Dreams About Singing – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about singing are not so common, but could be very interesting and carry many hidden meanings. The meaning can vary on many factors, so it is essential exactly to remember the course of the dream.

If you cannot recall everything, try to remember the most important details, such as who was singing, did he or she (or you) have sang well or not, where it happened and so on.

Singing in dreams is an interesting phenomenon and it could tell many things about your life, if you interpret it well enough. We will try to help you get your answers by presenting several of the most common singing related dream types.

In general, singing is an activity that symbolizes joy and happiness, but dreams about singing can have various meanings.

Songs are a special way to express our emotions. If we talk about making songs and performing, it is something that is characteristic only for us, thinking humans.

However, animals can sing as well. We appreciate, enjoy and love listening to birds’ songs, because they could produce so wonderful, magical melodies.

People would also compose melodies that sound as if they were nature sounds. Adding lyrics makes these melodies songs of our souls.

Composing songs is something only people do. It is an incredibly emotional and yet practical activity; writing lyrics and composing notes, in order to make a wonderful song is not something everyone could do.

Performing a song is indeed something we can all do, but not everyone can sing well.

However, sometimes it is not important if we know how to sing or not; singing represents the opening of our heart, our soul, letting out our emotions, thought and feeling overall relieved. Everyone can sing! There are many sayings associated with singing that are meant to make people happier and to help them ease their pains.

The very activity of singing is meant to help us channel our feelings, good ones, exactly as the bad ones. Dreams about singing are the same in meaning.

Sometimes, if a person find it really hard to let go of something in reality or to say something aloud, he or she dreams about having a speech or singing, privately or publically.

Dreams about singing

All dreams about singing are reflections of certain strong feelings we have, no matter if those feelings are good or bad. Singing is a powerful channel, both in reality and in dreams; it is a special activity that help us express our true feelings and to give them another dimension.

Dream interpretation vary in the first place based on who is the person singing. If you dream about hearing someone is singing, it could be an eye-opening dream, meaning that you should pay more attention to the world and people around.

Maybe there is someone who would like you to notice them, but finds it hard to approach to you or a person wants to tell you something important, but does not know how. If you dream about singing yourself, it definitely means you have very strong feelings about something or someone.

It does not necessarily have to do with suppressed emotions, but with those that are strong enough completely to occupy your life.

Dreams about singing well

If you dream about singing well and feeling good about it, this is, of course, a positive one.

This dream reflects your happiness in general or serves as a reminder of how your life is actually good. This dream means, in the first place, that you should put your worries aside, at least for a while.

You have so many good people and many good things in your life to be happy about it.

Most of us are prone to failing to realize how happy we actually should be. Dreams about singing are a metaphorical expression of good, positive emotions and they could often represent a reflection of our romantic desires.

This dream means you should not worry much about your future, because good things are coming your way. Stay as positive as you are now and believe you can do much.

If you dream about singing alone, so that no one can hear you, it reflects your good self-esteem, strength and courage. It means you can do much more than you perhaps think you can. Relax and have faith in yourself.

This dream suggests you have all conditions to be happy about your life and your personality, above all.

Dreams about singing badly

If you dream that you are singing badly and in public, it means that you are feeling anxious and insecure around people; the dream reflects your lack of self-confidence.

You constantly worry that you will be ashamed in front of others and you are too occupied with what others think about you. The time has come to gather yourself up and accept who you are.

You cannot be perfect, as no one can; you should embrace your flaws and weaknesses in order to improve them or in order to make the best of qualities you definitely have. Maybe you are trying too hard to do something you actually do not have enough talent for.

It does not mean you should give up, but that you should perhaps change your focus, at least a bit.

This dream could mean that you are about to experience a public embarrassment, but it does not have to be something major, but it will still be unpleasant. However, you should not lose your courage because of such things.

You should train yourself to be more resistant to other’s judgment in general.

Dreams about being unable to sing

Dreams about trying to sing, but having no voice, are some of the scariest dreams and, fortunately, those amongst the rare ones.

This dream means you have extremely hard times to give your thought a concrete shape; you have many doubts about your own decisions and actions, even your desires, goals and emotions.

You do not know how you actually feel about something important, so you are unable to express your thoughts about it.

This scary dream could also mean that you have a great potential, but you still have not found a way to bring that potential into something actual and real. You are impatient, so this inability makes you nervous and freaked out.

You start thinking that you are incapable of something, simply because success and progress do not come instantly.

This dream could also mean you would like to express your deep feelings for someone to that person, but you are freaked out of expectations about that person’s reaction.

You would, for example, like to say to someone that you are in love with them, but the fear stops you. You feel extremely uncomfortable with keeping strong emotions inside and you should gather your courage and open up your heart; otherwise, you will only suffer more.

Dreams about singing in choir

Dreams about singing in a group of people, in a choir or else, means you are surrounded by good and supportive people. This is a positive dream, especially if your singing is harmonious. It means you have good friends and this dream reminds you there are people who care about you.

This type of dreams commonly occurs when people get too focused on a personal problem and forget about other things in life; the truth is, you are not alone in that.

If you dream about singing with other people, but your singing is not fitting the overall melody, it means you should change something in your attitude.

While you are unique and it is good, you should not be that afraid of making compromises, because it is a childish behavior. You can still be who you are, even if you fit in.

Adjust your behavior to your social environment, in order to get along with people around you.

Keeping up with your old habits will prevent you from progress, especially in terms of emotional and social relations in general.

Be true to yourself, but try to figure out how to fit your uniqueness into a wider picture.