Dreams About Cutting Hair – Interpretation and Meaning

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Hair is one of the most representative features of an individual’s personality. The way we treat it and style it tells a lot about our character; ladies’ hair, men beards and moustache, our hairstyles, color of our hair, the length and the state in which it is play a huge role in our social life.

Since far past, people have been trying to style their hair according to the latest fashion trends or to express their attitude and opinion towards the society or particular aspect of culture and social life, to represent his or hers status in society, cultural heritage, subculture or anything else.

One of the most representative examples of how the hair is culturally accepted is female beautiful, nurtured and shiny long hair, always identified with concepts of glamour, care, beauty, elegance and style.

Numerous ancient art pieces, such as mosaics, frescoes, paintings and many more, feature depictions of ladies combing and styling their luscious long hair.

Although hair has always been associated with the concept of femininity, men hairstyles have also always been important. Since hair has been playing an important role throughout our cultural history, it is logical to assume its symbolism is strong.

Dreams about hair, particularly those of cutting hair, are always deeply personal. Hair is something we all have; it is a part of our body, a visible feature we have to take care of.

The state of someone’s care tells a lot about that person’s character and his or hers self-acceptance, self-image and care.

It could tell us whether that person cares for himself or herself, what culture or subculture he or she does belong to, even what that person feels.

For example, the practice of cutting your own hair as a visible sign that should suggest that person mourns over someone or something, is present in various societies all around the world.

Dreams about cutting hair

The way we treat our hair is an explicit way of telling the world about our personality, in the manner we would like to be seen. The way we style our hair helps other people recognize us as a part of something, for example.

Everything that has to do with hair is personal and intimate. Dreams about cutting hair are, thus, incredibly powerful and they can induce various emotions and thoughts in a dreamer.

Usually, such dreams are not pleasant and they represent loss, as well as changes and transitions.

Cutting hair in dream also symbolizes the event of finally facing things we would rather avoid or accepting circumstances we are unwilling to accept.

Dreams about cutting hair are deeply emotional. If a dreamer feels particularly uneasy and unpleasant during the actual action in the dream, it means he or she is afraid of losing something, usually losing control over situation in life or over emotions.

It could also mean a dreamer’s sub-conscious mind tries to find a way to accept loss or a change.

The interpretation greatly varies depending on your emotions towards the very experience of cutting hair in a dream and on particular circumstances in the dream itself.

Dreams about your hair is being cut

If you dream about someone else is cutting your hair, it reflects your insecurity in waking life and your suspicion that someone else is trying to manipulate you and control your decisions and actions in reality.

It could be a strong, strict and commanding family member (e.g. parents, a spouse) or your boss, a colleague, even some of your friends.

You feel exhausted and like giving up; you let that people do whatever they want, because you are tired of confronting them. You are being controlled and manipulated in a negative way, but you simply do not know what to do about it.

On the other hand, such a dream could mean you are willingly letting someone guide you. You believe in someone’s good intentions and you have carefully thought through advices you have got from that person.

Someone is being protective over you; the action of cutting your hair does not necessarily mean that person takes something from you, exactly the opposite.

Maybe you feel you need to listen to other people more, for there are those who wish you well and perhaps had more experience in life. This dream could inspire you to have more confidence in people.

Dreams about cutting your own hair

If you dream you are cutting your own hair, such dreams usually symbolize facing certain situations, letting go of old habits, past, memories that drag you backwards, negative feelings and so on.

These dreams indicate a great change is coming and you feel it on a sub-conscious level. Cutting your own hair in a dream almost unanimously mean you are ready to let go off past and that you feel you really need a big change, in any area of your life.

This dream is particularly intimate. If a female dreamer has this experience, it could also mean she denies her femininity.

Dreams about cutting your own hair are always associated with personal development and transition.

Such dreams mean you are changing and you want to show that to the world. Such dreams also represent acceptance; the acceptance of both good and bad things in life (e.g. the acceptance of loss, the acceptance of new opportunities, the acceptance of your own self just the way you are).

Depending on how you feel after waking and what emotions this dream provokes, dreams about cutting your own hair carry either positive or negative energies.

If you cut your hair very short or even completely shave your head, it means you are determined to start fresh and to courageously step into a new chapter of your life.

Since such change in visual appearance is very obvious, it means you are not afraid to show others your willingness to try something new or to finally express pints of view you have already changed.

Dreams about cutting someone else’s hair

If you dream about cutting someone else’s hair, it means you are in need of control.

You want to have power over everything in your life. It means you have a need to make decisions in other people’s place, because you believe you know what the best is for all. You appear string and confident, but actually feel very insecure if you are not in charge and you find it extremely hard to comprehend that life is not all about control.

Surprises and unexpected events frustrate you, even if those are positive ones. These patterns of thinking and behavior reflect in your dreams.

If you feel disturbed by this dream, you should work on yourself and try to figure out what scares you the most about the fact you cannot actually control everything.

On the other hand, dreams about cutting someone else’s hair could simply reflect your care and love for someone.

You want that person to feel good and you want to protect them from any harm. You have the need to pamper and nurture someone.

Maybe you are over-protective and you are actually pressing that person, but he or she feels your good intention so does not speak their mind.

Such dream also reflects perfectionists’ traits; you want everything to be exactly the way you have imagined. You are skilful, handy and talented, so you want to apply these qualities in reality.