Dreams About Escaping – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about escaping could be quite interesting to interpret. Such dreams are active and intense, so meanings are usually related to strong emotions. Most commonly, dreams about escaping reflect situations from waking life.

However, meanings vary, depending on what or whom you are escaping from, are you in life threatening situation, is someone chasing you and so on.

It is always good to memorize details and try to connect them with real life situations.

Escaping is a mechanism that literally helps us save ourselves when endangered. However, we transform the practice of escaping into many forms. We could escape emotionally and mentally, we could escape from both good and bad things.

This escaping routine make us feel safe and secure, but also make us cowards and weak ones. It all depends on particular situation.

Escaping mechanisms are common in the world of nature; however, humankind has given it special forms and meanings.

Dreams about escaping often reflect our conscious or unconscious need to avoid something in reality or to get rid of obstructive and negative thoughts.If we feel endangered or unsafe in real life, it is very likely we would dream about escaping a dangerous situation.

Let us find out more about specific escaping related dreams.

Men dreaming about escaping

If a man dreams about escaping, that dream reflects a relation between a dreamer and his coworkers or anyone from his social or professional environment.

Such a dream usually has a negative meaning and it is most likely to be interpreted as a possibility of betrayal.

Someone in your working environment is plotting behind your back. You are failing to see if someone has ill intentions and you trust people too much, especially when it comes to professional and financial matters.

Escaping in a dream means you are in danger of betrayal, but you cannot see it in reality.

This dream suggests you should leave such an unhealthy environment or simply be more cautious and observant at your workplace. You should mind what you are say to whom, because there are people who would use private information in order to make you look bad in the eyes of those above both of you.

Women dreaming about escape

If a dream about escaping occurs in a female dreamer, it is most likely related to the emotion of love. It means you easily fall in love and you tend to rush and act without thinking.

Such a dream implies you could soon meet (or that you have already met) a man whom you would blindly fall in love with.

You are ready to do whatever it takes in order for you two to be together. You could even think about leaving your hometown, your job, even your friends.

Dreams about escaping from strangers

If you dream about running away from strangers, it means you are in real danger or that you could be, but also that you will definitely successfully escape it or stay away from it.

For example, this dream commonly reflects a situation in which a dreamer has an opportunity to do something extremely risky.

The dream tells you to stop and think better about the odds. If you are chased by strangers and you escape them, it means you will get away unharmed and avoid something truly dangerous.

Dreams about escaping from someone you know

If you dream about escaping from people or a person you know very well, it means you are trying to avoid responsibility. You are unready to commit and you act pretty much like a child.

For example, you are afraid to start a relationship with someone, even if you really like the person and everything seems fine between the two of you.

You do not want to set limits and you feel is if someone is going to tie you down.

Dreams about escaping from people you know, such as from friends, parents, your teacher, your boss or anyone else’s familiar face, could also reflect your sense of guilt and your unwillingness to admit it.

You have probably done something you actually regret, but you do not have the guts to face consequences. You are trying to avoid consequences and others’ judgments.

Dreams about escaping the police

Dreams about escaping the police are similar to those in which you are running away from people you know and the sense of guilt, only these dreams are more direct.

You know you are guilty on a conscious level and now that emotion haunts you in your dreams. You are afraid of others’ judgment over your actions and, at the same time, you know you cannot avoid responsibility and consequences forever.

Even if you have escaped from any of these situations in your dream, this type of dream is a reminder and a warning sign.

It only means that you could temporarily avoid facing consequences, but, eventually, those will come out and, even worse, they will surprise you.

Dreams about escaping from animals

Dreams about escaping from animals mean different things, depending on which animal you escape from.

In general, all of such dreams are related to a threatening or unpleasant situation in reality.

If you are running away from a goat, it means you will have trouble at work and many responsibilities you would rather not take, but those will be imposed.

If you dream about escaping from wolves or dogs, it means you should be more cautious when choosing your company.

Maybe you have surrounded yourself with people who are engaged with some shady business and they would like to manipulate you for their own, ill causes.

Dreams in which you are escaping from a ram mean you are stubborn and persistent in inefficient ways to solve certain problem.

Dreams about escaping from a monster

If you dream about escaping from a monster, it reflects your deep inner struggle. You have your own demons that haunt you and make you feel restless.

You feel insecure about yourself and you constantly torment yourself with dark possibilities. You are unable to see the good side of things in your life and you feel miserable. You feel as if you have an unbearable burden, but the truth is, you have created it all by yourself.

Dreams about escaping from a monster you cannot see mean you feel endangered, threatened and vulnerable in reality.

You are easily offended and you are fragile to other people criticism. You take everything too personally.

The invisible monster that you are escaping from symbolizes your irrational fears and imaginary threats.

Dreams about being unable to escape

Dreams in which you got caught, badly injured or disabled in any possible way, mean there is no way to escape certain damage in reality. It does not necessarily to be something truly frightening, but it definitely will be unpleasant.

For example, it could mean you will have a very unpleasant argument with someone. You would rather avoid it, but you will have to face the person eventually.

This dream is a warning sign. It tells you that avoiding all problems will only make them worse.

You could end up with more problems than there were in the first place, because unresolved problems create other ones.

Facing difficulties will only make you smarter and stronger; that way, you learn how to solve certain problems and how to accept things you cannot influence that much.