Dreaming of Pizza – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about pizza are specific variation of dreams about food and anything related to it in dreams.

The meaning behind the dream is best understood as a variation on interpretation of dreams about food and eating.

Pizza itself does not necessarily carry some hidden meaning as a motif, but if you could associate it with specific details related to your own waking life it could have deeper symbolical meaning to you exclusively.

Pizza is worldwide known dish associated with Italy. However, its origins are old.

According to historical accounts and archeological researches, something very similar to pizza was known in times of ancient Greeks and Phoenicians.

This ancient pizza was, in fact, a flat bread coated with olive oil and some herbal spices.

It was not until sixteenth century that tomato became a regular ingredient for making pizza.

There are several stories about how pizza we know today became popular. You have probably heard about pizza margarita. According to the story, flat bread with tomato and spices was a common fold cheap food in Naples of the eighteenth century.

Visiting Naples, Queen Margherita di Savoia saw people eating this flat bread. She wanted to try it, even if it was not convenient for a queen to eat a poor-man’s food.

The story tells she was so pleasantly surprised by the taste of the dish so that she called upon the chef Raffaele Esposito who made it and the rest became history.

Originally, pizza was really a common fold cheap food.

Today, it is one of the most popular street foods found all over the world, made in all sorts of variations, from all kinds of ingredients, from savory to sweet.

Dreams about food

Since pizza is generally just a type of food, let us see what dreams about food in general mean. The meaning of the dream definitely depends on details.

If you dream about looking at food, but not getting in touch with it, it indicates various meanings. It usually means there is something in life you really wish for, but, for some reason, you cannot have it.

The hungrier you are about this food in dream, the stronger is your desire to have something.

Most commonly, it is associated with some kind of material possession. If you just keep staring at food, the dream suggests you should probably lower your expectations about certain ideas and desires.

If you dream that you are tasting food, it means you have certain doubts about decisions you are about to make. There are choices in front of you.

If you tried many dishes or different types of food in your dreams, it reflects your states of doubting about opportunities in your life. You cannot eat all the food, just as you cannot choose all options.

The dream suggests you should narrow your choice. If you tried a food you liked, the dream indicates you will make a good choice in life and vice versa.

If you dream about making food, it is a good sign. This dream indicates you could expect a favorable material situation in the near future.

If you are making the food for yourself, it means you are capable to take good care about yourself or it suggest you are about to become more independent in future. If you are making it for other people, it reflects your openheartedness, willingness to share and take care of others.

If you feel forced to make food in your dream, the meaning is not good; it means someone tries to exploit you in reality.

If you dream about eating food, it all depends on whether you like it or not, whether the food was good or spoiled and more. In general, dreams about only eating, without any specific details are good.

It means you are enjoying fruits of your work. It indicates you actually value your work, regardless of the size of the reward.

Dreams about dough

Since pizza is basically a flat bread covered with all sorts of additional ingredients, let us see what dreams about dough suggest. Dreams about making dough indicate you want to please someone and that is probably someone you love.

Making dough suggest you have people in your life you care for and nurture. It is a good dream.

Bread, as the simplest form of baked dough, represents the basis of many diets; it is considered an essential food. Making dough, which is what the bread is made of, represents humbleness, the ability to value simple things in life, as well.

However, the very act of kneading dough could have other meanings in dreams. If someone else does it, it means someone wants to be better in you.

Someone is willing to compete with you and prove he or she was better skilled at something.

If you are kneading it, it represents creativity and dedication to your work. It also reflects your readiness to work hard to provide the essential and the best for people who you care for and for yourself.

These are just some simple guidelines to interpreting dreams about dough.

Dreams about pizza

Dreams about pizza are basically dreams about food. If you see pizza in your dream, it could have some special meaning only to you.

Maybe you have been to Italy or you plan to go there soon, so the impression of the country and the most common associations with it come into your dreams. Seeing pizza, but not eating it, could have other meanings, of course.

Pizza is notoriously known as junk food, although the truth is that the excessive eating of pizza is to blame for negative effects on health and weight.

Original pizza recipes are not unhealthy, but you could not live on it, of course. It often happens that people who developed an addiction to pizza and similar types of food dream about it.

If eating pizza is restricted to you for some reason (e.g. being overweight or having other health issues), but you really like it, it is very likely that at some point you are going to dream about it. Pizza here represents the ‘forbidden fruit’.

It could be a dream substitute for something else you have restricted access to. Think about it; maybe a pizza is just an allegory.

Dreams about making pizza

Dreams about making pizza could be very interesting to interpret.

If you were making pizza carefully choosing ingredients and patiently baking it, in order to make it perfect, the dream is not about food at all.

This dream reflects your inner need for everything to be in order and according to your plan. You do not like mistakes and you would hardly forgive it yourself.

The dream represents your obsession with details and perfection, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

If the pizza turns out delicious and well prepared, it means your patience, dedication and work will pay off. If your culinary experiment did not succeed, the dream indicates you will fail at something.

However, if you were impatient and sloppy about making it, well, you can easily put it together.

If you did everything according to the recipe but it turned out bad or unbaked, the dream means you should change something in your tactics and plans. Maybe you thought those were good, but they could actually lead you to failure.

This could also mean that you should stop following others’ instructions, without thinking with your own head. Do not let others prevent you from expressing your own creativity.

The dream also depends on your reaction upon the pizza turning into an inedible dish. If you were mad, the dream reflects your incapability to handle the stress. You should be more flexible.

Try to se failure as a new option, new opportunity and new beginning. You should see things differently, because there is no turning back.

Dreams about eating pizza

Dreams about eating pizza are common in people who are forbidden to eat it for any reason.

The dream often represents a desire to have something that is not good for you, if we think of pizza as a junk food. The dream could mean something different.

Eating pizza, buying and ordering it, but not making it yourself, indicates a life that is fast, on move. It may simply reflect your current lifestyle.

Eating pizza in a dream could also represent a deserved treat. The dream means you have done some good work and you can treat yourself with your favorite food.

If you are eating the whole pizza yourself, the one meant for more than one person, the dream has a sad meaning. It actually reflects your loneliness.

If you are sharing a tasty family sized pizza with your loved ones, your friends or with a romantic partner or anyone else, it is, by all means, a good one.

The dream indicates good times, fun, relaxation, even forming stronger bonds with other people.