Dream of Being a Passenger in an Airplane – Meaning and Symbolism

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A plane crashes: a scenario that scares many people – even if it only happens in dreams. Do you also know this horror feeling? You see pictures of screaming passengers clinging to their seats and feel the terrible certainty that the crash is inevitable.

You fear for your life, panic awakened from sleep – and although you suddenly realize that everything was just a dream, the horrific pictures will go through your mind for a long time …

Dreams about a plane crash are nowhere near as frightening as they are At first glance it seems that sometimes they can even be helpful and useful.

Dream of Being a Passenger in an Airplane – Meaning

For the dream interpretation, the terrible catastrophe has more of a symbolic value: The dream symbol plane crash stands for the examination of your own goals and at the same time warns of the danger of failure.

The airplane is seen as a metaphor for the desires and goals that drive every human being.

However, if you travel by plane, you quickly lose the feeling for the small but essential details: Everything happens very quickly and you float far above the ground – reality suddenly seems far away.

Of course, there can be a current occasion that you dream of a plane crashing at night.

In the news there are always reports about emergency landings, crashes and even missing passenger planes – the vague fear of such events can haunt you into your dreams.

It is more likely, however, that you are currently very intensively concerned with your goals. In this case, the dream of a plane crash wants to be a warning not to alienate you too far from reality, but rather to get back down to earth before it is too late.

If you experience a nosedive in your dream, this symbolizes your fear of the future. The hope of a good success, however, is embodied in a soft landing.

Organic ailment is to be suspected if you are being followed or feel oppressive during your flight dream.

In your dream people who are close to you crash on the plane? Then it could be that your family or close friends suffer from the fact that you pursue your goals so ambitiously – your dream warns against neglecting your fellow human beings for sheer determination.

Remember: If it comes to a crash landing in the awake life because your ideas do not come true as hoped, your favorite people are the net that will surely catch you.

If you see an airplane burning in bright flames falling from the sky in a dream, this promises imminent success – this can relate to your professional career, but also to your private life.

On the other hand, caution is advised in the face of a crashing plane with a lot of black, acrid smoke: The thick smoke blocks your view and thus symbolizes your fear of failure and the future development of your life. Obviously, you are secretly worried that everything will actually go as you planned.

Do you dream that someone who you warned with angels tongues before boarding the plane crashes? Then you could be concerned with the dubious decision of a person from your social circle. Someone does not listen to you, although you are sure you know better.

You will gain more serenity by realizing that each of us has to make our own mistakes – failure is inseparable from life. The psychoanalytic interpretation sees unrealistic claims to factual constraints shattered in the face of the dream symbol of a plane crash.

Accordingly, your subconscious tells you through the dream of a plane crash that your plans are illusory or simply too unworldly. If you think about it, you may discover hurdles that you did not want to see before – and “fall out of the clouds”.

On the positive side, your dream of a plane crash warned you in time there is still enough time to look at the matter again without overconfidence and to find a more realistic solution. Could it be helpful to discuss the details in question with people you know or know in order to come up with new ideas?

If you yourself are sitting in a crashing plane in your dream, everything could also revolve around the topic of fear of loss. You may have to give up a long-cherished wish because it cannot be reconciled with other parts of your everyday life – but deep down you are still holding on to it.

Perhaps there are other areas in your waking life in which you fear a loss of control?

According to the spiritual interpretation, the plane corresponds to the winged chariot from Greek mythology.

As a dream symbol, it stands for a journey in the sense of the life path to be covered. The plane crash indicates that you may have overestimated yourself.

Like Icarus, who according to legend flew too close to the sun, which melted his wings made of wax, you too plunge into the depths – and your journey ends for the time being he dream symbol of a plane crash warns you of high-altitude flights and makes it clear that your spiritual journey consists of many small sections that hold both successes and failures in store.

Dream of Being a Passenger in an Airplane – Symbolism

As beautiful as flying is for many people, in dreams it symbolizes the desire for change. This can be, for example, the desire to free oneself from one’s bonds, perhaps even to the point of breaking out of a relationship.

However, behind a dream flight can also hide the desire for a sexual intoxication experience.

If you experience a nosedive in your dream, this symbolizes your fear of the future. The hope of a good success, however, is embodied in a soft landing. Organic ailment is to be suspected if you are being followed or feel oppressive during your flight dream.

Flying and the dream of wings are closely intertwined. Therefore, these dreams can usually be interpreted in the same way.

However, you must always take into account how you handled your wings in the dream and how they were made.

Bird wings, for example, can symbolize the need for freedom. A broken wing, on the other hand, can indicate trauma that is preventing you from taking off.

In life, an airport is the gateway to a new, perhaps even very short, phase in life. He can also embody exactly such a person in a dream. An airport also symbolizes a space of transition and symbolizes freedom.

Flying in a dream can be done in several ways. You can fly yourself by simply getting up in the air, you can sit in an airplane or sit in another aircraft.

The airplane itself symbolizes the desire to rise above everyday life, to achieve high ideals as well as certain self-imposed goals. But anyone who travels on an airplane also wants to leave behind burdensome things.

It symbolizes the search for independent being and can even be an alarm signal for the soul. The latter applies if you have a very humid, happy lifestyle, because you should then reduce it to a moderate level.

However, dreams in which an airplane plays a role can also embody sudden or dramatic changes. A plane taking off can stand for jumping into the unknown and taking risks.

A landing plane, on the other hand, symbolizes the success of a company or the return on a calculated risk.

However, if the plane crashes or burns in the dark smoke, you will fail. Bright flames symbolize great success. Sexual instincts, with certain pathological features, are symbolized by red planes.

Have you flown over other people in your dream? Then you have lofty plans that are not necessarily feasible. If a young man flies with white wings over green leaves in his dream, he will rise professionally, as well as succeed in love.

If the dream is repeated several times, it symbolizes increasing prosperity and the fulfillment of one’s wishes.

But if the trees are bare or even dead, the young man will be confronted with obstacles in reaching his goals and his efforts will only bring small successes.

If a woman dreams of flying from town to town and sitting on church towers, she has to assert herself against many false claims as well as against declarations of love.

In addition, she is threatened with illness and someone close to her will die. If a woman is shot at in her dream, her enemies try to prevent her ascent in higher spheres and prosperity.

In general, a dream in which one flies without outside help means that you take off with your thoughts, which can certainly lead to creative ideas and is to be interpreted positively as long as you do not lose touch with reality.

To fly high and far without wings indicates luck, success and enterprise. However, if you fly with black wings, you symbolize dark times. Sorrow and bitter disappointments are just around the corner. Did you fly through space in your dream? That doesn’t bode well either. It indicates unhappiness in the marriage.

Hunger, war and all kinds of difficulties threaten when you fly past the firmament, the moon and other planets. Illness and restlessness threaten if you fly low or just above the ground. But do not worry, you will recover from it. In addition, the dream indicates the desire to stake out life and the future.

Have you flown across countries and seas? This is a symbol of the longing for limitless freedom. But married couples should be careful, because in your case, the urge for freedom can also indicate a desire to break up the relationship. It is a warning dream when you fly over dirty water in your dream. Better keep all private matters for yourself because you are surrounded by enemies.

To fly over a devastated area symbolizes bad luck. Flying over green trees and other vegetation indicates that you will be embarrassed, but that great wealth will follow. If you see the sun during your flight, you worry unnecessarily about something.

A sudden fall indicates disappointment and heralds ruin. But if you wake up during the dream, everything will turn out fine. But should you crash, you will be drawn into negative affairs. If in a dream you watch someone fly, then jealousy is not far away.

If you experience a blissful flight, you have successfully disregarded something. An oppressive flight or a persecution dream, however, symbolizes an organic suffering of the heart or circulation. Your desires will come true if in a dream you fly in a balloon.

A clear, star-strewn sky symbolized money and profit in ancient times. An overcast sky, on the other hand, is grief and anger. If the sky is bright in your dream, it symbolizes joy. A bright blue sky also promises a cheerful mood, as well as happiness.

On the other hand, if you fly through one of these, you can trust your own strength and the dream illustrates your feeling of freedom and ease.


Performing to Heaven can indicate two different things.

On the one hand, it can mean more prestige, but on the other hand, it can also be a warning. If the latter is true, the dream indicates piety with intolerance and overestimation of oneself or the tendency towards mysticism, superstition and unworldliness.

If, on the other hand, you just want to avoid the worldly or have the desire to explore other dimensions, you float or fly in the sky.

If the sky is dark in your dream, you do not have to be afraid.

Sometimes this reflects your gloomy mood. Flying with a balloon or zeppelin: what do these aircraft mean? When flying in a balloon, you are the plaything of your own intellect.

Seeing a zeppelin in a dream indicates a social rise with a lot of prestige or rapid success. Due to its phallic shape, it also symbolizes sexuality and the “taking off” during orgasm.

However, if you crash in a zeppelin in your dream, you are committing a self-deception, which will cause serious damage to you.