Dreams About Protecting a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

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For parents, their children are the most precious beings in the world and they would do anything to protect them.

Many parents (especially mothers) tend to worry constantly about the wellbeing of their children when they are not around them, but some go to such extremes that they worry even when their children are near them.

The constant anxiety and worry often attracts negative events into their lives and the lives of their children, and ironically they create situations where the parents are forced to protect their children from some kind of harm.

Dreams about children are common dreams, and are usually a reflection of daily events.

Children appear in dreams of both parents and people who don’t have children. People who have children tend to dream of their kids often.

The ones who have an overprotective nature dream of their children frequently and often their dreams have a scenario where they are for some reason in a position of protecting their children.

Children in dreams symbolize different things and some of them include the person’s desire to fulfill their suppressed desires. They could also reveal the person’s desire to be nurtured and protected.

The dream of children could reveal the need for the person to grow up and become more responsible and independent. Often children in dreams reveal our innocent or carefree nature or attitude.

A dream about children is often a sign of your need to be important and cared for.

Dreams where you see your children could indicate your potentials, ideas or ideals. This dream could also symbolize some part of your life that you feel you need to support or protect, and experience its growth and progress.

Each of your children could represent a different part of your life based on the prominent traits of these children.

In some cases, dreams about children could reveal feeling helpless in some situation. Maybe you are facing some challenges and you don’t have the power to overcome them.

Possibly you need someone’s support and help to overcome the obstacles you are encountering.

Sometimes the dream indicates that the reason for not being able to overcome the obstacles you are facing is your inexperience. Dreams about children could also reveal your vulnerability in some situation.

Most parents have a protective urge towards their children, and they have a desire to protect them from any harm.

Dreams in which you forgot your children somewhere usually reveals your current emotional state and indicates that you are most likely under a lot of stress and overwhelmed with duties.

The following are some of the meanings of a dream of protecting a child:

Worrying for someone’s wellbeing

Dreams of protecting a child from some harm, usually reveals the person’s care and concern about someone’s safety and wellbeing.

That person is usually someone very close they deeply care about.

This dream is a confirmation of the person’s readiness to do what it takes to protect and take care of that person.

Important situation you need to attend to

A dream of protecting a child or children could reveal that there is some important situation in your life that you need to attend to.

The dream could be a warning from your subconscious to start taking actions to resolve that situation.

Need to protect your original self

Often a dream about protecting a child could indicate the need to protect yourself and some parts of your personality.

Maybe the roughness of life is getting to you and transforming you into a bitter and angry person, changing your original caring and tender nature, and your subconscious is warning you to try to preserve that part of you and don’t let outer circumstances destroy it.

Being responsible for someone or something

In some cases, a dream about protecting a child could signify your responsibility for someone or something.

The person or situation that you are responsible for is very important but also delicate and it might cause you to worry and be in constant stress.

Feeling the need for support and protection

Oftentimes dreams of protecting a child appear when we are in need of protection and support in our current life circumstances.

Maybe you are feeling helpless and insecure for some reasons and you would appreciate a helping and supporting hand from someone you care about.

This dream might be encouraging you to stop feeling helpless and find the strength within you to fight the circumstances that are bothering you.

The dream reveals your protective nature

In some cases, having a dream of protecting a child is simply revealing your protective nature.

You are probably a person who naturally inclines towards helping and serving others and you act in a protective manner towards everyone in your surroundings.

You could be a person who offers their help selflessly to anyone, even people you don’t know.

You are most likely an animal lover. You are often involved in humanitarian organizations.

You should be careful when helping others because your kindness could make you naïve and prone to becoming a target of people with bad intentions, so it is advisable to be more alert when interacting with people you don’t know well, or you don’t know at all.

People with manipulative nature and bad intentions could easily see you as their prey and try to benefit from your kindness, which is something that would disappoint you very much, and it is best to prevent such events from happening if possible.

Dreams about Protecting a Child – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of saving a child from some danger – If you dreamed of saving or protecting a child from some danger, the dream could reveal your attempts to protect and preserve your innocence and your true nature.

Maybe the circumstances surrounding you require your change and becoming calculated or changing in some other negative way, but your inner being is struggling not to allow that change and preserve your original nature.

Dreaming of protecting a child from falling – If you dreamed of protecting a child from falling down from some high place, such a dream could reveal your actual fears of that scenario happening with your own child.

Maybe you tend to be overprotective, and worry constantly about your child falling from some height and you keep imagining these pictures in your head so your worries have transferred into your dreams as well.

If you don’t usually worry about your children falling from a height, or you don’t have children, the dream usually reveals your fears and worries that you won’t be able to fulfill your expectations or worse, the expectations of people you care about.

This dream could indicate fear of not being able to fulfill your most important goals and desires because you don’t have what it takes and you are not capable enough.

Dreaming of protecting a crying child – If you dreamed of trying to protect a crying child from some harm, that dream often reveals your actual fears for your child’s safety and are a recreation of the frightening scenarios that you usually have about protecting your child.

If that is not the case, the dream of protecting a crying child could indicate fighting for some projects and ideas you believe are wonderful, but other people consider weird or useless.

This dream reveals the strength of your struggle to push these projects or ideas till their final realization regardless of the lack of support from your surroundings.

Dreaming of not being able to protect a child – If you dreamed of failing to protect your child or some child, if you don’t have children of your own, is a bad sign.

This dream could indicate unpleasant changes and in worst cases it indicates the loss of something very important, especially if you didn’t manage to protect the child from dying.

Dreaming of holding a child in your hands to protect it – If you dreamed of holding a child in your hands in order to protect it from some kind of harm, that dream often reveals your caring and protective nature.

You are a person who would selflessly help anyone, regardless of the fact if you know them or not.

You could also be prone to charity work, for example rescuing abandoned animals or helping the homeless, etc.

Your kindness and good heart could lead you to naivety and you should be careful not to become a target of people with bad intentions who could try to use and manipulate you for their own good.