be seen; it is either protective or revealing.

Dreams about broken glass

There are many dreams about glass, of course, because it comes in so many forms. Today we will focus on broken glass. Generally, it is said that dreams about glass objects suggest a dreamer feels passive and weak in reality, but that has not to be the only interpretation.

Broken glass is always a strong message, but the interpretation of this dream motif depends on a dreamer’s current life situation, experience, emotions, his or hers thoughts, dilemmas and doubts in waking life.

Dreaming about glass could be a reflection of your tenderness, weakness and fragility, but also your clairvoyance, good intuition, ability to see through people and situations.

It could also represent invisible walls you have built around yourself to prevent others step into your personal space and barriers that keep outer influences away, both positive and negative ones.

It could mean both in combination; you are able to take care of yourself and at the same time see far and have a lot of knowledge about the world.

Now we come to the motif of broken glass. Usually, to dream about shattered glass and broken glass object is considered a negative sign. However, it is not necessarily so, depending on other circumstances in a dream and in reality of a dreamer.

One thing is for sure, broken glass in a dream represents things that are not to be undone, radical decisions, big changes and events that turn your life upside down.

It is sometimes associated with overcoming difficulties and ending toxic relations, leaving damaging environment and making decisions that lead to progress and better tomorrow.

Dreams about seeing broken glass

Dreams in which a person sees broken glass could reflect his or hers failures, troubles, bad events that have already happened, regret over things, things that are gone forever.

Broken glass in dreams represents ended relationships (both on purpose and unintentionally), failed expectations and opportunities that have passed you by.

Dreams in which you only see broken glass (e.g. broken window, broken glass vessel or a sculpture and so on) could also mean someone else is in control of your life; you are not in charge and are not making any decisions.

Seeing broken glass in dream is a reflection of your failures and disappointments in waking life, things you cannot repair and undone.

It could also mean that you have lost your self-confidence and you do not actually believe things could be rebuilt and repaired; you have become hopeless.

Broken glass symbolizes all kinds of frustrations; the strongest emotions it is associated with are grief, sorrow and regret.

Dreams about breaking glass

On the other hand, if you are the one who breaks a glass object in a dream, it could reflect your need radically to change things and your willingness to do so.

You have all the power to end up with habits, people and circumstances you do not longer find positive, good and suitable. You want something new, so you destroy something old, seen as a dream metaphor.

If you are dreaming about breaking glass and feeling good because of it, it means you are ready to let go off past.

Dreams about breaking glass could also be simply reflection of your suppressed negative emotions, such as anger, sadness and the feeling of helplessness.

You are very frustrated in reality, because you still have not find a clue to problems you have. You do not know how to handle stress or you are unable to express it and channel it in reality.

Dreams are channels for filtering out all these suppressed emotions.

Dreams about stepping on broken glass

If you dream about walking over broken glass or stepping onto a piece of glass, such dreams could reflect your troublesome waking life. You are probably facing difficulties and this phase of your life is particularly hard to you.

If you are intentionally walking over shattered glass, it means you have hardship, but you are determined to overcome challenges, no matter how hard those could damage you. You are ready to sacrifice something in your life for greater good.

If you have accidentally stepped onto a piece of broken glass, such a dream could be a bad omen and announce particularly unpleasant surprise in your waking life.

This broken piece could represent betrayal, obstacles, people who would like to hurt you and spoil your plans.

On the other hand, it could be a reflection of something similar which has already took place and over which you feel extremely frustrated.

Dreams about eating broken glass

Dreams about eating broken glass surely sound terrifying. These dreams are extremely distressing and scary and their meaning is not much better.

There is no way you could feel nice about such an experience, right?

These dreams are usually related to a dreamer’s ability of saying their mind out loud. If your mouth is full of broken glass, it symbolizes your unwillingness to open up or a problem with finding right things to say. This fear of saying your mind comes from your uncertainty about consequences of your words.

In some cases, dreams about chewing and eating glass are a metaphor for repentance for something you have already said.

This dream often comes to people who generally find it hard to admit they were wrong and to say sorry.